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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 07-23-2005, 07:01 AM   #1
Ryan Abbott
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Dover  NH
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Is it better to use one weight for each exercise that you can do all of the way through or start heavy and then go light?

Thanks, I posted this under comments too but wasn't sure if I would get a response. Sorry, for the double post.
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Old 07-23-2005, 10:47 AM   #2
David Wood
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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Ryan: the "ideal" Linda (also known as "Three Bars of Death") is to have 3 different bars, and set them up with different weights (all specified as fractions of your bodyweight: 1.5 for the DL, 1.0 for the bench press, and 0.75 for the clean).

You then use those weights for all the reps in all the rounds (10 reps on the first round (of each of the three exercises), 9 reps on the second round, etc.)

Obviously, if you don't have 3 bars, this can be a bit of a challenge, but if you change weights fast (especially if you have a buddy to help) you don't lose much time. I usually end up taking about as long between exercises as changing the weights would take, anyway.

As far as "start heavy and go light", if I were changing the weight, I'd have to go the other way . . . start light (with 10 reps) and go heavy (down to 3, 2, 1 rep). Usually, I wouldn't be able to do that, anyway . . . the 3-rep set of BP feels just about as bad as the 10-rep set by the end. Maybe I could do it on the DL.

The overall goal is, as Coach says, to "storm through for time" . . . try to get your time down. I'd just pick a weight for each exercise that I knew I could do for 10 reps, and leave it at that for the every set . . . believe me, fewer reps (at your 10-rep weight) will still feel plenty tough if you are moving as fast as possible.
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Old 07-23-2005, 08:24 PM   #3
Joe Luckett
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Some people choose a theoretical bodyweight that they can bench for ten reps. Using this theoretical bodyweight, they calculate the weights for the deadlift and clean to keep the ratios consistent. Use those weights all the way through. As David noted above, the 3-rep set does indeed feel as bad as the first set.

Here's an example for a theoretical 60kg bodyweight.
DL 90kg
Bench 60kg
clean 45kg
This is what I am using. My previous Linda was 28. When I get that faster (under 20?) I will increase the weight.

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Old 07-31-2005, 10:52 AM   #4
John Frazer
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Location: Northern Virginia  VA
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I do what Joe does -- start with an amount I can bench 10 times with reasonable comfort & safety, and scale the other weights to it.

So for instance, I started out (I am weak) "weighing" 85#. So my "Linda" weights were deadlift 135, bench 85, clean 65. I did that one in December in 30:45.

That was fast enough (faster than many posting comments, because most were lifting heavier) so in March I did 145 DL, 95 bench, 70 clean, and finished in 27:54. (Totally wiped me out, I might add.)

In June I decided to "weigh" a little more so I bumped up to 160/105/80. That took me 40:21 -- so the weights had definitely reached a tipping point from largely cardiorespiratory, to a strength component where I really had to break up the sets (especially on cleans). Next time "Linda" comes up I'll stay at these weights.

Incidentally, I find that even though the bench press limits the weights I select (I can deadlift and clean out of proportion to my bench), the deadlift and clean are much more taxing while actually performing this WOD, probably because they are a much "bigger" movement.

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with "Linda" -- it's one of the most taxing WODs I've done. It may be especially taxing for me since I wait and do it on Friday nights -- the night when the gym is so empty that no one notices I'm using 3 of the 5 barbells!
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