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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 12-14-2011, 06:10 PM   #11
Steven Wingo
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Re: Lifting Goals (percentage of body weight)

Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
With that weight...I have to ask how short are you?

Maybe i'm biased but I think deads should be higher then squats...I hit 405 and subsequently 500 below 185 of BW, but only ever got up to 405 squats.

I would also say you should front squat more then you bench, you have more big muscles moving weight, but it is slightly more technical.

Other then that I guess i'd agree with Andrew.
I am just now starting to work on Snatches since i've been able to do them for the first time ever, my shoulder/pec surgery really helped with flexibility.

first time doing them for real and I bet they weren't the prettiest or full depth squat snatches but got up to 60lbs on bar.
5' 8" tall. You and I have different builds. I'm wiry thin and have been an endurance athlete pretty much all my life, it comes easy to me and I've got the genetics for it. I have never put on weight, even in the past when I worked our regularly in college and wanted to gain. I can get strong for my size, but gaining weight is tough. I don't really care to gain weight so that really isn't a concern for me. Hopefully I'll just get stronger and maybe add a few pounds of muscle. (I'm actually a little heavy right now and my ideal "racing weight" for mountain bike races is about 133/134.

These days my strength is way down. I've got a lot of work to do. Too many 3.5 hour road bike rides.
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Old 12-15-2011, 07:05 AM   #12
Drew Cloutier
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Re: Lifting Goals (percentage of body weight)

When i started training I weighed 130lbs i'm not naturally a BIG guy, but i'm pretty meso, in that I can maintain weight fairly easily and lose/gain with only slight difficulty.

But at the beginning its always hardest, like getting a diesel to start in winter. Because you are changing how you see food, and how much you eat, etc...

So you don't plan on competing at all (in any lifting comps I mean) then I would just worry about being the strongest you can be at whatever weight YOU are comfortable at.

Milton: omg you have no idea!! sooooo frustrating, I mean there are small frustrations now still, like the fact that my numbers are nowhere near where they were before surgery, and that I have to hear friends pushing major weight! BUT I know it is temporary, being all fixed up I will be able to surpass strength levels I had before, which I am looking forward to very much! (want to beat my 285 incline, 405 squat, and 525 DL, 215 OHP, and 110s x6 for incline db bench)

Back to you Steven, if you want to keep racing then yeah i'd keep your weight down, but if you are looking to be the strongest possible YOU can be, depending on your levers you might have to gain some weight to maximize said levers.
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