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Lucas King
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Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Decided I would start a journal over here to see if I could get some input on my training and learn from the everyone! I workout mostly with my girlfriend, all of my own programming in a local gym. Im going to update the last couple months of workouts Ive got on the Brand X forums (missed some workouts when I first started but very consistent now) hopefully today but well see how that goes!
Name: Lucas King
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Started Crossfit: Very end of August 2010 (Oly: Dec 2009, General Weightlifting: Feb 2009)
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 167 (Just cut 23lbs)
Current PR's
Back Squat: 125kgx3 (Since knee problems started in July took 3.5 months off squatting best before was 350lbs)
Front Squat: 112.5kg (Same as back Squat but 125kg)
Deadlift: 160kg From a 3" deficit since Ive been doing that for the last month or so. (Lifetime PR was in April I did 182.5kgx1 but quit deadlifting til I started crossfit )
Push Press: 155lbsx3
Strict Press: 135lbsx2 (Since dropping weight was 145lbs in July)
OHS: 70kg (Had major issue with shoulders before starting crossfit so they still have trouble holding weight in that position)
Snatch: 65kg (70kg at higher weight in August)
C+J: 92kg (102.5kg before hurting knee)
Clean: 107.5kg (Few months ago at higher BW)
Pullups: 11 (Almost no kip since my pullup bar rocks so you cant get momentum going! Could barely do 1 before Crossfit because of shoulder)
Dips: 17

The crossfit related PRs will be coming when I put my old workouts in! Any questions or suggestions feel free to ask! My goals by the way are to compete in the 2011 Central Canada Sectionals, qualify for 2011 Senior Canadian Nationals in Oly Weightlifting and one day compete in the games! Ambitious but hey Im 17 I got LOTS of time to get great and all my life Ive been above average at all sports but never amazing at anything so this is perfect!

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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

The first month or so is not 100% of what I did I missed a lot of days or left of strength work other days!

August 27th
O-lifts: Snatch up to 60kgx2 and 62.5kgx1
O Squat up to 50kgx5 (Never really done these before felt super awkward!)

25kg snatchx30 3:28

Cindy Rx`d
9 rounds 5 pullups and 7 pushups

Definitely happy to actually do some benchmark WoDs! Only just started doing crossfit! Isabel was really fun but I should have gone heavier I just kinda muscle snatched them!

August 31
STR work: C+J worked on triples! Got up to 80kgx3 which is a record but was still hoping for more!

Skills: Worked on some pistols

Angie Pack
50 Pullups - 12:32 (Shoulder was bugging me so it took awhile)
50 pushups - 5:58 (Definitely going to be able to beat this next time! )
50 situps - 2:13
50 squats - 1:39
Total = 22:22 (Felt good to finish it! Especially the last 2! I cant wait to get this Rxd!)

Sept 3
Deadlift 1.21 x BW- 100kg (220#)
Bench .742 x BW - 135#
Clean .75.7 x BW - 62.5kg (137.79#)
Time=19:12! grin
Really happy with the time! I destroyed the last 3 sets! It was just getting past the 10 reps that was really hard for me. Originally I was going to do all the sets but I could tell after I did my deads for the second set I wasnt going to make it very well. So put my ego down and scaled the reps! smile Crossfit has definitely helped humble me! Its really started to hit me how important scaling and bringing the weight down when needed is!

Sept 6
Snatch up to 60kgs for doubles then attempts at 62.5x2 could always get one but for just kept screwing up second on! smile
OHS 3-3-3-3-3
Didnt even attempt 60, 55 couldnt handle weight overhead after 55!

Sept 7
CFSB Cycle 1 Day 1
Back Squats
20kgx5 50kgx5 75kgx5 100kgx5
115x5 122.5kgx3 130kgx0

These felt horrible I had no strength in me what so ever it was weird! But oh well my BS has been bad for the last couple months it was just starting to go back up so hoping this is just a bad day! grin
WOD 15 min or less CFFB Sept 6/10
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

1 Round is equal to:
3 Power Cleans @ 55% 1RM (70kg)
3 Rounds of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats or 3 rounds of Cindy

I thought 55% seemed light so I decided to go heavier with about 73% of my powerclean at 70kgs which was a mistake since im not used to lifting while breathing extremely heavy! I didnt miss any but still should have stuck to the program.
Ended up with 2R + 3PC +5pullups
Im happy! It wasnt great and I wasted quite awhile moving between bar and pullup bar but overall Im happy I tried and was dead after!
Skill Dev
2x5 pistols (each leg) Very happy here actually almost had a few without support but I fell backwards!
30sec handstand
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Sept 10
Snatch Balance

Barx5 30kgx3 40x1 47.5x1 52.5x1 57.5x1 62.5x1 67.5kgx1
All PRs! grin Ive only just started doing them but the last couple times I really just could not figure it out and I kept losing it forward but it really clicked! smile Almost had 72.5 but my wrist collapsed!

Front Squats 3x5

50kgx5 65x5 77.5x5 90x5 97.5x5 105kgx1
Not used to doing such heavy sets right before going to my top set so missed it! But Im still adjusting to crossfit so my body is pretty beat up too!

Back Squat 1x20

This was WAY harder than I expected it was going to be! My lower back was fried after this but it felt really good because I wanted to quit at around 7 reps! grin

5 Rounds for Time
7 x Front Squat @ 50kg (Was supposed to be 70kg)
10 Burpees

R1: 50sec
R2: 2min 25sec
R3: 2min 25sec
R4: 2min 34sec
R5: 2min 1sec
Total: 10min 15sec I definitely went a lot harder than I should have off the start but I figured it out as I went further through so Im still happy just to finish! It really does feel great to beat a killer WOD!

