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Old 11-25-2014, 07:01 PM   #1
Nada Hassan
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got 235 lb BS for 5 other day but today couldn't PR??

My old max was 235 lb and last Sunday got 235 x 6 today I was going to test my max and the 235 felt heavy tried for 255 couldn't get it ??? According to the 235 x 6 I should have got a 275 1 rep? ?? (Weird thing is ; my bench press working set is 160 for 5 today I got 175 for 5 somehow so I should have had the energy to PR on BS??)(did BP after BS)

The thing is I have been dieting and calorie restricting for a while so I had a huge re feed day and that's when I got the 235 x 6 I always feel extremely stronger on my refeed days . And during the last week I have gained about 9 pounds but I am waaaayyy stronger but fatter. So I guess my question is will I always be weak and not excel if I don't overeat?
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Old 11-26-2014, 07:43 AM   #2
Brendan McNamar
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Re: got 235 lb BS for 5 other day but today couldn't PR??

Originally Posted by Nada Hassan View Post
So I guess my question is will I always be weak and not excel if I don't overeat?
No but it sounds like your recovery (sleep & food) way not be optimal for you.

Much of this is experimentation because each person is a little different so what works for me may or may not be right for you.

1) I would try adding a recovery drink 15 to 30 minutes after each workout. I like powder mixes because you can adjust them to what works for you. Most are 2:1 carbohydrates/protein. This can be used even when you are restricting calories to lose body fat.

2) I expect your legs were still tired from Sundays 235x6. If you want to test your max you would have been better off squatting easy on Tuesday and then maxing on Thursday. Tuesday could have been around 3 x 5 x 185. Enough to warm you up and get the blood flowing but not too heavy and not too many reps.

3) 9 pounds is a big weight change for 1 week. Even if 5 of it was simply water from eating carbs after being on a low carb diet that still is a 4 pound gain. To me it would suggest you are being a little too extreme on both your restricted & your refeed days. Add a few more calories on your restricted days and go a little easier on your refeed days and see if that doesn't work better.
Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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Old 12-03-2014, 02:49 PM   #3
Shawn M Wilson
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Re: got 235 lb BS for 5 other day but today couldn't PR??

Brendan hit a lot of it on the head.

Rest, recovery, and planning the right max setup.

Make Sure you are rested and recovered for a good max day.

Learn to get in good reps but not fatiguing yourself. With a possible 255 max I wouldn't do 5 reps of 175 (maybe 3 or 2). Also remember a 20lb jump at that weight may seem like a lot.

235 or 245x1

Rest 3-5 mins between each attempt. Might seem overkill but it's all realitive.

I max squatted Monday and did
255x5 (had put my 45lbs vs 55lb plates on first)

Took 25 mins to work through it.

Good luck, give it some rest and go at it again
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Old 12-04-2014, 02:55 AM   #4
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: got 235 lb BS for 5 other day but today couldn't PR??

So I guess my question is will I always be weak and not excel if I don't overeat?
It's not really overeating if you are undereating the other/regular days.

Hitting a 6rep max on Sunday and trying to go for a 1rm Tuesday is not likely to work out that well.

Not all rep calculators are the same and most are based on male physiology I would think. Women are noted to be able to do higher amount of reps at heavy loads compared to males. Some thought is that their CNS is configured differently (some might say inefficient).

A 6 rep max is sort of moving into the anaerobic pathway rather than something like a 1rm which is CNS and ATP. At 6 reps, the aerobic pathway is kicking in and the anaerobic pathway is running out of ATP and tacking into creatine and aerobic energy stores.

Something also of note is that the Chinese Weightlifting females are known for doing much more volume of work than their male counterparts. This probably has something to do with the weights being lifted.

Something else that I'm reminded of is the sheer amount of work female gymnasts perform and endure compared to their male counterparts at younger and older ages. Obviously younger boys tend to be distracted more with less focus but at the higher more competitive programs they still do less volume I'd say.
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