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Old 02-17-2004, 07:15 AM   #1
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Please help!!!

Is it just me but I am sooo confused!!!

I'm really interested in strength training for a military environment. However I've looked at the articles on this website, train for strength, Matt Furey and military fitness solutions. All claim to have a no b.s. approach but where do I start??

All I want is a manual of all the different exercises(Pistols, lunges, janda situps, dive bombs, inverted pressups etc etc)and how to do them explained and displayed in a clear pictorial manner, as well as decent exercise routines.

My training has to be geared towards the military. I belong to respected TA (territorial army)infantry regiment (TA is the UK equvilent to the National Guard) while at the same time as being a full time student. Therefore every training session I do has to be geared towards surviving in a military environment i.e. Tabing (marching at pace carring 120ibs of kit) section attacks (lots of sprinting up hills) etc.

Whats the deal with kettle balls? In the UK there no existant. Can you make the same gains lifting weights or with body weight exercises?

Please can anyone with prior military experience give me some advice.

With Regards,

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Old 02-17-2004, 12:01 PM   #2
Kris Freeman
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I'm not prior military, but I can tell you the approach I'm using before departing for Marine Corps boot camp in July. I'm using crossfits wod's, supplemented with pushups and running. The whole reasoning behind crossfit is to prepare you for any given situation, such as combat. That is why I feel it is perfect for military prep. However, I do realize that I will not be lifting weights during bootcamp, which is why I add in endurance running and pushups. As bootcamp approaches I plan to further integrate bootcamp specific training 50% of the time. I feel that ultimately I want my body to be strong and functional. I need to be able to move my own bodyweight of course, but how many times will combat involve hiking without a ruck, and carrying even loads of your own bodyweight? Only during PT. Which is why I feel crossfit is so important.
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Old 02-17-2004, 12:31 PM   #3
J. D. Hernandez
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See my post on the "crossfit and the AFPT". Basically outlines what I am doing currently. As for a good "manual" for bodyweight exercises, I strongly reccommend Ross Emaniat's "Underground guide for the Ultimate Warrior".

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Old 02-17-2004, 01:26 PM   #4
Scott Parker
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i am not in the military, but like kris mentioned above, crossfit prepares you for any situation. just a look at the members who post here will hold true to that. we have climbers, martial artists, gymnasts, firefighters, police officers, etc. i can truly say that when i was following crossfit day to day i was in the best shape of my life. i literally felt like a machine! if you are true to the WOD, and depending on your current condition, given a few months or so you will see huge gains.

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Old 02-20-2004, 02:41 AM   #5
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Thanks for the replies guys!!!!!
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