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Justin McCallon
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Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

Hey homies.

I like to make ridiculously long first posts to help with organization and to let other people compare my results to figure out whether my methods are good or bad, since I am taking an unconventional approach. Iíll try to give regular updates regarding where Iím at in a training cycle (i.e. Powerlifting Cycle 1 Ė Week 2 of 4Ö see below for more info) as well as an update at the end of each cycle, summarizing the results.

(1) Do as well as I can at Regionals next year (After this weekend, I don't think it's reasonable to expect to qualify next year).
(2) Get to 212lbs (in the morning) @ 6% body fat. (Ultimately my goal is to reach what I think is my genetic potential, which is about 220@6%).
(3) "Loose" goals on lifts/cardio times (given more to make my training proportionate to goals than caring about the specific numbers)...
Squat Ė 405
Bench - 315
Deadlift - 545 sumo w/ belt & 505 conventional, no belt
Clean 308, C&J 286 (My Clean is stronger than my Jerk)
Snatch Ė 231
Weighted pull-up - +200x1
Barbell Row - 275x5 with good form
12 Ring Muscle-Ups
Overhead Press Ė 205
Front Squat Ė Enough to do a max squat clean and set a PR
5k Run - 21:00, Mile Run - 5:30
5k Row - 17:30, 500m Row - 1:19.0, 2k Row - 6:25
Get competent at HSPUís
And get as good as I can at CF metcon stuff.

Current stats (all these lifts are what I have done in the past 3 weeks)
6'4, 205-210lbs (varies) morning weight.
Waist is about 30.5". I think my bodyfat is 6-7% (5.7% according to hydrostatic weighing at 202lbs a couple months ago when waist was 30".
Squat - 365x1, 315x5x4 (on low box, touch and go)
- 290x1
Deadlift - 525x1 Sumo with Belt, 475x1 Conventional no Belt
C&J - 260x1 (can probably Clean 275+)
Snatch - 200x1
Overhead Press - 176x1
Can do about 6 consecutive Ring Muscle-ups and about 13 consecutive bar muscle-ups
Weighted Pull-up - +190x1 / +115x9 (might be depresssed a little, I think I did this about a month ago)
Barbell Rows - 265x5x3
Front Squat - 235x5 (with belt)
Ring Dips - +103x3x3 (also probably depressed a bit)
Overhead Squat
- 232x1
Don't know what I can run a mile / 5k in now, but I got down to 5:50 for a mile a couple months ago. 5k probably closer to 23-24 minutes right now.
Don't know what I can row 500m/2k/5k in, but my PRs are 1:20.9/6:48/18:13 from January. Probably off those times a little but not too much.
HSPU's - BW, kipping x 7 in a row (severe weakness)
I'm also not very good at Burpees, Wall Ball, Thrusters, Box Jumps, or high rep bodyweight stuff
For some reason I tend to do better on ~20m workouts than ~5m workouts.

Training over the past few months
In November things started improving pretty fast. Most my lifts were depressed and I was coming off an injured IT band. I improved significantly on both strength and cardio between November and February. Then I started tapering and focusing on CF stuff and competed in the Georgia Sectionals Feb 28-29. I got 16th (got crushed on a WOD with burpees). I took a recovery week and then hit the weights again.
I went too long between some lifts and my strength was down a lot for the first couple weeks. For the 3 months after Sectionals, I was periodizing for strength (lots of form work on Oly lifts, special attention to squats, and a fair amount of work on everything else ... going pretty close to my 1rm a lot). By mid-May I was back to a PR in everything (all lifts listed) and improved substantially. This was probably my best 3 months of training in a long time. I upped the cardio and CF-specific work for a couple weeks and did the Affiliate competition for the Southeast Regionals (although I originally signed up for the Male-Individual competition after making it in as an alternate, which I didnít do). The heat killed me, but the C&J and Rowing went well. I competed in all 4 events. For the recovery week, Iím taking 1 day off, 1 day active recovery, 1 day off, 1 day active recovery, 1 day off. My Active Recovery basically involves, over those 2 days, doing all the lifts I mentioned and getting in around 40%x10, 55%x6, 65%x3, and then running a mile.

