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Old 06-22-2011, 11:53 PM   #41
Katherine Derbyshire
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations

Originally Posted by David Hansen View Post
I know, rationally and consciously, what I need to do. I have read the articles and watched the videos near endlessly. I understand the mechanics of the swing. What I can not do is determine how to get my body to actually perform the movement as it should be performed. Or anything resembling it.
From one smart person to another... you cannot think your way through this, or any other physical skill. Your core problem is that you have not developed your ability to feel what your body is doing and respond to those sensations at a subconscious level. Your intellect can give you lists of things to try, but it only gets in the way of the actual experience of movement.

If there is a Systema school near you, I highly recommend signing up for one of their weekend workshops. Systema is a traditional Russian martial art, with a very good methodology for helping people develop that kind of awareness, while simultaneously overcoming the many sources of fear that can get in the way.

If that's not an option for you, movement and body awareness are also particular specialties of yoga and Tai Chi, and both of those can offer good progressions and exercises.

What might do you the most good, though, is plain old physical play. Find a big friendly dog to wrestle with, kick a soccer ball around, toss a football or a softball or a frisbee. Learn to dance. Do something fun, in a setting casual enough to keep your self-judging side quiet. Get your brain out of the way so your body can rediscover its genetic heritage.

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Old 06-23-2011, 02:10 AM   #42
Boris Bachmann
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations

Originally Posted by David Hansen View Post
Has anyone here had any success developing their own WOD programming that's intended to make progress toward goals, avoid limitations, and yet still be constantly varied?

Tonight I put in notice to my affiliate that I will not be attending anymore. I intend to give self-programming a try, to focus on one of my glaring weaknesses( metcons ), maintain strength, and avoid limitations that I know I will never overcome( jumping rope, handstands, kipping pullups ).
I've read through most of the thread and here's my non-CF affiliated opinion - (looking at your signature stats) I'm guessing your glaring weakness is NOT met-cons, it is lack of strength.

Improving your strength in basic lifts will improve your performance in many met-cons, and help you learn some of those skills you have difficulty with (pressing -> handstands, strict pull-ups -> kipping pull-ups) down the road if you choose to focus on them later. IMO, the last thing you need is "constantly varied".

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Old 06-23-2011, 08:03 AM   #43
Chris Walls
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations

Maybe you should go see a Dr, perhaps you have some sort of inner ear problem going on that is messing up your balance...

Or find a way to spend some time upside down where you can't fall over (hanging from your feet or something) until you get used to it and comfortable there.
Accept no excuses, only results
CrossFit North Battleford
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Old 06-25-2011, 10:32 PM   #44
Brendan McNamar
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations

Hi David,

Several thoughts having read through this thread, in no particular order:

1) Sounds like the affiliate you joined was a bad match for you. Please don't judge CrossFit by this one affiliate. Coaching is personal. I coach very differently then the affiliate next to me. His athletes don't fit in my box and my athletes don't fit in his box. I work hard to be a good coach and I believe he does as well. Shop around.

2) I own an affiliate and my double unders suck. I'm good going single double single double. Doing doubles linked 4 or 5 is the max at this point in time. You are not alone, it is frustrating. I encourage myself and my athletes to use the statement "I can't do _____ yet." It is correct and leaves the door open for improvement. I should note I come from a running back ground. The same guys who could kick my *** in double unders couldn't keep up with me running. The longer the distance the farther behind they get. We all have different strength and weaknesses.

3) By all means program how ever you want. Get a CrossFit Journal subscription read the old articles on how to program and the methodology behind it. When I was doing strict CrossFit I used Mainsite WODs as often as possible because it is really easy to pick the stuff I liked and am good at. By following Mainsite WODs I would get my *** kick by my "goats" once in a while.

4) Your male, 6'3", 210 and 32 years old. You are not strong based on the numbers you posted compared to experienced CrossFitters. Your tall and thin. If you carrying any extra body fat you are very under muscled. This is not a judgment, just a fact.

5) Practice is the concept of teaching our neurological system to respond to the commands our brain gives it in the manner we desire. Training is increasing the stress on those practiced movements to build capacity. If you don't have double unders you can not train double unders. That is OK. I had a coach who tried to force me to do double unders in WODs. He owns a big box and has been to regionals or better many times. This was a terrible way to coach me. It destroyed the training aspect of any WOD containing double unders. Luckily for me I'm about twice as old as him and eventually got smart and just did my own substitutions. This allowed me to train.

Build some strength, train strict pull-ups and substitute away for double unders. Something like burpees to a tall target should do the trick. Enough burpees and you will be willing to reconsider learning double unders.

CrossFit London just publish a good progression on HSPU. Follow the directions and take as long as it needs.

At the end of the day CrossFit is about getting in shape and having fun. If something removes the fun skip it.
Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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Old 06-26-2011, 04:08 AM   #45
Gary Butterfield
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations

Originally Posted by Charles White View Post
My first ever pull-up was at age 51. Another while to get a kip. I'm up to 5. Still a lot of room to improve.

How do you best learn new skills? Read and try? See and do? Feel your way?

Post a video of the flailing swing, we might be able to help.

Or, just try this:
1. hang from the bar, hollow position (Journal - "The Position.")
2. push your shoulders as far forward as they will go. Head goes with.
3. push your shoulders as far back as they will go. Head comes along.
Those are the poses.

Got that? Once you do, then:
4. In hollow position, do shoulders forward and back several times.
5. Do it faster. Now lots faster, full range. Notice the feet stay in hollow position, fairly still. If they don't, have someone limit the movement of your feet with their hands until you get it.
That's the swing.

Got that? Once you do, then:
6. Hollow. Shoulders way forward, way back and pull down hard on the bar. No pause, no hesitation.
When you get it, that's one. For more:
7. at the top, push away enough to get to the shoulders back. Repeat from #6.

From the expert:

The handstand, DU, pull-ups are the skills. The improvements are in agility and coordination. And just as important - a supple mind.

Good luck!
I can do them mate but I wanna get better with my technique so I stop destroying my hands. This stuff is gold mate, thanks, can't wait to hit this! I'm a subscriber to the journal so I'll have a gander for more.

You're a legend!
"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted" - David Bly
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Old 06-26-2011, 09:14 AM   #46
Dave Traeger
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Re: Self-Programming Around Limitations


We're of similar height and age. It's quite common for taller people to be lacking in the coordination department. I can't do muscleups, double unders, hspu or climb up a rope. It even took me a little while to deadlift properly (raising hips and shoulders at the same rate while keeping back straight was too many things for me to think about at once.) I've recently learnt how to kip and can do a few in a row now, but admittedly they look ugly.

Don't see it as a limitation. Those things aren't designed to test our coordination, they're designed to improve it.

Each time i go to my box, i try to practice something new during the warmup. I might not have those skills within a week or even within a year but they'll come. If i don't practice them the year will come around anyway and I still won't have them.

I've looked up an adult gymnastics class in my area that I might go along to. Got nothing to lose by finding out if it helps. Who knows, may even meet some people and learn some new skills.

Don't be such a quitter mate.
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