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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 04-24-2011, 05:54 PM   #1
Cat Mayhew
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Low Nerve Conduction and Crossfit

Alright, first off, I love Crossfit!!! However, I believe my past is coming back to haunt me... I have Guillain-Barre Syndrome as a result of very advanced Lyme Disease. Yes, it comes and goes into remission, but there are some effect that are lasting day to day like a form of neuropathy, mine manifests in very low to no nerve conduction in the right side of my body. So, Like when I was doing push presses and push jerks the other day (starting out on like a 25 lb bar, moved up slowly to 35 lbs), I couldn't lock out my right side no matter what I did! I wasn't fatigued, and I'm glad I had a spotter... After catching the bar, he was like, you're done... So, I guess my question is, how should I modify things to accomedate? I've heard conflicting things like you shouldn't do anything overhead for your own safety (except like ropes... but NO RINGS!) and others say don't accomidate at all because it'll be counter productive and working out like this increases nerve conduction. My neurologist is NO help and would rather me be a bump on a log. He was impressed I was doing yoga as avidly as I am! But does want me to go on a high protein diet (duh!!) with LOTS of amino acids (getting Just Protein samples here pretty soon to see how I like it..).

I guess I'm not your average mom. I'm a single mom of a very complex kiddo(2 years old) (medically, he has very compromised lungs from being premature. Ultimately, he'll be on a transplant list) who is, despite his disabilities, slowly doing crossfit kids! You should see his squat!! I'm lean, always have been, but it's also my downfall because I"m very weakened by the GBS/Lyme. I'm 5'10" and when I started about 5 weeks ago, I was 128lbs with 18.2% body fat. Today (well, thursday!), I"m 137lbs with 16.8% body fat!!! Improvement is just that. I do feel stronger, but the more I work, the worse the neuropathy gets. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I am cross posting this to the health issues section.
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Old 04-24-2011, 08:18 PM   #2
David Meverden
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Re: Low Nerve Conduction and Crossfit

Keep in mind that cross posting is a faux pas on the message board. Oh well.

As for your post, it's great to hear you are working hard and not letting your condition stop you from improving yourself. Except for the wikipedia article I just read on your condition I have no experience with it, but I'll try to ask some helpful questions to get you the advice you are looking for.

First off, safety is your main concern. Is dropping a barbell on your head a real concern? What happened the other day when you couldn't lock out your right side? What kind of facility are you working out at and what kind of spotting is available? If you legitimately might drop a barbell, then doing overhead work with dumbbells might offer a safer alternative.

You also said this: "but the more I work, the worse the neuropathy gets." This is the main part I'm curious about. It appears that neuropathy is treated, after the acute phase, by physical therapy. Why would learning and executing functional movements, not totally unlike some used in physical therapy, worsen the condition?

It sounds like you are getting stronger. Lets keep it up!
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Travis Loest
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Re: Low Nerve Conduction and Crossfit

Random thought from a completely non-medical mind. Could you not lock out from 25 pounds on up or only when you got closer to 35 pounds?

What happens if someone "locks out" your arm for you, does it stay there, or does it "unlock" on it's own? Similar to teaching someone to keep their torso upright during squats, if they're having a problem with it, you can place your finger tips at the small of their back and on their upper breast bone, where the clavicle attaches, you're not making the squat, just bringing attention to the areas they need to correct, could the same be done for your arm?

Again, like I said at the beginning, a random thought. I applaud your tenacity and wish you luck in your physical pursuits.
I suck...but I'm working on it.
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