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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Bryce Horrell
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An important questions about bicep tendonitis

Hello everybody.

Soon I will be leaving to Navy Basic training and I want to see if I can get some advice on here. **I do not have health insurance as of now.

A while back I was posting on here because I had hurt myself in the weight room and I was diagnosed with bicep tendonitis. I rested hard for 5 weeks straight and then I did around 7 weeks of physical therapy.

During my therapy I started out slow and then worked up to doing pushups, dumbell bench, overhead presses, rows, lat pulldows, deadlifts, and more. I had many talks about "pain" or discomfort with my therapist. I told him that I sometimes felt pain or discomfort the days after my workouts but never during my workout. He told me that it was normal to get discomfort but not pain. He also said that it was okay to get a couple pinches here and there.

Now, I have been out of therapy for a while now and I am on my own. I workout by doing a 3 day split and 1 cardio day per week. My arm usually gets some discomfort after my workouts but the other day I had more than usual.

I can still feel my bicep tendon. I mean, I can tell that there is something up with it and now, at this point in my life, because of my condition, I am well aware of where my bicep tendon is located. Its because I feel it sometimes. There is a constant awareness of bicep and often a minor irritation. Last night I did get pain but it was not in my shoulder or bicep tendon. I had shots of pain in my jaw, which were common when my initial injury was fresh. Last night my shoulder was definitely in discomfort but there were no spikes of pain anywhere in my shoulder at all. Just in my jaw. I dont get it..

I wonder, does this mean I need to slow down again? I got hurt sometime in july and I am still dealing with this problem. Is this normal when having bicep tendonitis?

I usually get the worst discomfort after I do chest, tri, and delts. I have been doing reps of 6 lately but I dont use much weight, especially on chest. I did a barbell bench press of only 95 pounds and a dumbell bench press of 80 pounds.

Here are some points I want to make.

-I never get pain while I lift
-I always get discomfort or minor pain
-I ice it and take anit inflammatories but not every day
-The pain and discomfort definitely increased when I reduced my reps to 6
-I have discomfort the most days after I do chest, tri, and delts

Does anybody have any idea what is going on with me?

I have followed my therapists advice exactly and I have been trying to be extremely careful and accurate when weight lifting but somehow my shoulder still hurts. I am getting very weary of fighting this battle with bicep tenodnitis and I dont know what to do. I fear that I might be losing this battle.

Any advice here would be very very appreciated.


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Bryce Horrell
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Re: An important questions about bicep tendonitis

I also want to mention that my problem has got increasingly worse as I adopted the bench press and dumbell bench press into my workout routine. Prior to these I was only doing pushups.

Maybe its bad form? I just dont see why the bench irritates it so much. It drives me crazy.
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Steven Low
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Re: An important questions about bicep tendonitis

Check the quality of your range of motion, especially with internal and external ROM of shoulder

Also, check the quality of your soft tissues... around the shoulder, deltoid, and biceps and see where there is significant amounts of tension, knots, or other disruptions of muscle tissue

Take some notes, and post them
Posts are NOT medical, training, nutrition info
Bodyweight Article, Overcoming Gravity Book
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