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Old 02-04-2009, 08:32 AM   #11
Steven Matheson
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Re: SS - hit the wall a few weeks in

Originally Posted by Tom Fetter View Post
Noel's right. You've frankly got more important things gonig on in your life than SS ... and your wife will remind you of this if you get your priorities confused.

That said, if you can't sleep as much as you need, then perhaps ramp up your progression a bit less aggressively. You're not recovering as well as optimal, but you're still recovering. Address the diet/calories issue, sleep as well as you can, and content yourself with slower strength increases than you might have otherwise.

100% in agreement
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Old 02-04-2009, 03:27 PM   #12
Christian Groenveld
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Re: SS - hit the wall a few weeks in

I'm right there with you Joseph...I started SS 8 weeks ago, and now I have a 6 week old newborn. Lack of sleep was definitely hurting me. I changed up my routine to only squat once a week and never squat & DL on the same day. I know it's not the actual starting strength program, but i don't feel like complete crap anymore and I'm still making gains and breaking PR's. Best of luck!
Training Log
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Old 02-04-2009, 04:02 PM   #13
Jacob Cloud
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Re: SS - hit the wall a few weeks in

Originally Posted by Joseph Gammon View Post
My problems now: 1: I am tired of eating. I have never had to diet, but I can't imagine it being harder than stuffing yourself. 2: I am hurting - mostly legs, but I am constantly sore (a good sore). 3: (not a "problem" per se, but) My wife is 8 months pregnant and up often in the night, and I am a light sleeper, so I am up some as well - ergo - 8-9 hours of sleep is not happening - I probably get at least 7 per night.
What were your starting working weights, starting 1RM or 5RM's if you have them, and where are you now?

Are you in pain AND stalled, or just in pain? Not clear on this.

If you aren't stalling, grit through it. Pain comes and goes during linear progression. One week, Mean Old Mr. Gravity will be really ****ed off at you - the next, the weights fly like the first day and you feel like a million bucks. Everyone who is truly doing the program experiences this part.

But if you ARE stalling, reset. You might have to reset more often because of your lack of sleep, but you can deal with it and just make slower progress. No shame in that.

Another option would be to key in on what's making you hurt (usually squats) and switch to a more advanced TX Method schedule for that exercise. But this is typically only needed for relatively advanced trainees and way too many people jump into it because they're being pansies and squats are hard.
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Old 02-05-2009, 07:08 AM   #14
Joseph Gammon
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Re: SS - hit the wall a few weeks in

the ramp up to SS, I was doing sets of 45lbs to 95 lbs and just getting down my form, I then did two sessions where I went to 115 for one set of 5. Off the top of my head, I think my first working set of SS was 115, and I am up to 175 now in a few weeks for my working sets. Again...very pleased with the results. As for the DL, I was doing roughly the same ramp up, but in the same amount of time, those gains have not been as good as the squat, but decent.

I am not stalling yet - just pain (and pain from eating). As I said earlier, I have never done squats in my life (31/195 now) other than xfit air squats, and after the first few sessions I fell in love with the squats. It is just a different pain than I am used to from normal WOD's.

today is my DL day, and I am not going to do them, but sub in some weighted pullups to see if an extra two day's rest will help my legs out any.

Sleep seems to be the main problem though. Only six hours last night, and seven the night before. It is what it is...just work through it and try to get some rest.
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Old 02-05-2009, 08:06 AM   #15
Tom Fetter
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Re: SS - hit the wall a few weeks in

FWIW, one minor change (an element of Rip's "advanced beginner" program) made a big difference to me. On DL days, I now front squat instead of back squat. That's helped prolong a linear progression for both DL and back squats, when each had otherwise stalled a couple of times.

You're not lifting heavy enough yet to make that change necessary, but with the lack of sleep messing with your recovery, it may be something you'll need to introduce sooner than otherwise.
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