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Old 12-18-2011, 02:06 AM   #1
Preston Sprimont
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The Dude abides...

Finally starting a workout log here. Perhaps it will help me stay a bit more consistent.

Quick background: Been on-and-off strength training for about three years. Started with Stronglifts which phased into SS and I made some good gains. Got busy with work and lazy and let my lifting consistency decline. Ended up with a hernia at some point and had to stop lifting for a number of months until it was repaired and I was recovered. Started back with some inconsistent lifting again. Found CF and was intrigued; quickly abandoned mainsite and found CFFB, and have been following that programming for half a year I think.

I'm currently following the CFFB Collegiate programming about a month behind. I switched from Amateur to Collegiate for recovery reasons (Amateur gave me some quick gains, but I started stalling all over the place and I just couldn't recover properly).

1) get stronger, faster, more powerful
2) improve joint/muscle/bone health
3) constantly learn more about lifting, running, physiology, programming, etc.
4) find a semi-competitive sport (I'm out of college, so school sports are no longer an option... as much as I love just improving my fitness, I also want to train for something, and I would love the competition)
5) become a strength & conditioning coach

I'm sure there are more goals that I can think of later.

Some (semi)current stats:
Age: 21, Weight: 176, Height: 6'0" (I think...)
Deadlift - 330x3
Squat - 285x1
F. Squat - 264x1
Clean - 225x1
Bench - 190x1
Snatch - 165x1
Press - 135x2
Weighted pull-up - 3x53
Max rep pull-ups - 12 (strict)

Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

That's all for now. I'll start posting workouts soon.

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Old 12-18-2011, 08:26 PM   #2
Preston Sprimont
Member Preston Sprimont is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Foothill Ranch  CA
Posts: 483
Re: The Dude abides...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

- Grease-the-groove ring dips and pull-ups. (Doing 5 ring dips and 6 pull-ups every time I walk into my room. Probably about a dozen sets today.)

That's all for today.

I'm recovering from a slight knee tweak, so I've just been doing light stuff on the rings for the past couple days. My right patellar tendon (actually, isn't it a ligament?) flared up a bit after some volume squats on Thursday. Fortunately, it didn't turn out to be anything major. Pain is almost completely gone today thanks to a few days of icing, compression, careful mobility, and taking it easy.
I'm itching to get back to heavy lifting, so hopefully this knee business won't become a recurring problem.
I'm really hoping that the knee tweak is a product of some sloppy form (I've been having issues with knees drifting in on the ascent of squat), and not a product of my squatting style. I recently switched from a Rippetoe-esque low bar squat to a more "mid-bar" squat (if there is such a thing). I was having trouble getting comfortable with the low bar position (even after a couple years of using it... just not my favorite) and with the hips-way-back form. Started fiddling with my squat form and found that I'm more comfortable with a slightly higher bar position and with a hip-knee relationship and torso angle that's somewhere between a Rippetoe LBBS and an Olympic HBBS: so knees come forward a bit more, hips don't go back quite as far, and I get a little extra depth.
I really felt like I was (FINALLY) finding my squat groove, and then my knees got angry. So, long story short, I'm hoping the knee anger is a product of knees caving in (a definite no-no which I am really tying to fix) than of my new squat form (which I am comfortable with and would like to keep, so long as it doesn't destroy my knees).
I'm going to try to post some video in the Digital Coaching section in the next couple days for critique.

I have a short-term goal of a 300lb squat by the end of 2011, so that's on the menu as soon as I feel confident in my knee. I've attempted a 300lb squat a number of times in the last month and have missed repeatedly, but I think it's largely mental.

Hoping to get back under the barbell tomorrow (maybe some cleans?). We shall see.
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