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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 03-09-2008, 05:26 PM   #11
Jake Dent
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

Hey, I was G co in '04. Small Corps. Had some buddies in K co that year too.
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Old 03-10-2008, 02:53 PM   #12
David Goodrich
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

Jon -
Sounds like you know what to expect from past summers down there. OCS is all about physical and mental endurance. PFT makes up part of your PT grade but in the big picture its nothing compared to the O/E Course and the CRT (unless you are a *****bag and fail it, but you won't). That said, don't train for the PFT - train for endurance.
You will not be able to add 15 lbs while dropping your run time 2 minutes in just 2 months unless you are a real genetic freak. If you do add on the weight, it will likely slow you down cause like you said: OCS is all about constant movement w/ your bodyweight+gear. I spent the last months before seniors doing only bodyweight lifts/conditioning, boots/utes runs, fartleks, etc. Grease the groove and try weighted pulls to get you up to 20, abs will come easy, and the rest is just endurance.

Just thinking back to some of the good ones:
CF's "Murph" in boots/utes: 1mi run, 100 pull, 200push, 300 squat, 1mi run for time.
CF's "Lynne" modified : 5rds of max dips, max pullups
100 Burpees for time (work to 150)
Tabata drills (string 5 together for 20 minute workouts)
etc etc (based around CF, slightly modified)

Be sure to have a good running plan too. Boots and utes runs are the most important to get your legs adapted, otherwise you will get broke. Swim, erg, jump rope for low impact cardio. Hope that helps some.
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Old 05-23-2008, 12:49 PM   #13
Rob Tarleton
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

One additional thought to this thread is that, if you are doing OCC and will be commissioned upon graudation, then training for the PFT is as useful as endurance/boots&utes for the fleet, particularly with regards to getting a Battalion CO who thinks that unit physical fitness involves their own personal triathlon goals. Being able to keep up with the Bn CO's 8 min or less pace in formation is a must after OCS.
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Old 05-23-2008, 02:34 PM   #14
Joseph Seamon
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

Sounds good!

One thing about pullups I've noticed is for every 3lbs of weight +- is about 1 less pullup rep given the equal strength. I've found when I wear a 20lb vest my pullup number go down by about 7 reps, so be careful gaining too much weight.
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Old 05-25-2008, 11:31 PM   #15
Polo Lopez
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

Not sure if this was already mentioned b/c I only glanced at the other replies. So forgive me if this is restating anything. I have completed Army boot camp, the Davidson Co. Sheriff's Dept academy, and the Metro Nashville Police academy. I won the P.T. award in both academies. I was a Cat. 2 cyclist and have raced in several Pro events in the past. I am a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and own my own affiliate. With that being said, the information I would like to suggest comes from hard work that I applied and was of great use. I hope it can help you.
First, continue training w/ the Crossfit WOD, scale it if you're not up to the level yet. When it comes to your shin splints, look up It has helped me immensely in my running and I have yet to have shin splints return. I love running now. Dr. Romanov from Pose tech is a maverick in the running world. His information will save your knees and back. Check out the shoes he recommends. The basic premise is less time on the ground, more in the air, and shoes that help you feel the road.
Also check out Brian Mackenzie is an awesome trainer and coach. After listening to his philosophy and theories on training, it all just clicked. He's a level 3 pose coach and level 3 Crossfit trainer. His affiliate is Newport Beach Crossfit.
Stay away from Runner's world info. I used to read it and nothing they suggested helped. It only made me hate running. The shoes they suggested only hurt me in the long run. My running times never improved and even got worse. Now, my times are better than when I was running all the time and I'm 10 years older!
Trust me, stick with the WOD and you'll improve in everything. I know this info it seems simple but it really is. Focus on staying with the Zone diet and try not to over do your training. Don't specialize, it's a myth, especially for your chosen profession. Crossfit and You'll do great. BTW, thank you for your sacrifice and helping to keep us safe and free.
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Old 05-26-2008, 05:30 AM   #16
Justin Baum
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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

hey jon,

i'm going to be observing ocs during parts of july and aug. i'll keep an eye out for you. good luck. jb
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