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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 08-03-2003, 06:15 PM   #1
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Hi everyone, my name is Wells and I stumbled upon this site about a week ago and I really like what I see. Incidentally, I first read about paleolithic nutrition about 3 weeks ago, and many of you seem very knowledgable on the subject, so it really works out nicely that I've found a friendly place to ask some more specific type questions about the paleo diet.

Anyway, I'm currently a 6'2", 210 pound, and 19 year old student about to enter his second year of college, and I will be living in my fraternity's house. I'll be eating in a dining hall for breakfast and lunch most days, and I'll probably be taking care of dinner myself. I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to swing most areas of the paleo diet(although I think i'll get really tired of eggs for breakfast, since most everything else on the menu in the morning is made of grains and whatnot). But alchohol consumption will be my main problem area. I know drinking alot is not healthy, but when making lifestyle changes like switching diets so radically, you have to be honest with yourself and try to minimize problem areas, and I know i'm going to drink.So my question is, what types of alchohol produce the least amount of insulin response, or contain the least amount of carbs in relation to their alchohol content. For example drinking a whiskey and water might have less of an effect insulin/carb wise than a bud light?

As an aside about my personal experiences with the paleo diet, I first read about it several weeks ago, and have gradually changed my diet to mimic it over the past few weeks. I still have not gone all the way, since I have a sandwhich for lunch everyday, and the dried fruit and corn chips I eat at lunch probably also cause an insulin response( I now know what you guys are talking about when you mention an insulin rebound, i start feeling really hungry and on edge, and that dried fruit becomes the one thing on my mind). But even the gradual change has been great, I really feel like my body has responded favorably; it's not drastic or anything, but my body fat looks a bit lower. I still haven't started doing the WOD's due to a couple of reasons. My gym doesn't allow o-lifting, which is a problem. More importantly, last monday was my first time doing pullups in a long long time, and I succeded in doing all of 2 pullups, with a third very very bad half pullup tacked on. I'm going to make improving my pullups a major focus of my training, along with upping my deadlifts(I've had a bad back since JV football and I'm trying to stomp out that problem once and for all). Once the pullup problem has been taken care of(I'm going to use one of those gravitron machines), I think I can start the WOD's for real, which is an exciting prospect.

I apologize that this post became much much longer than I intended, partly because of my exitement and the newness of crossfit and the paleo diet. I thank everyone for any information or advice they give!

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Old 08-05-2003, 05:11 PM   #2
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looking back on what I wrote, it's a lot of fluff surrounding my actual question: which forms of alchohol contain the least carbs/or will cause the least insulin response. I haven't been able to find the answer to this and I've surfed around most of the websites I can find about paleo.
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Old 08-06-2003, 11:53 AM   #3
Dan John
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Finally! A question I can answer! I'm a big paleo fan (see my page or simply go to ) but I must admit I like a small touch of peat flavored water on many an occasion.

"Hard" drinks have no carbs, but they have alcohol. If you make an informed choice/decision about "to drink or not to drink...that is the question," you may want to live in the zero carb environment of scotch, vodka, and the various "hard" liquores. Beer, trust me, is a ticket to a big waist. Wine has some aspects worth considering, but stay in the realm of the drier and redder.

A key point: be sure you are responsible, over 21 and don't mistake a good shot of sipping single malt with chunging everclear at a frat party.

I like tequila and crystal light as recommended by locarbcris...or just scotch.

Your mileage may vary.
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