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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 11-01-2006, 12:15 PM   #11
Franklin Shogie
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another way of looking at power is if you are pushing something with all your force and it is NOT moving you have generated NO power:g:
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Old 11-01-2006, 01:22 PM   #12
Jason Lopez-Ota
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No problemo.

(Message edited by jay123 on November 01, 2006)
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Old 11-01-2006, 02:41 PM   #13
Sean Pizel
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Wait, now I’m lost.

I understand that catching the bar at the top of it's bounce is an a unpardonable cheat, mostly because if we allow that then he with the bounciest plates would win.
On the other hand, I doubt anybody is going to be dribbling the bar like a basketball 45 times and calling it a workout (If anyone is good enough to bounce the weights from overhead all the way back to overhead they ought to have a killer Grace. Please send video).

No one is suggesting that the act of dropping the bar constitutes Work. The idea is simply that the faster the bar gets down, the sooner it can be picked up again. Plus, no one wants to waste energy slowing it's descent, since we get no points for it.

Deadlifts are a grey area because of the strict Powerlifting Rules, and since the 'dead' in its name refers to a guy who invented it, who was later shot dead for doing it wrong (By Lynne's great grandmother). CrossFit, however, is a sport in-and-of itself with rules that are still open for debate. An what’s in a name anyway, a lift by any other name would still be AFT’s .
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Old 11-01-2006, 05:10 PM   #14
Charles Applin
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In all fairness, he posted the video so you can see how he did it. Now, you can perform it to AFT's standard in that video and see how your time stacks up. So long as you post how you did the WOD, that's all that should be required for an open source system. It seemed unfair people were criticizing his technique, kinda implying that they could have done it just as fast employing that sloppiness.

Later, AFT posted he changed up Diane with 275# and full ROM HSPU (using push-up bars). His time of 9 minutes is telling. I think he commented that the HSPU hit him hardest with the full ROM. Personally, I would think training HSPU just to the nose is like doing pull-ups only to the nose.

PS: Why not drop the weight (ok, I can't do that in the gym or with the steel weights at home, not the point). It's getting it up that counts. So long as you go back in a safe manner and controlled enough to engage the next lift what is wrong with that?
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Old 11-01-2006, 07:47 PM   #15
Andy Shirley
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"If you're letting the KB swing, you're not doing work."

Please explain?

"Deadlift" is a specific term, referring to a specific lift. I'm sure Lynne's powerlifting background is why she is so particiular about the term.

I'm the same way about rugby terms. Every time I hear an NFL commentator misuse the term "scrum" I want to do bad things to them(a little more than usual--I hate Madden)
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