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Old 09-16-2009, 02:00 PM   #1
Josh Levinson
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POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

So I just started my conscious effort to use forefoot running and begin learning POSE. As always yesterday my affiliate posts a WOD that reads my mind giving us a 5k. I decided to do it in an old pair of chuck taylors that I had and give this new style a try.

It felt great and I was very happy with my time. A short while after I had some calf pain which I was expecting, not nothing major. Today, a day later I woke up with some good soreness in my calves and feet which was again expected since I am using new muscles that have been forced dormant due to previous footwear and running style.

I also have some soreness in my mid/upper back that worries me a little. Of course my girlfriend tells me "thats what you get for trying to run in non-running shoes". Is this normal? I am worried that the uncushioned impact from running in the chucks is bad for my back. Was it due to improper form? I was definitely NOT heel-striking.

Is this normal/safe? Are chucks TOO minimal and I need to get a shoe with a little more substance(puma speedcat/saloh/k street)? I was planning on grabbing a pair of Five Fingers this weekend for running as well. Am I going to injure my back running in these?

Thank you for your ideas!
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Old 09-16-2009, 02:16 PM   #2
David Meverden
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Re: POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

POSE technique should be refined over time with drills. Jumping right into a 5k is not ideal, as you probably guessed I'd guess that your form needs work.

Other short answers:

Is your back pain normal? No.

Do you need more cushioning for the sake of your back? No. Not if you believe that humans have been perfectly capable of safe running for the hundreds of thousands of years before the invention of pumas (which I do, and you probably do to if you are trying to learn POSE running). Though you could try running on grass or dirt next to the road instead of on concrete and see if that's different.

Now a call for more info:
What kind of back pain is it, exactly? Just sore muscles? Tightness? Feels like a strain? A tweak? A bruise? A separation? A laceration? An elongation? Strangulation? Sharp pain? Dull pain? Hot pain? Cool Pain? Constant pain? Sudden pain? I think you get my drift If it is only sore muscles, it may just be caused by a changed posture overworking some seldom worked muscles.

Background info and stats? Height, weight, athletic background, age, etc.
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Old 09-16-2009, 04:54 PM   #3
Michael Garmon
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Re: POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

Indoor soccer players use Sambas a lot which are very minimal footwear. I always run in mine, including 5ks. Based on my experience and those around me, your back pain isn't caused by the shoes. Did you carry your arms or head in a different way than you normally do? That seems like a more likely reason for the back pain.
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Old 09-16-2009, 05:17 PM   #4
Shane Skowron
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Re: POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

Do you have tight hip flexors?
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Old 09-16-2009, 05:30 PM   #5
Matt Haxmeier
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Re: POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

The first time I tried to run pose I had back pain as well. I later learned that I wasn't leaning from the ankles like I was supposed to. Instead I was leaning at the waist.

So make sure you are leaning properly...but I could feel my back soreness during the run.
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Old 09-16-2009, 05:40 PM   #6
Dan Andrews
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Re: POSE running, chucks, and back pain?

Id say some mild lower back soreness, or tightness would be pretty normal from my experience. The first few weeks i ran using POSE i noticed a great deal of tightness in my lower back, not so much soreness though, i believe it is the change in shoes and posture. It has gone away for the most part, but can still feel it a tiny bit if i run a decent distance. Obviously my form is not perfect, or good... maybe ok at best, so maybe its something in our technique, but as long as the pain isn't to severe or debilitating id think its fairly normal as long as it goes away in a day or so and your body will get used to the new form in time. Maybe throw up a video on the digital coaching thread so the guys could have a look.
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