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Old 08-02-2014, 08:53 PM   #11
Benjamin Kell
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Chris...appreciate the word on setup form. I feel like I set up pretty well, my coaches concur. The problem starts when I go to pull, my hips want to pop up, knees lock out too fast then my lower back takes over tendency is to start with my hips high but I have been trying to discipline the setup with the "play button" triangle as CF teaches and bring my butt down in between my shoulders and knees

Clint...I do think I'm overthinking it. I'm so obsessed and frustrated about the fact that I'm so screwed up that honestly I don't ever want to pick up a barbell off the floor again. Just saying. If I don't think about it and just go pick the stupid bar off the ground I can pick up 300...but I round and my back is pulling it, not my glutes.

Oh, and just to make me sound more moronic and unbalanced, I OHS 235# the other day.

Bryan, appreciate the suggestions. I've been doing 5-3-1 for the last 5 months or so. It's the first time I've ever followed a lifting program and my first 3 months I saw big gains in my strength across the board, even ironically the DL. I was only comfortably pulling like 135-155 at this time with decent form (of course even then I could round my back and pick up 300, just couldn't do it keeping my back straight and letting my glutes pick it up). I've come a long way but I'm still quite retarded. I will probably start trying some sumos and some of the other things like ghd. Don't have access to a reverse hyper.

What are some good warm ups for glutes? I was going to start incorporating some sprints because even with sprints it's like my glutes don't want to work or push me off the first step or two and they scream at me when I try. I've been doing some good mornings with just the bar.

I promise, I will get some vids up. I'm out of town right now and will get some posted when I get back. I know the vids will help he discussion. I really appreciate everyone' input!
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Old 08-03-2014, 02:56 AM   #12
Struan Potter
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Clam shells and glute med activation usually gets them fired up.

I just focus on keeping the back straight and the chest up.
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Old 08-09-2014, 08:58 PM   #13
Jordan Cotter
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Originally Posted by Bob Herald View Post
2. Fall backwards. Without even pulling 135 should leave the floor.
3 drive back though heels
4. Push the floor away
I concur with Bob. Leaning back and staying on your heals is what helps me keep good form when the weight is heavy or I'm getting tired. Even if you end up having to hitch it up your thighs, that's better than rounding your back.

I would stop thinking about keeping your butt low and using your glutes and really just try to lean back on your heals through the pull. If the bar doesn't touch your shins, knees, or thighs a little bit through the pull then that's a sing that you may not be doing it right.
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Old 08-10-2014, 09:00 AM   #14
Eric Montgomery
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Post a video. Without one we're just guessing at what the problem is.

Actually, post several--one at a weight where you feel comfortable, and one at a weight where you feel like your form is falling apart.
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Old 08-18-2014, 10:38 AM   #15
Ben Sparks
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Originally Posted by Bob Herald View Post
I'm 210 6'3". I pull 405. Not a huge number but for a guy who likes to stay lean and trains bjj 5 days a week, it's not bad.

I started at a 275 pull a few years ago. Us taller guys should be better at the deadlift and not so much the squat, due to our leverage. Here's some cues that help me

1. Tension on the bar and take the slack out. Think death grip
2. Fall backwards. Without even pulling 135 should leave the floor.
3 drive back though heels
4. Push the floor away

For glute activation I always warm up with

Lateral band walks, standing straight and in a squat position
Glute bridges (hip thrusts) isometric holds or one leg reps

Then sometimes I'll do hang power shrugs with a very light weight

When the deadlift really stalls I boost my strength with a series of

Deficits deads and rack pull from below the knee
This ^ is a good post. I'm also 6'3", 230#, and pull 450-460 pretty easily. I think a lot of the OP's problem is mental... When I started CF 6 years ago at age 39, I hadn't lifted barbells since college, and pulled 315 within the first week. I like this cuing, because its all very visual & easy to remember:
  1. Your arms are just ropes with hooks on the ends
  2. Angry gorilla chest
  3. Holy hamstrings, Batman
  4. Push the floor down with your heels, leaving the bar floating in space
  5. And then F* the bar (thanks, Pat Barber, for that one)
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Old 08-19-2014, 08:11 AM   #16
Brendan McNamar
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

Learn RDL's.

2 second pause above the knees, 2 sec pause mid shin then smooth pull back to the top.

Start light.

Be prepared to have sore hamstrings.
Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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Old 08-19-2014, 11:31 AM   #17
Andrew G Parker
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Re: Deadlift Help...Please!

I recently hit a wall with my dead lift trying to get my best 5RM. Your post prompted me to watch a few videos. Keeping the bar close has always been a strength of mine. I keep a couple of band aids in the bag for my shins on dead lift days. Not keeping the bar close would've caused me to hit the wall a lot sooner.

Pushing down with the feet, rather than lifting the bar was the thing that really switched it over for me now. The wall I ran into a month or so ago? I was able to do a 3x4 yesterday with it with relatively little strain.
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