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Tighe Crovetti
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Fundraising for my son's Little League team

I don't know if this is appropriate or not, the moderators are more than free to tell me, if so. If it's ok, here goes:

My son is 12 years-old and has been playing baseball for several years. He's pretty good, I must admit (proud dad). Last year, I started assistant coaching on both his regular season team and the all-star/travel team he plays on year-round. Next year - the same year we hope the district all-star team can make a run at Williamsport - is also the year we hope to enter a tournament at Cooperstown. I don't know a whole lot about it, other than, 1) teams come from around the country, I believe ~100, and you stay for about a week, playing a load of games against great teams, and 2) it costs a LOT of money!

We have been trying to come up with fundraising ideas, and most center around either just asking people for money, or doing so along with giving them food and beer. I was trying to think of a way that would accomplish other things, namely, have the kids work for it more directly, and also find a way that would actually help their baseball skills to boot. I have come to be known as the "fitness coach" (even though I haven't officially delved into CF, I utilize some of the principles myself, and also have started doing short workouts with the boys as part of their practices), so I felt there had to be a way to make it all work.

The idea is pretty simple, I guess, but what I thought was, have an "exercise-a-thon" of some sort, with donors offering a certain amount of money per rep performed. How much would depend on exactly which exercise, how much time, so how many would be reasonably expected. The catch would be, I would actually set it up as TWO sessions, with the boys not knowing there would be a second. For the first, they would think the object is to go all-out. The "surprise" would be that, after say a month off or so, there would be a second session. In the second session, the number of reps above what they did the first time, would be worth DOUBLE (or triple?).

I was hoping this board would be a great place to start asking for interest, in the spirit of starting these boys down a path of several key lessons: 1) if you want something, you should earn it, 2) physical fitness and achievement is a great foundation to have early on, and 3) achievement is great, but improvement is always a goal.

With that, the first idea for the actual event was a "burpee box jump-a-thon." Perform a burpee, then execute a box jump onto a 12" box. Goal is max reps in five minutes. I have four boxes, I think, so with 13 players, most of the kids would be watching and cheering their teammates on. I'm thinking, on average, maybe a kid could do 50, times 13 kids, so the amount per rep would be set so each donor would end up with some very reasonable amount (like $25 or so?). For the second go-round, the reps they do over the first round earn more (and maybe set a rule like, if you don't get at least your first round reps, those subtract double).

OK, again, if this is inappropriate, I apologize, but if not, would there be any interest? Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: Fundraising for my son's Little League team

In gymnastics, we do cartwheel a thons all the time as fundraisers. Not quite the same as something like the FGB fundraiser which is a bit what you are doing.

Baserunning for a set time length, etc
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