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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 01-20-2008, 05:17 PM   #1
Cory Osborne
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Left Knee Injury?

3 days ago I ran the 5k. Here's the stupid part, it was in the dark on a trail. Did some movements to get warmed up and and headed out. Used the "pose" method of running which is still new to me but has been improving my WOD times and felt less sore. Everything felt fine including when I was done. The next morning my knee felt "funny". Almost like it just needed to pop to get realigned. So I tried moving it around to hopefully pinpoint the problem. I noticed when I, not pulling with my hand, flexed my knee there was limited range of motion (ROM). I also noticed my knee felt softer than the other and when flexing it, I noticed there was what seemed to be fluid that was pushed to the the side (which would be the lateral(outside) part of the left knee). There is normally a divot you can feel to the left and right of the patella(knee cap) when you flex your knee and in that divot is where it puffed out instead of sinking in. There is no swelling when relaxed, I just notice that when it is flexed. Standing feels "funny" as well. Been using the R.I.C.E. remedy, and it seems to take away a little of the swelling when knee is not in use. After researching this for a couple days seems like this is not a solution to the problem and surgery is almost imminent. I would prefer to stay away from surgery and don't mind altering the WOD's like Wade Smith did on his thread. If someone know maybe what this problem could be or what else I could be doing. I can't exactly use NSAIDS or other meds right now or seek a professional without some unwanted consequences. Only a week left and I will be able to see someone. Thanks!
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Old 01-21-2008, 02:43 AM   #2
Aileen Reid
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Re: Left Knee Injury?

Well, given you didn't notice "an incident" that started it all, I'd just keep icing and hopefully it will settle.
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Corey Duvall
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Re: Left Knee Injury?

If the pose method is still relatively new, your calf muscles might not be fully conditioned to deal with the increased load. The top calf muscle, gastronemius, crosses behind the knee. When this gets overly stressed it can become short and tight, creating strange feelings throughout the knee. The minor swelling you see could be a result of the joint capsule being compressed and it pushing the joint fluid further to the surface. I have had this problem many times and only significant stretching of the gastroc relieved the symptoms. Put you toes on the base of the wall with your heel on the ground. Keeping your leg straight, but not hyperextended, move your whole leg further towards parallel with the wall. You should feel a significant stetch from behind your knee down the back of your leg.

Let me know if it works...
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