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Tim Crane
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A fun team workout for your box to try

Hopefully this is the right place to post this, if not, I am sure an admin will kindly move it to a more appropriate spot. I train a small group of men that meet regularly at my garage box to train. Its a non-profit box, I do it for the good of those I train, as most are members of my church family.

I wanted to design a WOD that would be fun and challenging for a group of 8 people that had different levels of fitness. Some participants were in great shape, some not so great, and one was only 12 years old. Ages ranged from 12-46. What is interesting is that in selecting who would be on whose team, the team selection test was a good measure of the team members fitness for this competition. When the competition was over, the team that came in first, only beat the other team by ::20 seconds with a finishing time of 22:01.

All participants commented that they really enjoyed this competition, and I believe it really strengthen our bond of friendship as well. This is a WOD that can be set up at most any BOX, and completed with a very minimal amount of pre-planning. I threw it together the morning of the event, with God's help of course.

This is a four man team competition.
Teams are made up by pairing fastest with slowest from the team selection test so each team is evenly balanced fitness and strength wise. Two 4-man teams will compete against each other for fastest time to complete the WOD. Team-1 will have the fastest and slowest, Team-2 will have the second fastest and second slowest, etc from the ranking of the team selection test.

Team selection Test:
Each participant will complete the following as fast as possible for team selection ranking:
400 meter sprint, 15 Burpees.

Each team will complete four rounds for time at each of the following stations:

15’ Rope climb x2 / 15 Box jumps (18”)/ 15 Burpees

21 Hand release push-ups (full lock-out at top)/ 21 Sit-ups / 21 Squats

210’ Prowler push with 50#’s/ 210’ Prowler push empty/21 Kettle bell swings 54#

Note: Each team member need only complete one of the above exercises at each station, which leaves 1 team member out at each station to rest. Team mates must stay together before moving on to the next station. The team that is not competing will judge and keep track of the other team during the competition.

Team 1 (A/B/C/D)

If A completes the rope climbs, then B completes only the box jumps, C completes only the Burpees, and D rests (each team can decide who does what at each station). Once each team member has completed his exercise, he waits for his team mate (quoting the team scripture verse aloud to his team), then all team members advance to the next station together. Each team must consider their team weaknesses and strengths and move accordingly during the competition, assigning the strongest team member to the appropriate exercise (it pays to be strong and smart). Team members can alternate exercises each round, or let the stronger team member complete the harder exercises each round, but once a team member begins an exercise, that team member must complete that exercise for that station.

If you are interested in trying this at your box and have any questions, feel free to post your questions and I will answer as best I can.
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Nicholas Wheeler
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Re: A fun team workout for your box to try

Thanks for this. I'll keep it in mind. About once a month I have to take anywhere from 5-20 individuals and lead them in a group workout of my choosing. I've only done individual WODs and really want to try and do a team one. I like the concept you have, and will have to alter it to my equipment (lack thereof actually)

I'll let you know how/if it turns out. The only gear I have is pullup bars, a decent sized set of dumbells, and some plates.

If anyone else has any team WOD ideas, it would be awesome if you could share them. At my box (Compound Crossfit - WFS) last week we did the following with a partner

10 - HSPU
20 - Pull-ups
30 - Box Jumps
40 - GHD Situps
50 - GHD Back
60 - Lateral Jumps
70 - Flutter Kicks
80 - Air Squats
90 - Double-Unders
100 - Mountain Climbers
then do it backwards

Only one person could work out at a time - Each person could do any amount of reps, didn't matter. For example, I did 13 pullups, and my partner did 7, then we moved on, he did about 85 of the double unders, because I decided to SUCK that day, I did 5, we moved on. You do a total of 100 Mountain climbers(but 180 Double Unders, 160 Air Squats, etc.) and feet come all the way up to your hands when you do the mtn climbers. Flutter kicks and mountain climbers were 4-count exercises. Took us about 33 minutes to do.
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