My plan is
8 Weeks - Strength-Powerlifting focus, some emphasis on Muscle-Endurance & Strength-Other (recall, I maintain on everything else)
8 Weeks - Strength-OlympicLifting focus (Strength Cycle for 4 weeks, Bulgarian Cycle for 4 weeks), some emphasis on Muscle-Endurance & Strength-Other
7 Weeks - Cardio-Aerobic & Cardio-Peripheral focus, some emphasis on Muscle-Endurance and Threshold
3 Weeks - Work on all my strength stuff so I don't lose it
5 Weeks - Cardio-Aerobic & Cardio-Peripheral focus, with some emphasis on Threshold, Anaerobic capacity, and Muscle Endurance
That brings me to around late January. I want to do the Atlanta Indoor Rowing Championships early Feb. And then for the next 8 weeks or so, drill CrossFit-Specific Movements and make sure my strength levels are back to PRs (Georgia Sectionals should be in this time period). After that, reassess and get ready for Regionals.
Note: I'll try to do like Greg Everett and say which cycle and which week I'm in so this is easy to follow.

Life Stuff, Injuries, and Issues
For the next month, I work 8:30 - ~6:00. It takes me 25 minutes to get to work and I need to wear a suit. I don't have time during the week to get to a CrossFit gym, generally, and can only workout for an hour tops. On Saturdays, I have all day off, and same with Sundays. I am in Greensboro and working until the end of June. The gym I go to during the week has Olympic weights, a pull-up bar, a bench, dumbbells, boxes (for box jumps), a treadmill, and a couple (crappy) barbells, among other useless stuff. The CrossFit gym here has a good crew, but itís still growing, a bit of a drive, and isnít open past 6:00, or on Sundays, or Saturday afternoons.
Anyway, I'm moving back to Atlanta July 1, and at that time I have no real job (I'm doing some research for a professor but that's it), so tons of time to train! Starting mid/late August, I go back for my last year of law school at Emory, but I got most of my credits out of the way, so I only need 23 more this year, which means tons of time to lift (did 33 last year and still had plenty of free time). Emoryís Varsity room is pretty legit and has everything a CF gym has (exceptions: rope climbs, tires, and I donít use the rings because we canít raise them high enough), but with higher quality equipment.
As far as injuries, the only issue I have right now is that my right shoulder is bothering me from low bar back squats. I think I gripped the bar too close. I'm trying to ice and stretch and all that, and it's improving I think.

Form is extremely important. I'm tall, relatively uncoordinated, and I lift like a meathead. My form is generally terrible. I know what good form is and I can coach it, but I have a lot of trouble lifting with it. This needs to be more of a focus for me than it is. My clean max is still a power clean (partly because my squat isn't strong enough), and my form on every lift could improve significantly. That said, I won't sacrifice 5 months of strength increases to maybe lift with better form, as I have in the past. I drill form in warm-ups and maybe with my last set, and I focus on it as best I can when I lift heavy, but if I don't have good form on a lift, it's not going to completely stop be from going heavy.
Also, when I say I lift like a meathead, I like to joke around a lot. I yell, curse, make fun of things, and get really intense before and when I lift. It's mostly a joke to me, but at the same time I get an adrenaline rush and my lifts jump.
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Justin McCallon
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Atlanta  GA
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

Stuff I will be doing differently from CFers
First, my routine has in the past generally looked kinda like Max Effort Black Box. But, over the last 3 months, I've changed that a bit, and I'm changing it even more now.

Periodization - Mathematically, it makes sense for someone relatively advanced to periodize. You can't advance all things at once very quickly (concurrent periodization). You can do much better focusing on one thing and periodizing that one thing while maintaining the other stuff (conjugate periodization). It takes about 1/3 as much work to maintain as to build. Iíll follow a long-conjugate sequence in a broad sense, with some individual lifts following short-sequence conjugate, and others following undulating, and others following linear periodization. As a whole, though, it's long-sequence conjugate periodization.

