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Fitness Theory and Practice. CrossFit's rationale & foundations. Who is fit? What is fitness?

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Old 07-26-2008, 01:36 PM   #301
Patrick Donnelly
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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

I got post #300!

Edit: Damn! Oh well, I tried. Congrats, Barry.
Edit 2: I'll be back in a few days for #500... I'll get it next time.

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Old 07-26-2008, 02:30 PM   #302
Justin Leigh
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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

I now see what he really thinks:
Agreed on CF going away from the hypothetical weightlifter/sprinter/gymnast construct, but the goal here is to move a little closer back to it. For some reason they decided that metcon is the crown jewel of fitness which I think is retarded and completely wrong. Maybe the idea of sweating your balls off every day is just a nice way to market a program.
It seems your real problem is that you think somehow crossfit has gotten away from what it used to be, which we've already discussed, and you think there's too much metcon. When I listed the WOD's and the amount of metcon rx'd you didn't seem to think it was excessive. If you aren't happy about the amount of metcon then why not scale it back instead of going to other forums and calling it a "retarded" approach? I've seen so many people have great results with the amount of metcon rx'd that I have a hard time agreeing.

I will admit that from my experience heavy metcon emphasis is better for people with athletic body types or who are naturally overweight(meso/endo) but not as effective for ectomorphs in regards to body comp BUT the strength/power gains still occur regardless of body composition changes. Your CF total is pretty good for your body weight but you still seem unhappy with the results you've gotten. What's really the problem?
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Old 07-26-2008, 03:31 PM   #303
Barry Cooper
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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

I think it might be useful to point out that there is no one right answer. There is no one perfect programming template. Nearly everything that everyone posts on here is OK. Virtually none of them are ridiculous, or unworkable. If somebody wants to drop down to one Metcon a week, fine. If they want to limit their WOD's to ten minutes, fine. If they want to focus on stamina and never do anything under 30 minutes, fine.

For conventionally educated people, the importance of good approximation is often overlooked. In the real world, quite often good enough is good enough. When you are faced with an evolving, changing, complex situation, people that are actually trying to solve problems don't have the time or luxury of dwelling on that one, ideal, perfectly symetrical, Hellenic Golden Mean.

In the real world, you take your best guess, understanding that something else might be better. Something is better than nothing, most of the time, and nearly all of the programs I see, as I said, are OK. Viewed systemically, their patterns fall within the rough parameters of generalized fitness.

The exact WOD, as prescribed, will scare virtually anyone who is not in pretty decent shape. But the reality is that most WOD's that are done, anymore, are done in Affiliates, and structured by people who know their clients and what they are doing.

Thus, I think the basis of this discussion is flawed, in that the very premise conflating CrossFit with the posted WOD is flawed. Nobody would have any issue at all with Brandon conducting experiments and reporting on the results. That's categorically within the charter of what we do.

It's another thing to be in effect claiming that his understanding of fitness programming is superior to those who invented this system, and doing it on other sites in a manner denigrating to both this system and those of us who adhere to it.
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Old 07-26-2008, 03:43 PM   #304
Ben Moskowitz
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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

A little of topic, but if we are talking about the efficacy of specific vs. generalized programming, I thought this anecdote was interesting. This guy wrote in response to Mehdi's post about CrossFit.

"As someone who did StrongLifts 55 for 3 months and has been CrossFitting for 4+ months now, I appreciate your take on it. Just to give you an idea of my progress on both, on your 55, I increased my deadlift from 275 to 315 (@BW=140). After a similar amount of time on CrossFit, I increased my deadlift from 315 to 365 (@BW=141), which is over 2.5xBW. I’m also close to a 2xBW squat (last max was 265 a month ago)." - Raiden

So a 40 lb. increase... and a 50 lb. increase?!?
or 3.3 lbs./week and 3.125 lbs./week

Maybe there's something to this randomization business, metcons included.
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Old 07-26-2008, 06:06 PM   #305
Tim Luby
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Re: My current position on CF WoDs

Brandon, I'm interested to hear what your fitness regimen roughly consists of.
The log
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