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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Chris Mason
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Re: ViSalus Products Feedback

Krista, check back with those friends in 6 mos., a year, or more. They will be fatter than ever. The Visalus program works not because of any magic in their supplements, but by virtue of the fact you are consuming very, very few calories. Yes, that will have you lose weight, but you will not keep the weight off in the long term as you will also lose lean muscle mass and depress your metabolism.

With that said, just CrossFitting isn't going to lose you much weight either. Your diet is the primary driver of your body fat levels. What are you doing to that end?
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Lori Harding
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Re: ViSalus Products Feedback

Originally Posted by Benjamin Hill View Post
Sorry to bump an old topic, but a buddy of mine has been trying to get many coworkers on the Vi-Shape protein mix, to help with losing weight, including myself. He kindly gave me the second half of his bag to try out the product, and here's my feelings on it, in addition to some more information about the company.

Apparently this is what I call a "chained" distribution, meaning anybody who buys the product can also make small pensions on the side by getting others to try the product, which incentives such as free products for every "x" number of people you get to buy the product. This is what first led me to be a bit suspicious.

Anyway, as for the product itself, there are a lot of ingredients, so I'll just list the first few (in order):
- Soy Protein Isolate
- Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (from Fibersol)
- Whey Protein Hydrolysate
- Whey Protein Concentrate
- Dicalcium Phosphate

The nutrition facts are what got me a bit on edge:
- Calories = 90 (2 Scoops)
- Fat = 1g
- Carbs = 7g
- Protein = 12g

Now, to go along with the above serving size of 2 scoops:

"For Weight Loss: Drink 2 Vi-Shape shakes per day in place of 2 meals (breakfast/lunch). Have a sensible meal and healthy snacks."

Whoa ho hoo....

So you replace 2 of your meals with a 90 calorie shake? Then on top of that you eat a, "sensible meal?" Granted, I'll go with a sensible meal being under 500 calories, so in the end you're looking at a daily maximum of MAYBE 1,000 calories.

Well, no duh you're going to lose weight. You've got soy protein which takes longer to break down, in addition to the "digestion resistant maltodextrin," to make you feel full as long as possible. And it works. Believe me, I went through the half bag, and the product definitely made me not feel hungry. After 4 days and realizing I had maybe eaten 3500 calories max, I stopped using it.

In the end it's no different than many other weight loss supplements. It's just simply a minimal calorie shake designed to replace the majority of your calories each day, and you end up losing weight because of your body's 1,000-1,500 calorie deficit each day.

However, this is an elite fitness forum, not a starvation diet forum, and this kind of product is not going to help people improve their fitness. If anything, the primarily soy based powder will only starve your body's own recovery, limit your potential gains, and likely end up fatigued.

Any weight loss would likely only be temporary as well.

*Note, I am not a nutritionist, nor a product reviewer. These opinions are my own, and I may be wrong with some of them. Please feel free to correct me if wrong.*
Hi folks! I couldn't help but get in on the action bc I too used the products as well as some of my family/friends and believe me when I say, that it tastes great, seems legit but it all boils down to one thing....once you get off of the shakes, you gain the weight. Why? Well bc after consuming two shakes per day, for 90-days as "The Challenge" says to for weight loss, you pretty much want to puke if you had to look at another one again! I'm not knocking the product bc yes, I felt pretty doggone great during that time but it's not something that you will continue as a lifestyle such as Paleo. I was sooo deep into it and even got my Beamer from selling it but now, I'll never do another MLM like this again bc it's just not real. Now, I'll still have their shake after a workout every once in a while if I just don't have time. But my real go-to is bacon and eggs! YUM-O! Beats a shake any day! We have teeth that God gave us...use it to eat!
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