Significant focus on Aerobic instead of Anaerobic Work - Anaerobic improvements can be made quickly, are lost quickly, and have a low limit. So, after about 4 weeks, you stop improving your anaerobic system (assuming 3x/w training or so). Comparatively, aerobic improvements are slower, are lost less quickly, and have a very high limit. Although CF competitions are about as anaerobic-dominant as anything, any event lasting over 2 minutes is predominately aerobic, and your aerobic system helps any time you are resting (and there's significant overlap between the systems). So, basically, I do mostly aerobic work and add in some anaerobic stuff as I get closer to competition.

Significantly more Work - I typically workout 5-6 days/week for 2 hours per session. I am always trying to build my work capacity.

Fewer Metcons - I like metcons, but I think they are generally very hard on the body, especially when there's a ton of reps. It takes away from my recovery and prevents me from going heavy on the strength work. On the metcons that I do, I have a preference toward movements without an eccentric, because that's what causes most of the soreness. So, tire flips (although I don't think I'll have access), prowler push/pull, and kettlebell swings are all movements I like. I'll do more metcons (which generally are anaerobic-based as I get closer to competition).

Move from Broad to Specific and Considerations of Peripheral Adaptations - As I get closer to competitions, I'll be doing more rowing (rowing competition), box jumps, thrusters, burpees, kettlebell swings, wall ball, GHD's, sandbag carries, etc. These are what I'd consider CrossFit-Specific Movements. Months out, I just want to improve more general peripheral adaptations. I want my push muscles, my pull muscles, and my leg muscles to utilize oxygen very efficiently, and to recover from high-velocity (i.e. heavy/fast) movements quickly and to have good endurance there. I'll be using a few methods (mostly in the endurance cycle) that Joel Jamieson and Donald Lee explained to me (Explosive-Repeat, HICT, and HRI ... and Tempo, too, but that's muscle-endurance). The exercises I'll be doing more of (prowler pushing, maybe high-resistance biking, maybe ropes) can be more reasonably done for long periods of time than something like thrusters. Basically, I'm trying to make my aerobic system handle as high a percentage of heavy work as possible.

High Rep Oly Lifting Ė I generally try not to do metcons with high rep Oly lifts because it throws my form off too much.

"Varied" - I do lifts and cardio work to hit my full body and all the energy pathways. I do more variety than a lot of people, but much less than CFers (I donít think I need to be doing 100 different movements every week, I just do the general ones and then when I get closer to the competition, the less general ones). I stick to routines and generally try to make clear progress every couple weeks. I like adaptations. It means I'm getting stronger/faster. I switch stuff up (usually more in the form of rep ranges, but sometimes Westside-style) when adaptations slow down. But I try not to lose adaptations. I also donít do individual workouts. People come up with something and think itís a cool workout, which it may be, but if it doesnít fit into my plan, Iím not doing it. Sometimes I will get talked into doing stuff, mostly because Iím a competitive person. As far as metcons, I generally am going to have 2 that I do a lot of: one for threshold work and one for capacity work (I may change my mind on this, but probably not). Between the 2 workouts, I cover the majority of CrossFit-style movements that are usually tested.

Lots of Strength Work - Strength helps on just about every event at most CF competitions. The 4 guys that advanced at my Regional have a 315-335 Clean. That said, I've been strength-focused ever since I started training, and I need to bring up my cardio abilities, so I won't be as strength-focused as someone more proportional should probably be.

Supplemental lifts and Higher Rep Strength Work - CFers usually get most of their strength work in from low rep / heavy weight (high intensity in the vernacular). Some people that do CFFB or something like that get some extra strength work from heavy metcons. But, heavy metcons usually make me really sore, which takes away from how much I can train, or sometimes I get injured. And I've adjusted/adapted as much as anyone to these -- I can handle the CFFB workouts as rx'd, but I'd prefer to do even more overall work. And, heavy metcons aren't as heavy as a weight I'll do for 3x8 or so. And they usually result in bad form.
So, although I didn't really do this the last 3 months, I'll be doing some higher rep strength work (6-12 reps). I'll also be doing some supplemental lifts like Glute-Ham Raises, Good Mornings, Romanian Deadlifts, Snatch Balances, Jump Shrugs, High Pulls, etc. I see this as like a pyramid. 1rm type work on the big 5 lifts (powerlifts & oly lifts) is probably the fastest way to advance them, but you hit a bit of a peak fast (or some would say plateau). Adding in some higher rep work lets you keep advancing higher, and adding in some supplemental work lets you go higher still. Itís like building a base. The issue with this is that there's a fine line, because with CF, you need to get better at a ton of stuff, and if you keep breaking down too far, you've got more than 2 weeks between hitting the big movements, and that's bad.

