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Brian Strump
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Re: Wendler 5-3-1, deload, and mobility work

What I meant was that sometimes you do not need mobility work to get better. You need STABILITY work. Your body needs it. Without it, your body tightens up to create the stability. Many people mistake that as being tight, and needing to stretch, or work on more mobility.

While mobility work is great, it will not be effective if the reason for your poor mobility is due to your lack of stability.

Try this:
1. Standing, bend forward and try to touch your toes. Then sit on the floor and do the same. Did you notice a difference, what? Did you reach further while sitting on the ground, or standing?

2. Laying down. MUST KEEP BOTH LEGS STRAIGHT, AND YOUR ANKLE IS IN DORSIFLEXION, and having someone to watch you would be helpful. Flex one leg at a time. See where your heel on the flexed leg is. Pasted the knee of the leg on the floor? Mid thigh? Almost 90 degrees? Do the same on the other side, note any assymetries.

This will give you some idea whether you are on the right track with all the mobility you are doing for the hips.

Originally Posted by Aaron Herzog View Post
Brian and Tommy,
Thanks for the help. My mobility is not terrible, but it could be better. T-spine and shoulder are fine. My main problem is hip mobility at the bottom of the squat. I have been working on a *ss to grass squat and my hips for a lack of better term "lock up" when I get about an inch below parallel and I cant descend any further. I sit in an office chair 8 hours a day, so I was thinking adding in more mobility might help, but perhaps I just need to add different mobility.

My current MOB work looks like

4-5 times a week.
1) Foam roll the entire legs on a 4" PVC roller
2) Couch Stretch 2 minutes each leg
3) Static Hammy Stretches (touch my toes with bent knees, Lock the lower back, and then work on straightening the knees)
4) Alternate days of external and internal rotated stretches, where I flex in or out of hip extension or flexion with the leg either in external or internal rotation.
Brian Strump, D.C., FMS, NKT
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