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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Stephen Sullivan
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Hello! Here is my rather long introduction.

I’m starting Crossfit this week. I have been lurking a long time, so I figured I would introduce myself. I’ll get into my plan a little later.

A little background:
Brief: I have been strength training for almost a year. I started Starting Strength last June. Then I switched to a 4 day upper/lower based on what I learned from Rippetoe’s Practical Programming. I didn’t really have any background with strength training before that. I did some “bodybuilding” when I was younger.

More detail: As of January 07, I weighed 230lb. I lost 15lbs and got bored with whatever I was doing in the gym and stumbled across Starting Strength on the internet. I decided to change my focus to strength training. I weighed 215lb the day I started Starting Strength and I weighed 215 last night. My belt got a lot loser over the past year so there have been obvious body composition changes. With my reluctance to put on any weight my strength gains have slowed down a lot. They haven’t stopped but it seems like I am putting in an awful lot of work for the gains I am getting. Something I have noticed that I am not as eager to get in the gym anymore. So I need to do something a little different for awhile. That something different is Crossfit.

Age: 32
Height: 6ft
Weight: 215lb
Waist: 37in (at belly button, aka the fattest part)
Wrist: 7in
So using Dr. Sears calculator that puts me at 18% body fat. Obviously a little higher then I want.

I did a Crossfit total yesterday so that I had something to measure against.
Squat: 275, 295, 300
Press: 135, 145, failed -150
Deadlift: 345, 365, failed - 375
Total: 810

Other lifts/movements:
My pullup/chinup PR is 6.
I have never done a 1RM for bench press but my last bench session was 6 sets of 4 at 200lbs. (6x4x200lb)
Last working set of power cleans was 6x3x150lb. It wasn’t anywhere near my max. I started these a little later then everything else. Then I had form issues with them but they have recently started to shoot up.

So in about a year, I went from not having done any of those exercises to what you see above at the same bodyweight.

I am obviously going to scale at the start. I will either be doing the BrandX scaling or devise my own. My plan is to attempt the 3 day on, 1 day off schedule. But the weather is warming up so I have a couple of outdoor sports to participate in (beach volleyball and softball). If I have a game on the day I have a WOD, I will skip the WOD.

My overall goal is to get more fit and to drop a few pounds of fat. Obviously to drop fat I need to change my diet some. My diet is ok right now. I have lots of greens and meats with just a few starches. It hangs around the zone percentages.

I only want to drastically change one variable at a time. So going from strength focused training to Crossfit is the first variable. I am not going to change my diet too much at first. The only change will be less protein. I was going with about 200 grams a day while weight training. I’ll probably drop it to 150ish, which falls nearer the recommended Zone protein requirements. If I don’t see some fat loss, I will go to strict a strict zone diet instead of the loose one I have planned right now.

Into the far future I see myself switching between strength focused training and Crossfit every 3 to 6 months. One of my really long term lifting goals is to press 200lbs at a bodyweight of 200lbs. To accomplish that I need to get my weight down to 200lbs and get my press up another 65lbs. Something strength training, crossfit and a good diet will all contribute too.

Ok, that is enough babbling. I do not have any questions right now. Most of the stuff is answered in the FAQ anyway or in other posts. Wish me luck.

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Darrell E. White
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Re: Introduction


Consider a trip to Westerly to visit Dale Saran at Crossfit Veritas.

Welcome aboard. Fasten your seat belt.
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