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Old 05-09-2005, 06:13 AM   #1
Alexander Karatis
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Athens  Attica, Greece
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IMO, an all-encompassing physical education must be complimented with good martial arts skills. Besides being a necessary real-life skill, I find most martial arts to be a fun activity as well as a perfect venuew for chanelling our physical attibutes. (That top tier of sport that Coach talks about).

Being that my current lifestyle cannot afford another sport to be practiced as frequently as I'd like, I'm considering training in a Martial-arts program once or twice per week (prefferably, on top of WODs).

I know a lot of the arts are well-represented here and that many of you have experiences from a variety of different systems so I'd be interested in hearing your suggestions for a specific system to follow. (I'm open to any suggestion of course).

I've previously taken boxing and kickboxing lessons and loved both, it's just that I was looking for something a little more diverse.

Whether the art/sport can be pursued Competitively or is exclusively Non-Competitive is not an issue for me at the present time.

Thanks in advance. :happy:
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Old 05-09-2005, 07:37 AM   #2
bill fox
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Join Date: Jan 1970
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My first thought was BJJ, but you need to do it more then 1x a week and the drawback of grappling is you always need a partner. Yes, there are drills, but you really need to do it with a partner.

That said I would say Kyokushin karate, just because it's my favorite. Striking arts may not be as effective blah,blah,blah but with a heavy bag you actually can get better at them by yourself, although of course sparring is crucial if you actually want to fight. Krav maga or Muy Thai would also fit the bill just as well.

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Old 05-09-2005, 07:38 AM   #3
Eugene R. Allen
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I've never done Krav Maga but there sure seems to be a lot of support for that here. Very physical art but I wonder from the sound of your post if that's what you're looking for. Same issue with Thai Boxing. I have been doing that for many years and it is very taxing.

For the sake of variety you might like Kali which is a Fillipino stick fighting art. Where you find Kali you might also find Jeet Kune Do and that is also very eclectic and would keep you constantly interested with its variance. Of course you are in Greece so Pancration...pardon me if that is spelled wrong...might be easy to find, assuming a grappling type art is to your liking.

For hand/eye coordination, footwork, balance and fluid movement Kali/JKD is very hard to beat.
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Old 05-09-2005, 08:16 AM   #4
Jeff Martin
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Come down to San Diego and run one of our tris, then stop by Brand X for some Krav Maga.
Krav Maga is the best self defense system I have found. It is fun to learn and extremely practical. But I also want to plug, the Filipino arts. Lots of fun to be had there.
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Old 05-09-2005, 09:58 AM   #5
Mike Ryan
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Rochester  MA
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I will preface my comments with the statement that regardless of the art you choose to pursue, make sure that the instructor is qualified and that his personallity and style work for you. If you miss on that count, you'll end up with a bad taste about what might be a very good art.

That said, I have been a aikido, judo, jujitsu guy all of my life. I tried a little tae kwon do, but ultimately went back to jujitsu. Between the three, you have the sport (judo), the essoteric and artsy (aikido) and the practical (jujitsu). With jujitsu however, you reaaly have to pick the instructor and system carefully because not all jujitsu is created equally. A good jujitsu program will give you things you can use right away along with skills that can take a lifetime to master. Striking, kicking, throwing, grappling, joint manipulation, jujitsu encompasses all of them.

It often boils down to what is available where you live. While I definitely have me preferences, I will say that if you find a good instructor, then any style can work well for you.

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Old 05-09-2005, 10:47 AM   #6
Keith Wittenstein
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Location: New York  New York
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

/my $0.02
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Old 05-09-2005, 11:27 AM   #7
Daniel Overvoll
Member Daniel Overvoll is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: St. Simons Island  GA
Posts: 184

I'm an old Filipino/JKD guy, but the above advice is excellent. It may be helpful to give us an idea of what is close to your area.

Best of luck,

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Old 05-09-2005, 11:40 AM   #8
Don Woodson
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A friend of mine says his favorite MA is "big fat guy with a gun".
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Old 05-09-2005, 12:02 PM   #9
Emil Berengut
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Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Washington  DC
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I would start out asking also-what are you goals in taking MA? Are you looking for a physical challenge only-many would fit that bill. Do you want to compete? Or are you interested in self defense? Once you know that, I'd check out some schools, may be take some intro classes. You boxed, so I am pretty sure you can tell a BS system/school from one that fits your needs. As other folks have mentioned above-if you already have some foundation of striking, check out some grappling systems-judo,sambo,BJJ. For all around sport fighting-shooto, pankration or another MMA gym is an option.If self defense is your main goal-Krav and other RBSD systems might be an answer. My personal preference would be to stay away from schools with extensive kata/forms and little physical contact. Then again if your interest is more esoteric, perhaps those would be your choice.
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Old 05-09-2005, 12:51 PM   #10
Alexander Karatis
Member Alexander Karatis is offline
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Athens  Attica, Greece
Posts: 786
Guys, thanks for your responses. Esoteric is a word that has many negative conotations for me.:happy:

IMO a good martial arts system should also have a sound underlying philosophy. Just as Crossfit has one. However, the point where it gets extremely abstract and new-agey is the point where I lose interest. I don't mind tradition and forms just as long as its moderated and its followed by intense physical activity and good fighting.

Just as much as I like the exotic appeal of some oriental martial arts, I want to finish my session and be wrecked! :happy:

Pankration is a great art but there are very few good schools that teach it. Personally, besides art itself I want to be in a room of people whose company I enjoy-Modern Pankration has a reputation for attracting real cheesy types.

I'm not sure that this is my preffered ranking but here we go anyways...:

1. Athletic appeal (moves, skills)
2. Intensity (physical activity factor and how intense combat is)
3. Self Defense
4. Competitiveness
5. Tradition/Philosophy

Besides my Boxing/KBing days I have very brief exposure to the world of martial arts so I can't pick out the one system I've seen that just does it for me. In the end, that's what I'll pick I guess, the system whose "culture" and overall "style" appeals to me. It's just that I know very little about all of them. :happy:
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