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David Lauzurique
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Unhappy How should I train with a meniscus tear?

Hey guys. I've been working out for 5 years now. I'm 5'4, 150 lbs with great strength and good knowledge on fitness. I've been crossfitting for 2 of those years, with more focus on olympic lifting the past half year. Though August of this year, I unfortunately I had a knee injury, which then through an MRI, was told I have a meniscus tear. It came form running on the sidewalk a year ago, and never fully recovered, and then in August, the pain came back.

Now Ive been told to hold off weightlifting for about 6-12months. Of course though I can do upperbody, but to hold off on running and squating.

Because of this, I really dont know how to train.

I cant run or squat, meaning I cant do oly lifts, power cleans, etc, so Crossfit is out of the question.

I'm no longer a fan of bodybuilding, but would do it to stay fit. But, Im already a huge guy, I dont want to get bigger so that I dont lost my flexibility and such for olympic lifting

Dr recommended swimming, but although I did buy swim shorts, goggles and such, I dont really enjoy it, and the water is toooo cold right nowwhere my leg even cramps up.

Gymnastics, I have a pull up bar station outside and a gymnastics ring set up for muscle ups and etc, but idk how to put gymnastics into a workout schedule.

Plus, I have no bike machine, elliptical, rower, etc for cardio.

I do have a home gym, with a squat rack (which can be used for shoulder presses and bench press by moving the j cups), rogue barbells, bumper plates, dumbbells, a 52lb kb, and much more.

Can anyone recommend me a workout I can follow, and an idea? Ive been feeling really bumed about my limitations now.

How can I put all this together to follow a workout plan, or do something to stay active? Especially cardio wise where I cant do much because I cant put stress on my knee?

Here's videos of me before the injury (WFS)
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