I don't think I follow Zone/Paleo - I eat protein all day and in every meal (300-350 or so grams/day). I eat carbs for breakfast (low GI & a banana usually), before I workout (both high and low GI), during my workout (high GI), immediately after I workout (high GI), and for the following 2 hours after I workout (low GI). Low GI includes whole grains, along with other low GI foods. The rest of the day I eat fats (Omega 3/6/9 and some saturated from eggs/steak) and veggies in my meals. I drink a lot of skim milk. I eat "clean" if you don't consider whole grain carbs to be unclean (which most people don't). I usually have 4 protein/fat/veggie meals a day, and 4-5 protein/carb meals/day. My metabolism is fast so I eat as much and as often as I can. When I bulk, my macronutrient breakdown is something like 55% carbs / 25% protein / 20% fat. When I cut, protein and fat stays the same in an absolute sense (same total grams of each), but I drop the carbs down. I bulk at about 20x BW in lbs (gaining about 1lb/week), and I cut at about 13xBW in lbs (losing about 1lb/week). I basically am always trying to bulk, but sometimes I don't find enough time to eat. I take protein supplements (which are basically the same as whole food, but cheaper and easier to eat), Waxy Maize (kinda like super-simple sugars), Centrum MultiVitamins, and ETS (from AtLarge).

Recent Training in Depth
Attached is a chart and explanation of my last training cycle (3 months).
Attached Files
File Type: doc 3monthsummary.doc (38.5 KB, 385 views)
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

8 Week Powerlifting Cycle
Iíll have a plan for the first 4 weeks while Iím in Greensboro, and then revise it a bit for when I have more time to train (and probably get more sleep, more food, etc. Ö although I might just end up boozing more, so weíll see). The latter 4 weeks will be similar.
First 4 week planÖ

Morning Ė Olympic Lifts
a. Snatch Ė
1. 2-4 Reps @ 85% 1rm (round down) for as many sets as it takes to get to 15 reps (week 2 & 4)
2. Work up to a max, then 1-2 reps @ 90% 1rm for as many sets as it takes to get 6 more reps (week 1 & 3)
b. Clean & Jerk Ė Probably split up Jerk 3x3 starting @ 97.5kg and going up 2.5kg each week, and then 1 set of hang squat cleans, 1 set of hang power cleans, 1 set of full power cleans at same weight as the jerks. Maybe Iíll switch up the Clean part.
c. Squat
1. Front Squats Ė 1 set of 5-8
2. Overhead Squat Ė 1 set of 3-5

Afternoon - Long, Slow Distance
1. Sixty minute run, OR
2. Ninety minute row (alternate each week, maybe take every 3rd week off)

Sunday (starting June 5, 2010)
a. Shorter, more Intense Cardio
1. Anaerobic Capacity Metcon
2. Threshold Metcon
b. Explosive-Repeat Pull-ups
c. Explosive-Repeat Push-ups

Monday Ė DE Lower
a. 10x2 DE/Speed Box Squats
b. 16x1 DE/Speed Deadlifts
c. 3x8-12 Good Mornings

Tuesday Ė ME Upper
a. ME Overhead Press (3rm, Seated 3rm, Seated 1rm, 1rm)
b. DB Incline Ė 3x10
c. Tricep Extensions - 1x12-15 Reps

Wednesday Ė Off

Thursday Ė ME Lower
a. Squat Week (Weeks 1 & 2)
1. ME Box Squat (touch and go Ö probably do a triple week one and a single week 2)
2. 3x6-8 RDLs
3. Explosive-Repeat Squats
b. Deadlift Week (Weeks 3 & 4)
1. ME Deadlift (probably conventional/no belt rack pull week 3 and from the floor, conventional/no belt, week 4)
2. 3x10 Box Squats (with pause)
3. Explosive-Repeat Squats

Friday Ė DE Upper
a. DE/Speed Overhead Press
b. 3x5 Bench
c. Pull-ups or Rows (alternate each week)
d. 1-2 sets of HSPUís

