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Old 08-24-2008, 05:10 AM   #1
Jason Hogue
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Selling CrossFit to my Wife

So I have been doing crossfit for several months and absolutely love it. I am in Iraq right now and will be going home in several months. I really want o get my wife to start doing crossfit with me if I can just convince her to do it and stick with it.

Right now she is working on getting into working out in a small way. At this point she could lose a little weight, but mainly I just want to get her to be more active and enjoy working out.

So how do I sell Crossfit to her without scaring her to death. Crossfit takes a lot of dedication to get through workouts. So I need some good motivation and a good way to ease her into it.

I was in decent shape when I started Crossfit, so I adjusted quickly. I am constantly learning new things and getting better at them. She is not in the greatest shape and doesnt currently have the motivation I do. Where is the best place to start someone from scratch in crossfit. I think she might be able to do a few pushups and some situps, but I am pretty sure she can't do a pullup right now. I just want to get her started right so she will stick with it. I know I can convine her to at least tryi it for a week. I just have to make that week count.

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Old 08-24-2008, 05:48 AM   #2
Jeff Haugland
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

I have gotten my wife to try for a week or so. The one sticking point for her is the amount of soreness she feels after crossfit. She is in pretty good shape, but sh is unable to do pull ups without assistance. My advice is find out what her goals are and scale the appropriate Girls that meet her fitness goals to her level for that week. Then after that week, ask her how she feels and if she feels she has made progress. Stress to her that weight loss isn't progress in the first week. Whats more important is how she feels about herself, and her goals.

Honestly though, one week is not enough time. If you can get her to commit one month, not only will she see results, but you will have her hooked!
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Old 08-24-2008, 07:06 AM   #3
lisa taylor
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

So I need some good motivation and a good way to ease her into it.
Your LGN factor and what you credit it to may be your biggest asset.

I know my mom was intimidated as hell by the gym in our hometown....and it's not even a CF facility.

If you have the resources, try starting with a mini-garage setup and just play. If she's insecure about her performance at all (something that seems very comon with females I know): starting at home should get her around a lot of that.

good luck
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Old 08-24-2008, 08:11 AM   #4
Robin Maier
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

I heard about the CrossFit workouts from my (firefighter) husband for 3 years and never thought it would be something I'd be interested in. One day he asked me to count and record his Fight Gone Bad reps for him. This was in our basement with minimal equipment. I thought it looked like so much fun, I said "I want to try that some time!". He had me start learning the CrossFit moves and doing 10 minute modified benchmark girl workouts. I started out with knee push-ups, jumping pull-ups and VERY modified weights. I had only done running and aerobics previously.

19 months later, I can now do most of the benchmark girls "As Rx'd". I own an affiliate, do this full-time and LOVE sharing CrossFit with others. Ease your wife into the workouts and she should quickly be impressed with the results. I have found that it's much easier to get women to try something new than men. Good luck to you!!
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Old 08-24-2008, 08:41 AM   #5
Sam Ser
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

a few words of advice, jason, from a guy with some experience in this situation.

i tried for three years to get my wife to exercise, with only minimal success. she would jump into it for a month or two, then get discouraged and lose motivation.

there were some complicating circumstances:

she had two surgeries on her knee in high school, and had been told by "therapists" NEVER to do squats and to only do leg extensions, using only a very limited range of motion and only very little weight.

she was intimidated by bodybuilding exercises and wouldn't do certain exercises if i wasn't around to spot her.

pregnancy caused inflammation around her thumb, at the wrist, that made gripping and pushing difficult for certain exercises.

we had an elliptical machine and a weight bench with some weights. she would spend 20-30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 2-3 times a week, and maybe twice a week do some lat pulldowns, biceps curls, minimal range leg extensions, leg curls and a few other simple exercises. when the elliptical machine broke we got a treadmill, which she would use.

like i said, she would do this for awhile and then lose momentum. also, there was very little intensity (especially as compared to a crossfit workout). if she had done a lot of walking during the day, she considered that as good as a workout.

(thank you, women's magazines... )

pregnancy changed things. gestational diabetes forced her to be very careful with her diet -- she had a pamphlet with prescribed foods and portions, and had to write down in a notebook everything she ate -- and, as per doctor's orders, had to take a brisk walk on the treadmill every night for 45 minutes.

her eyes were opened to just what her eating and exercise habits were like before. and after the baby came, she was motivated to lose the excess weight.

around that time, i found crossfit. my enthusiasm for it, its time-saving benefits, and the realization that she really needed to work at fitness in order to achieve it, gave her the impetus she needed. now my wife, who never did a squat, is doing squats with dumbbells. she's doing deadlifts. and she's running faster than she has since she hit puberty. weight loss has been slight, but she looks and feels much more fit; clothes fit better, and she feels better. she even looks forward to working out and misses it when she skips a day.

