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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 04-16-2010, 05:36 PM   #31
Eric Montgomery
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Re: New to CrossFit

Originally Posted by William A Cantrell View Post
Ok well while I respect your thought process in this and you seem like you know your stuff. I believe you might be describing a Marine "boot camp" and not Army "basic training". There will be forced marches...(not that heavy) Army has more upgraded equipment no flak vest but a much lighter Interceptor body armor (still with sapi plates but at his small size im sure he would wear a small), weapon is m4 (about 6 pounds will be carried empty if not at a range.) and I never carried a radio (on a march). While having to carry some one out of a situation may be difficult, your first few weeks will be spent in the "front leaning rest", doing back,fronts (think switching between flutters and push-ups when Drill says) and just being your own body weight. PT every morning (some form of calisthenics, running, o-course, buddy carries) then the Army standard and formation runs you will have to do and all the PT tests (a bunch of them which consist of only push-ups , sit-ups and a 2-mile run) and your life will be alot easier if you are a "PT stud" also the Army places a high value on your PT score of 50 promotion points. Now that all that is said...Im not against lifting and getting your strength up I simply saying dont go to town on the heavy weight and neglect what your future job values (Army PT standards)

(2nd plt Bco 1st Batt 75th RGR RGT)
PT tests on their own are a horrible gauge of real-world fitness. I did very little in green on green and running shoes while I was in Iraq. That's a big part of the reason why we started doing the Combat Fitness Test, which does a good job of exposing the shortcomings of crosscountry runner types who get 300 PFTs because they can run sub-18 minutes for 3 miles yet can't lift anything or anyone heavy.

Yes, a big part of boot camp will be flipping back and forth from the leaning rest to flutterkicks, but that's meant to get you tired, not necessarily give you a productive workout. And it's expected that you won't be able to keep up with the individual smoke sessions...if you do keep up, they'll just go faster with them til you can't. As for hikes in boot camp, our recruits don't carry radios, ammo, or SAPI plates, but they do wear Interceptor vests (I previously said flak jackets but that was just a generic term) and carry M16s and heavy packs.

The additional stuff all comes into play after boot camp when it's deployment time and you're loaded down with the SAPIs, 200rds of ammo, radio, and if you're really unlucky an M9/M249/M240/SMAW/LAAW/60mm mortar tube or baseplate, carrying it all in 120deg temperatures or high elevations. That's where being strong has its advantages as opposed to just doing bodyweight stuff and distance running.
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William A Cantrell
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Re: New to CrossFit

Very true PT tests suck....and all them skinny mofo's always do so well but then they start sucking when they "kitted up" (full battle rattle).
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Old 06-07-2010, 03:32 PM   #33
Cameron Patterson
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Re: New to CrossFit

In my opinion, which may not be the popular opinion of the community, is that you should get your strength levels up and gain some mass right now. You have awhile before you go to basic.

Even if you lose some of your metcon, during your strength cycle, your metcon should be relatively easy to regain. And once you have developed your strength levels they will be easy to maintain.

After you finish up a starting strength cycle, look in the way of crossfit strength bias or MEBB, in order to maintain your newly gained strength.

Also, eat until it hurts and then eat more. Try to follow the guidelines set forth by a paleo apporach to eating.
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