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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 07-10-2009, 02:42 AM   #1
Tom Jones Jr
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Left knee(patella) injury/Addressing the balance within Crossfit Wod

Just needed some advice on this;

The last 3 times i have run in a CF WOD, the left side(patella to br specific) of my left knee get's aggrivated, and i can feel it for 24-48 hrs after. I can do everything else but run. Squats, no problem, KB swing no problem and so on-Just running.

I believe there may be a muscle imbalance somewhere on the left side in this case, or a movement/form issue. Obviouly i'm wary of the running WODS now, but i want to know how i can address this muscle imbalance which may cause this injury(non severe..yet) whilst still doing CF and not some strength programme.

Is it a case of working the left leg in isolation(i.e-1 legged squats), or practise squatting/Deads more than CF prescribes in her wods.

I have done a search and nothing pertaining to this particular question was found. This also may be in the wrong forum, didn't think it fitted in the injury one...
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Mauricio Leal
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Re: Left knee(patella) injury/Addressing the balance within Crossfit Wod

First of all go see a doctor, preferably an orthopedist or get referred to one after the initial appointment. Online boards are no substitute for this, no matter how well you describe your injury and how experienced people may be on here. I'm only writing more because your probable injury sounds just like what I had a few years ago, Chondromalacia patellaYou must indicate whether your link is Work and Family Safe (WFS), or "Runner's Knee," and the sooner you deal with it the more likely you will be able to avoid surgery and get back to 100% again (I did after a couple years). It's probably an overuse injury like mine was from too much high impact activity (running a lot on hard pavement). The best things my therapist showed me were 1) icing as often as possible (at least twice a day), and 2) foam roll exercises You must indicate whether your link is Work and Family Safe (WFS) to stretch the iliotibial band (IT Band). If it hurts a lot to do this exercise at first it's probably a good indicator of how tight this area of musculature is and hence the poor alignment of your knee joint.

Again, I'm only sharing this information because it really helps to get started on the corrective part of the rehab ASAP (meaning everything except actual strength training), and between the first doctors visit, the orthopaedist visit, and the physical therapist referral and actual treatment I waited more than a month just twiddling my thumbs waiting for answers. You really can't go wrong with regular ice and massage (foam roll) on the areas contributing to this imbalance. Your therapist will show you some careful one-legged balance and strength building exercises to do, but you're better off with just rest, ice, and massage in the meantime. Swimming is a great activity to carefully (no pushing hard off walls) do in the meantime, and of course upper body only stuff is still fair game. Good luck.
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Steven Low
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Re: Left knee(patella) injury/Addressing the balance within Crossfit Wod

Yup sounds like patellofemoral syndrome/chondromalacia patella.

Go see a physical therapist...

There's usually a bunch of things that go wrong (overdevleopment vastus lateralis, underdevelopment of VM/VMO, tight IT band, possibly impaired glute esp. glute medius function, internally rotating femur, etc.). Gotta get it checked out by a PT.
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