100 jumps + 25 DUís or 500m Row or 400m Jog
Couple types of arm circles/swings, couple leg circles/swings
10 CTB Butterfly Pull-ups (or so)
10 Squats (I usually sit back and hold onto something to work on my stretching)

Cool Down
Usually Iíll row 500m or Jog 400m or walk (or neither)
Then Iíll do static stretches, and maybe weight-loaded stretches.
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

Today is my last day of "recovery." I've been battling a cold and working a lot, so hopefully I'm fresh and ready to go tomorrow. I was a bit overtrained at the end of last cycle I think.
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods


(Squat) Snatches
95 x 3
115 x 3
135 x 3
155 x 2
175 x 1
195 x miss x 2
195 x 1
205 x missed (had it in an OHS, maybe just a hair forward, but missed it)
205 x missed (not really close, out in front)
175 x 1 x 2 (short rest)
175 x missed 2 in a row, done like a double … both times out in front)
155 x 1
I told myself I would go until I missed it 3 times, but 205 would have been a PR and it was so close the first time. By the second time I was just fatigued I guess. My form is always bad, but for me, this was better than usual.

Then I had to switch gyms because I think the CF gym was about to close.

45 x 5
135 x 3
155 x 3
185 x 3
205 x 1
215 x 1
215 x 1
I tried doing these in a power rack so I wouldn’t need to clean them, but I’m tall and I kept hitting the top, and I guess I got kinda claustrophobic and wasn’t splitting enough (which I’m not very good at anyway). So I switched to doing Cleans from the floor and then jerking.
205 x 1 (cleaned first)
215 x 3 reps x 2 sets

Power Cleans
135 x 3
155 x 3
185 x 3
205 x 3

Hang Power Cleans
185 x 1 or 2
155 x 5 reps x 2 sets

I was really unhappy with my cleans. They felt so powerful last weekend, and then today I felt so out of groove and worthless. No pop on the 2nd pull.

Front Squats
135 x 5
185 x 3
205 x 1
230 x 1
230 x 3 (missed #4 … could have hit it, but it would have involved a horrible rounding of the lower back so I just dropped the weight … I think I was just too exhausted by that point). I hit 235x5 last time, with a belt, but a few weeks ago I hit 225x5 without one. It was frustrating to miss this.

Not happy about this workout. The first 2 weeks back usually suck, though, so I need to be ready for that and not over-do it I guess.
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods


Anaerobic Threshold Work
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
12 1-arm KB Snatches, 45lbs (6R/6L)
15 Squats
20 Double Unders
25 Sit-ups (unanchored)
10 Lunges
12 Pull-ups
15 Push-ups
Run 250m
Total: 4 rounds in 19:10

Cool down 400m jog. Foam roll. Static stretches (mostly weight-loaded). Hot-cold shower when I got home.

Still havenít totally gotten over this cold. But, I did sleep 10 hours. Iím pretty sure thatís the first time Iíve done that in a month. Badly needed.
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods


I didn't get back home from work until 8:15, and I was tired and hungry (although I'm loving my firm and got to do some cool stuff today), so no workout. I'm going to a baseball game with the associates at my firm on Thursday, so I can't make this day up, so my plan is to do ME lower tomorrow, then ME upper wednesday, and then on Friday to maybe do some DE make-up stuff.
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

Warm-up minus run/row/jump rope

Box Squats:
45 x 3 x 2
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 3
275 x 3
295 x 3
315 x 3
325 x 1
I could have maybe done another rep or hit 335 for a single, but I was hoping to hit 355 for a triple going in. By the time I’m working out I am exhausted and have lost much of a shot at intensity. And taking time to taper did not seem to be the least bit helpful to my squat.

Romanian Deadlifts:
135 x 8
195 x 8
245 x 8

Explosive-Repeat Squats: 15, 14, 13, 12

Good Mornings: 45 x 15

Foam roll. Static stretches.