having said that, i think these are the keys: confidence developed through comfort with a few basic movements; reinforcement through steady, incremental progress; and constant positive encouragement from the man in her life.

i started my wife off with just a few exercises, focusing on form and keeping things light. in the beginning, she was intimidated -- but once i showed her that she can actually do a below-parallel squat without hurting herself, she was able to go at air squats with gusto. thrusters and sumo deadlift high pulls get her whole body going, and the tabata protocol gives her a whole new vantage point on intensity while costing her only four minutes each.

actually feeling certain muscles work for the first time was exciting. and even though she gets sore, she kind of welcomes it now, as a kind of badge of honor.

also, i've managed to make my comments sound more like encouragement and guidance now, rather than criticism. that helps a lot!

...she actually said to me the other day that she now has a goal of doing a half-marathon some day, or at least a 10k. that's an amazing improvement from the time when she thought pushing a stroller half a mile was a full workout!

i suggest starting simply and starting light, to let your wife get her confidence up and develop a taste for intensity. when she believes in herself -- and when she sees how proud you are of her -- she'll want to do it on her own, and she'll invest the time and effort to keep seeing progress.

best of luck!!
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Old 08-24-2008, 09:14 AM   #6
Scott Brodersen
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

Originally Posted by Sam Ser View Post
...she actually said to me the other day that she now has a goal of doing a half-marathon some day, or at least a 10k.
In my opinion, goals are the key to sticking with a program. If there's no goal, there's no reward. Tell her you'll buy her a diamond mine if she sticks with it for a year.
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Old 08-24-2008, 09:22 AM   #7
Sam Ser
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Re: Selling Crissfit to my Wife

Originally Posted by Scott Brodersen View Post
In my opinion, goals are the key to sticking with a program. If there's no goal, there's no reward. Tell her you'll buy her a diamond mine if she sticks with it for a year.
actually, the deal is, i'll do the run with her.

there's a local 10k in february-march. maybe...
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Old 08-24-2008, 10:03 AM   #8
Dan Schaal
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Re: Selling CrossFit to my Wife

Originally Posted by Jason Hogue View Post
At this point she could lose a little weight
Well, my advice is it to start by not letting her read this comment!

Serioiusly though, I am in a similar boat. Except she just gave birth to our second child (first one is 3 next weekend). Not to mention, we are both working. So our time is thin. She may start working out at home. We have a treadmill and the Bowflex Selecttech dumbells.
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Old 08-24-2008, 10:06 AM   #9
Elliot Fuller
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Re: Selling CrossFit to my Wife

Search around for the "Help with girlfriend" type threads which ask essentially the same question. Ultimately the conclusion is that there's little you can realistically do for your wife if she doesn't show the interest first.

Asking her to "try it for a week" won't do anything unless she's really interested in trying it. If she tries it for a week just to appease you, odds are pretty good she won't stick with it afterward.

Best thing you can do, when you get home, is to make her a part of the workouts; get her to time you or something, or participate more in HER workouts. Go on walks with her, accompany her to the gym and do treadmills *gasp* with her for a while.

If she can get motivated into her own, self-made workout program, before you introduce her to CrossFit, it will probably be a lot easier for you to interest her in something else.

Otherwise, you just gotta respect that she just might do her own thing, or do nothing at all.
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Old 08-24-2008, 05:31 PM   #10
Jessica Olivarez
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Re: Selling CrossFit to my Wife

As an overweight lover of donuts and anything carbonated mother of one... I used EVERY excuse I could think of why NOT to try crossfit. I had bad knees, bad back, too fat, too slow, cant do pull ups... etc. For the first 6 months doing Xfit I couldnt do one workout as rx'd. NOW... 40# lighter (in six months, still eating donuts... yeah i know I would lose more if I didn't ) I am able to do at least one WOD as rx'd a week depending on what it is Slowly but surely I am working my way to becoming a super stud! (well in my own mind) The best thing you an do for her is just get her so excited to start it with you when you get home. Even if she has to scale EVERY single workout and movement, I think that once anyone tries crossfit they will love it. I would approach it as "Hey honey lets do this together" type thing. IF there is an affiliate near your home I would think about going there to workout together, the support and camraderie you recieve at affiliates is second to none. Hope that helps! Oh and I would start her with something thats not going to scare the bejezuz outta her.... i/e "fifty"... One of the guys at our affiliate wanted to get his wife into it, so he gave her the kids WOD's to do then slowly over the course of a few months gave her the main site WOD's... she was so focused on her progress she didnt even notice they were getting progressivly harder! Hope this helps! Good Luck and stay safe in Iraq! Thank you for all you do.
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