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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 01-14-2010, 10:10 AM   #1
Joshua Bartolomei
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Changing for the better

Hi there , My name is Josuha Bartolomei, and I am 22 years old, I've been on a bit of a yoyo diet for the last couple of months where i'll baloon up to 300 lbs and then drop another 20 within a couple of weeks and I'd really like to take some steps to keep it off, I recently made the decision to join the Army to help further myself and get my life on track. As of right now I am 6'3 and 297 lbs I Just started to work out this past sunday and Have been running 2 miles and doing push ups and sit ups as best as I can, the exercise definitely has sent a shock to my system but every day i'm running a little bit faster, pushing myself farther the the previous day. I'm at 2 miles in 21 atm down 6 min from monday ^.^ A friend of mine suggested the cross fit work out plans to me on facebook and i've been browsing the site for the last couple of days trying to get a better understanding of it and it's community. Any Idea on what else I should include in my diet and what cross fit workout i should start on would be greatly apreciated thanks very mcuh and I look forward to talking to many more of you!
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Old 01-14-2010, 10:14 AM   #2
Mark E. Wallace
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Re: Changing for the better

Pull up a chair and read/understand the content on the main page at (wfs), especially the FAQ and Start Here! sections. The Start Here! section includes beginning information on diet recommendations as well.

Welcome aboard.

- Mark
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Old 01-15-2010, 10:24 PM   #3
Brent Ramos
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Re: Changing for the better

To be completely honest, I do not think crossfit is right for your, yet.

I am 6'2 195 lbs. and I have been doing crossfit for about three or four months, though I see significant improvements, they are slow in coming, and what's more is the intensity of the workouts.

For example, the workout two days ago was hand walk for 100 ft., static handstand hold for 2 minutes, and 10 handstand push ups, IIRC.

The brandx scaled down version still required one to get in a handstand position.
What I am getting at is that you probably should get yourself down to a healthy weight, I am using that term loosely, and then begin some scaled down WOD's.

Your health is your #1 priority. What I would recommend to get into "healthy" shape would be LOTS of running. Run everyday, I guarantee you will notice improvements in both breathing and endurance within the first two weeks.

Do push ups, what my football coach would tell us do to in high school was to do sets of push ups while watching t.v. Each time a commercial came on, hit the deck and crank out a good set of push ups.

Within no time the push up numbers will increase significantly.

Also, it is probably far from your mind right now, but you need to work on pull ups. Get a bar, they sell them at places like big 5 or target in the exercise areas. Start with negatives or jumping pull ups. Pull ups are one of the most difficult exercises to increase numbers with, so just keep at it.

Definitely listen to the previous poster, read all you can on here, there's a wealth of information to educate yourself with.

Good luck and godspeed to you.
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Old 01-15-2010, 11:09 PM   #4
Katherine Derbyshire
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Re: Changing for the better

Um.... I'm not sure I'd recommend lots of running for someone who is out of shape and seriously overweight. Sounds like a recipe for joint issues to me.

There are skill progressions for handstands, as for all Crossfit workouts.

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Old 01-16-2010, 03:01 AM   #5
Matth Challoner
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Re: Changing for the better

also get your diet in check.Paleo is the easiest way to go.

Good Luck!
When animals surrender, they go lying on the back. I never go lying on the back. It's a sign of weakness and surrendering. --Mikko Salo 2009 Crossfit Games Champion.
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