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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Kara Werner
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Sudden Severe Headache during WOD, and Knee Pain

Maybe some of you can shed some light on two injuries that are eluding me.

1. I have a client who has been doing CF with us for almost 6 months now, and doing very well. On Monday, he suddenly got a massive, throbbing headache while doing a heavy deadlift WOD. I figured it was from holding his breath and exerting himself so hard, and would go away. Tuesday, though, when he worked out, it came back again. He took Wednesday off, and came in this morning (Thursday), and right in the beginning of warm up by just doing 5 push ups, the massive headache hit him again, and he had to stop and just go home. I was reading some other discussions and articles that said maybe a pinched nerve in the neck? He is not dehydrated, as he drinks plenty of water, and eats well. I told him to go to his doctor or chiropractor. Any thoughts??

2. I have another client who has a strange knee pain on the outside of the knee, it's kind of sharp, and it does not travel up or down his leg, it's only on the outside of his knee. The weird thing is, it only hurts when he is carrying weight and breaks parallel. He can do box jumps, run, walking lunges, jump rope, etc., totally fine with no pain at all. It's only during air squats and weighted squats. A strain?? He hasn't gone to the doc yet, as he's hoping it'll heal itself, plus he's on a 2-week vacation in Italy, and hopefully that rest helps, too! ;-)

Anyway, any thoughts, insights, ideas on either or both would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Kara Purves, CrossFit 707
"Working hard to make the rest of life easier."
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Luke Sirakos
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Re: Sudden Severe Headache during WOD, and Knee Pain

Re: the client with headaches

Definitely needs to see his doctor, if it was a one time thing I would say it could be something like poor breathing or dehydration but the headaches coming back would really worry me.
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Matt Haxmeier
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Re: Sudden Severe Headache during WOD, and Knee Pain

The headache is typically called an exertion headache. It happens to lots of people. You can search on these boards and see numerous people with similar issues and some suggested things to work on. KSTAR also has a mobility wod for it. (WFS)
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