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Workout of the Day Questions & performance regarding CrossFit's WOD

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Old 12-12-2008, 06:30 PM   #11
William Mahoney
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Re: Does anyone do anything in addition to the WOD?

i train bjj 3-4 times a week. i always do the WOD's about 2-3 hours after bjj. after i do the WOD i will work on some skill work[snatches,cleans,squats, or anything i need help with]. i will also run anywere up to 3times a week.
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Old 12-12-2008, 06:45 PM   #12
Justin Gross
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Re: Does anyone do anything in addition to the WOD?

You might try including skill work in your warm up. Performed at the correct intensity, the WOD should leave you fried and useless.

If my guys really feel the need to empty the tank I'll have them run the hill or carry sandbags around. Simple stuff.
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Old 12-13-2008, 06:33 PM   #13
Stuart Brauer
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Re: Does anyone do anything in addition to the WOD?

i like to add heavy lifts in the AM and then come back to my box (about 4-6hrs later) and bust out the WOD

so like Day 1 - AM Heavy Squats PM WOD
Day 2 - WOD
Day 3 - AM Heavy Press PM WOD
Day 5 - AM Heavy DL PM WOD
Day 6 - WOD
Day 7 - AM Heavy Pullups/Ring Work PM WOD

something like that....
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Old 12-13-2008, 07:06 PM   #14
Michael Halbfish
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Re: Does anyone do anything in addition to the WOD?

Coach says everyone should have a sport as a supplement to crossfit and a feedback mechanism.

The more I do Crossfit the more I realize that the best progress coes from doing the WOD at an intensity that leaves my muscles shaking, my lungs gasping for air, and feeling dizzy and lightheaded while a lay in a puddle of sweat. If you have the energy to make a sweat angel right after doing the WOD then you had something left that should have gone into the WOD. It should be intense.
Eva T. once said people get stronger during recovery. The reason people take steroids is to recover faster.
Recognizing the importance of both intensity and recovery has made a tremendous difference with my training. I do lots of extra things aimed at recovery, ie hot/cold showers, Z Health, sufficient sleep and dark sleep, nutrition, etc.
What I do beyond the WOD depends upon both my body and available time.
I do the WOD with an occasional black box strength training additions, I do the Crossfit Endurance WOD. However, I usually don't do the calisthenics and weights on the page.

I also do yoga or monkeybargym metcon WODS on rest days. I don't kill it with the yoga usually. I treat the yoga as a way of getting blood flow, circulation, a stretch, flexibility, balance, and skill work.

About once a week I will skip the main site WOD and try a WOD from a random affilliate that posts their own WOD. I do this to create greater variety and randomization. Some of my favorite affailliate WODS include Coach Rut, Crossfit Virtuosity, Mike's Gym, and Catalyst Athletics.

Someties on rest days I will do ProBodX training. When time permits, I will usually train twice a day, sometimes 3 times, but I only push the max on Crossfit WODS and occasionally on the Crossfit Endurance.

My Crossfit WOD will usually include additional training. This could include:
-skill work
-Agility work, ie ladder training
-Warmup (Crossfit, Burgener, or misc.)
-Burpee Challenge
-Post WOD Tabatas (Grant's influence and not done during the burpee challenge)
-Pre WOD - short yoga routine or Flowfit
-Pre WOD - I will often do the following all as a result of Pavel's influence
Deadlifts (PTP style), 5 minutes of Turkish Getups, Pistols.
I will occasionally pick an exercise that I do in the morning to increase my ability. I don' max it. ie lately I've been doing push ups.

I also have certain routines that I will do when I am short on time, some of the faster WODS, Fran, half Cindy, 10 minutes of KB snatches (Secret Service test), Tabata squats, etc. Hill Sprints, bridging (Matt Furey style), Power Wheel Sprints (I love that device). I like the Crossfit Virtuosity Routine 8 minutes max rounds 25 squats 5 forward rolls, 25 pushups, Isometrics, etc.

I find there are a few primary rules that guide my additional training:
1. Only do it when I feel fully recovered or when I believe it will enhance recovery.
2. Do not do WODS that detract from the main WOD if you haven't done the WOD yet.
3. If I might miss the WOD I try to do something and have a list of WODS that I can do in 15, 10, or 5 minutes. Ross Emanait and Wildman Trainning are great resources for quick Crossfit style workouts.
4. Changing the stimulus can enable me to enjoy a workout while recovering. ie a Long run on a crossfit rest day usually will not detract from the main site WOD.
5. Extra training should always be fun
At least once or twice a month I will try a different workout.
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