Here's an explanation of Explosive-Repeat Squats (can be done with other exercises): Do jumping squats, as explosive as possible, one rep after another really fast. Work for either (a) 20 seconds, or (b) until you significantly lose explosiveness, whichever comes first. Then rest 50 seconds. Do 4-8 sets total. The idea is that by being explosive, you are recruiting your fast twitch muscles for basically the maximum amount of time that you can over the course of 4 reps. You should be in an oxidative state, so as a result, your fast-twitch muscles learn how to oxidize efficiently and so your fast-twitch muscles become more oxidative. And so of course that means you become more efficient when doing heavy or explosive lifts.

Also, I forgot to update my journal on Sunday to reflect:
Explosive-Repeat Push-ups: 26, 16, 13, 12
Explosive-Repeat Pull-ups: (MGPF CTB No Kip) 9, 7, 6, 5
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Justin McCallon
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods

Looks like I made two CF videos recently.
June 4 - Highlights from the Southeast Regional, and
June 9 - The 2010 CrossFit Games - Are you Ready?

One of the partners took me out for drinks after work. No workout.

My firm took me out for a baseball game and drinks. Unfortunately, no workout.

I got the chance to come down to my old gym, CrossFit Wilmington. They've really come a long way. The place is huge, they've got a lot of really good CFers (and a ton of members in general), and they run things the right way -- open gym, powerlifting classes, oly classes, crossfit classes, endurance classes. Smart.

Quick warm-up.

Overhead Press:
45 x 6
95 x 6
115 x 5
135 x 4
145 x 3
155 x 3
160 x 3

Terms: WGPA = Wide Grip, Palms Away, MGPA = Medium Grip, Palms Away, CGPF = Close Grip, Palms Facing, CTB = Chest to Bar, K = Kipping (presumed), NoK = No Kipping
+40 x 5 CTB WGPA K
+63 x 5 CTB WGPA K
+98 x 3 CTB CGPF K
+111 x 6 CTB CGPF K
+111 x 5 CGPF No K
+98 x 2 + 2 + 1 MGPF K (cluster set ... 2 reps, rested 15-30 seconds, 2 reps, rested 15-30 seconds, 1 rep)

Bench Press:
135 x 6
185 x 5
225 x 1
245 x 1
245 x 5
245 x 4
I used a fairly close grip until the last set.


Power Clean & Jerk:
95 x 3
135 x 2, 135 x 1
185 x 2
205 x 1
220 x 1
220 x 1 Clean & 3 Jerks
220 x 1 Clean & 2 Jerks
220 x 1 Clean & 2 Jerks
Could have hit a third jerk on both the last 2 sets, but I was moving slower.

95 x 3
135 x 2
155 x I had like 10 attempts and hit 7 lifts I think. I was doing mostly doubles.
Snatches were hard because my hands were extremely sweaty and so was the bar. Chalk wasn't enough. The bar kept slipping out of my hands. I was also tired from the cleans and the heat.

Front Squats:
135 x 5
Then I put the pretty-thin blue band on and double-wrapped it on each side (no weights).
45+double-blue-mini x couldn't stand
45+double-blue-mini x 3
45+double-blue-mini x 5
75+double-blue-mini x 3
75+double-blue-mini x 2
Stood with 235 and it felt like the band was still there. Weird.
Same thing with 135. I think I did a single anyway with 135.
I usually am very big on a slow progressive overload, doing the same thing week two as I did week one, except with 5lbs more. I decided I'd give this a try today.
I had never done band work on any bench/squat variation or anything similar. This was absolutely shockingly crazy. I stayed around the gym for probably 25 minutes after the last set, and any time I picked up a bar (even cleaning it -- I helped one of the girls rack her bar that she dropped on OHS) it felt like bands were on there. I had to literally check the bars. I thought the change in training with bands was way overstated until today. These things definitely help. It felt so heavy at the top. Also, apparently you're not supposed to completely release band tension (which makes sense), so I had to stop at parallel the way it was set up. One issue was that I was having trouble keeping good form and not rounding my back, especially at the bottom. I want to work these in more.

[b]300m Row:[b] 1:29.6 pace.
Well it was obvious I was exhausted by this point. Really hot in the gym the whole time. Was going to try to do some repeats but I was exhausted by this point.

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Michael J Beggs
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Re: Training to Compete at CF using different Methods


This may be the best log I have ever seen. Great detail! Are you training for year's Crossfit games or next year's?
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