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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 09-24-2009, 09:16 AM   #761
Bruce Duco
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Re: Anabolic Diet - My Progress

Its been a couple of months since the last update. How is everyone doing on this diet?
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Old 09-24-2009, 12:10 PM   #762
Ryan Lynch
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Re: Anabolic Diet - My Progress

I stopped it about a month and half ago. I shifted over to Paleo...basically cut the carb load and added some fruit in during the week. Haven't really noticed a change.

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Old 10-10-2009, 07:38 AM   #763
Jeffrey White
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Re: Anabolic Diet - My Progress

I've skimmed through this thread, it's really long at 77 pages...

Did any of the people doing the Anabolic Diet or any similar CKD diet (i.e. Ultimate Diet, UD 2.0, Bodyopus, etc) alter CF to fit the diet?

Just doing crossfit wod's and the diet AS IS won't work as well.

I think I might start a workout log. I was going to run CF with the Ultimate Diet 2.0 (same thing as Anabolic Diet) and tailor it to work. I was searching to see if anyone had done something similar and stumbled upon this.

I've always been interested by Coach Glassman's claim that CF will build mass (in the FAQ).

Really you should run it this way, which is my plan:

Mon and Tues:
Diet: 50% of maintenance (1500 calories in my case), 50-75 carbs.
Training:CF Metcon's, scaled down just slightly to allow double up (i.e. doing fran and helen the same day. you should work at about 60% of max effort on these days. German Volume Training (i.e. 10x10) is the norm on these days) Monday COULD be a day that you are truly competitive because you are "carbed up" and will be one of two days of the week that you'll have significant energy (saturday is the other) so PR on the first CF metcon on monday is possible.

Diet: 50% of maintenance, 50-75 carbs. (same as mon and tues)
Training: Optional this day; running or rowing 5k would be ok.

Diet: Most of the day, 75% of previous three days; then if you are working out in the evening, you start carbs pre-workout with around 30g plus 15-20g of protein. Starting pwo I want to consume around 1600g of carbs over the next 24-36 hours.

Training: Charles Staley's EDT Training would be a good workout and would be in the "crossfit vein". Look it up if you don't know, but this workout should be heavier, @ 70-85% and concentrates on "tension". EDT is perfect for that. You work with a stop watch, do full body workout; very CF-friendly.

Diet:Carb load continued
Training: Off

Diet: @ maintenance level (3000-ish total calories for me) with around 400g of carbs.

Training: workout should be heavy iron. Starting Strength, 5x5, etc would be a good starting place. Pavel's "never lie down routine" would also be good (this is deadlift 3x3 and then 5x5 of Clean and Press, weighted dips and chins). Throw in a bit of abs. and by that I mean stuff like GHD situps and Hangling leg raises, Turkish getups...not crunches.

Diet: back at maintance, though carbs are lowered to 200g (these are my numbers)

Training: off day or running rowing longer-ish workouts are okay (see wednesday)

So in a nutshell, the training should look like this for CKD:

Mon: Crossfit @60% of 1rm metcons x2
Tues: Crossfit @60% of 1rm metcons x2
Wed: off/optional
Thursday: EDT Training (70-85%)
Friday: Off
Saturday: Starting Strength/Heavy (90%+)

You'll notice this comes out to roughly the old-school light-medium-heavy training split.

Keeping that in my mind, it could be further tweaked by concentrated on my more "traditional" lifts for two weeks and more explosive lifts the two after that. This is the Eastern Block Training described from pavel's new book, "Return of the kettlebell.

So two weeks:
lifts in the EDT and heavy saturday and subs in the metcons would focus on "slower lifts" like deadlift, shoulder press, etc...

Then two weeks where the lifts are subbed in and focused on: Oly lifting and other explosive work (thrusters, snatches, cleans, etc)

This would truly leave no stone unturned as far anabolic (mass building and hypertrophy) goals are concerned.
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