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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 07-30-2005, 08:00 AM   #1
Jim Aldridge
Member Jim Aldridge is offline
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Memphis  TN
Posts: 153
to go full tilt on the zone (weighing your food and such). I'll be honest, I am a husband and father of three (7, 5, and 3 years old) so my house is a three ring circus and meal time is like feeding time at the zoo. We eat pretty "clean" (what I would describe as zone-esque) but it is very difficult to go full tilt. I am not an olympian so and extra 1% performance increase is not worth the extra headache to me if I can do nearly as well by eating in a zone-esque manner.

For those of you who are full tilt, if you had to quantify the performance improvement you get from being that strict, how much would it be? Is it a very noticeable difference?
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Old 07-30-2005, 10:57 AM   #2
Graham Tidey
Member Graham Tidey is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Lisbon  Alameda
Posts: 393
Can I chip in?

I don't measure my food, i just try to live zone.

Therefore I constantly think about every snack and meal having the right balance of protein and carbs and fat. Also cut out all crap in packets. THIS has made a huge difference both in my appearance and performance. I'm sheding BF and putting on lean muscle though I've pretty much forgotten that I'm following an eating plan. Nowadays it just seems obvious.

I say this as a student who like you cooks for others and never has time/inclination for all the hardcore food prep. It still works!
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Old 07-30-2005, 08:43 PM   #3
Pat Janes
Departed Pat Janes is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 709
I think it's more than enough to do as does Graham. Be Zone-like. Think 40%C/30%P/30%F and make each meal and snack as close to that as you can guess.

Most of us aren't pro athletes, so despite the fact that we'd like to kick Matt/Greg/Josh's A$$ in the next WOD we hit, it's not a make or break thing.

For me, I don't mind measuring most of what I eat; I'm a creature of routine and the Zone gives me that routine. Most of the time I end up having to cook something different for my boys (5 and 8), because one in particular is extremely fussy, but I don't really mind that either.

If you've got the time and/or inclination, live by the scales and measuring cups; otherwise no need to sweat it...
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Old 07-30-2005, 09:26 PM   #4
Kris Crowley
Member Kris Crowley is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Cleveland  OH
Posts: 222
I'm like Pat in the fact that I am a creature of routine. I'm also a creature who hates to be hungry.

I'm also a disciplined person. I quit smoking after smoking for 13 years. I dropped over sixty pounds (though I've put back on about 10). I guess I'll just have to get over this hurdle.

I'm not going to worry about being truly Zone until I get back from the Grand Canyon. But, I will eat clean while I'm there.

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Old 07-30-2005, 10:55 PM   #5
Brendan Melville
Member Brendan Melville is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Norwalk  CT
Posts: 454
I measured my food for about two weeks, now I can cut cheese in 1oz chunks like noone's business. And 5oz of chicken, no sweat. But I see what you mean.

What happens when you go beyond zone-proximity and actually enter the zone is a reduction of bodyfat, an increase in feel-goodness, and a little bit more time taken to prepare food. For you, I'd say screw it, being a dad is more important than landing in the middle of the zone target, so just shoot near the bullseye, and you're still going to be doing great. The good part about the zone is that it's not a hit or miss thing. The more you put in the farther it goes, but with decreased efficiency. Putting in the first 10% of effort takes you a lot farther than the last 10% healthwise. For most of us, the last 10 just isn't worth the prize. I think you fit in that group.
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Old 08-04-2005, 08:41 AM   #6
Larry Lindenman
Affiliate Larry Lindenman is offline
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Chicago  Illinois
Posts: 2,769
Most people have no idea what 1 block of protein looks like. Kind of hard to be in the Zone when you don't know proportion size. Measure for two weeks and you get to know what's what. Some tricks, use cups or containers to pre measure foods: if you eat 4 blocks of mixed vegs, measure 4 blocks into a tupperware container, mark with a marker, and then you just have to fill to the mark everytime. Measure oatmeal into a plastic cup, mark, use the cup everytime. Be creative, we don't really eat that huge variety of foods (I usually eat the same thing for breakfast everyday) learn measurements for your basic foods and then you can stop measuring.
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