Sept 16
Snatch: Worked up to 65kgx1 tried 70kg

Clean: Worked up to 102.5x1 tried 107.5kg Almost had it! grin Would have been a PR!

Ran half a mile on the treadmill, I dont think its very accurate but wanted a benchmark time!
0.5 Mile- 4:20

50 Pullups: 9min 14sec (3min 18sec PR)
Extremely happy with this! Im getting A LOT better with my bodyweight movements!

Sept 17
BTN Jerk: 20kgx5 50x2 60x1 67.5x1 75x1 82.5x1 87.5x1 92.5x1 100kgx0x3 105x0 100x0
Was super close on 100kg the first 3 times I chickened out the first 2 (even though it was locked) then the third I locked out but lost forward so i figured id go 105kg and try to beat my infront jerk record of 102.5 but by then i was getting tired and it crumpled my arms overhead and I missed it same thing with 100 after! :P Still happy though Ill get it next time just have to be more patient! :-)
Front Squats (Very tired by this time but I did it anyway)
60kgx4 75x3 87.5x3 90x3 92.5x3 95x3 97.5x3

Worked some 40kg thrusters and did some dips!

Sept 18
CFWU (Did my first 100% deadhang pullup :-))
Snatch Balance
20kgx5 40x3 47.5x1 55x1 60x1 65x0x2 65x1 70kgx0x2 70kgx1 72.5kgx1 77.5kgx0
I was disheartened after missing a few because of my wrist collapsing but I started focusing more on dropping than pushing the bar up and i nailed the next 2 and was close to 77.5 but got tired!
65kgx1 70x1

These were so hard but made me feel good!

4x500m row (subbed SDHP)
R1: 1:32
R2: 2:10
My arms were dead once I got here I couldnt do anymore! Only my second time every doing SDHP I think Im using too much arms not enough hips!

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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Sept 22
I wasnt supposed to do anything today but I decided to do clean and jerks anyway! Another guy I train with sometimes was there and we decided to have a competition. His best snatch against my clean and jerk! It was pretty close we both warmed up to 80kgs then it was on! I went 85 nailed it and let him go he went straight to 90 save some energy! He missed his first got his second. Then my turn came i was pretty confident but I have been doing a lot of btn jerks instead of infront so I wasnt sure! I went up caught the clean a little infront but it was good, brought it up and jerked it! Since it didnt seem bad I decided Id go for a double! I caught it but almost got pinned my legs didnt want to squat it but somehow I managed to get it overhead for a PR! Next I decided to go 95 so he one upped me and went 97.5 (would be a 2.5kg PR for him) He missed his first attempt, but I missed 95 as well I got the clean but the jerk was out front! Next hes up again and its overhead but just out infront a little. I decided to move up and go for 97.5 since it wasnt bad just out front. We battled hard I had 3 or 4 attempts that I just missed the jerk out front. He did the same coming extremely close everytime! He had me worried 6 or 7 times! Finally i decided it was do or die so I went 102.5 for a final attempt to try and tie my PR! I got up there the clean felt good and smooth but once bounced the bar into position on the jerk I was out of gas! I tried but I started getting dizzy and had to bail at the top! He jumped up and tried again but that was the end of it! We were both burnt out and ended up in a tie well below our records! I had a ton of fun though! I cant wait to get to an actual crossfit where I can push myself and others in a similar way!

Clean and Jerk
20kgx5 50x3 60x2 70x2 80x1 85x1 90x2

95x1 97.5x1x4 102.5x1 107.5x0
Almost had 107.5 but was really tired by then! Had fun today though!

Sept 23
Clean and Push Jerk
25kgx8 50x3 60x2 70x2 77.5x1

82.5x1 87.5x1 92.5x1 97.5x2 102.5x1 107.5x1

Quite happy with both of these! The 107.5 was an extreme grinder but very happy still!

I was planning to do Cindy but as I was warming up pullups (did 3) on the third my shoulder started hurting so decided to do a CFFB WOD scaled a bit!

3 Rounds for time
5 x 110kg Deadlift
10 Burpees

R1: 58sec
R2: 1min 42sec
R3: 1min 43sec
Total: 4min 23sec

Sept 24
BTN Jerks
20kgx5 50x3 60x1 70x1 77.5x1 82.5x1 87.5x1 92.5x1 97.5x0 100x0x4

Had all of the attempts at 100 high enough just chicken out on catch and push it forward for a miss! the attempt at 97.5 was super close I had it held overhead but I stumbled when I went to put my feet close and lost it to the side!

Front Squats
50x5 70x5 90x3 92.5x3

10min Cindy
7R + 5 pullups + 3 pushups
grin! I killed this! I did a 20 min cindy at the end of August and only got 9R +5 +7! So Im definitely improving! and the pullups werent the limiting factor it was actually my pushups this time!

Sept 25
Was not feeling it all today, Im so sore and tired from this week I decided to just do some random stuff take it easy on the metcon.
Shoulder Press
45x5 75x5 95x3 105x3 115x3 125x3 145x0 (Accidently loaded wrong weight ) 135x2 (Tied PR) 90x11 (All #)

High Hang Snatch
25kgx5 40x3 45x2 45x1 50x2 (5kg PR) 55x0

Snatch Balance
20kgx4 50x2 55x1 60x0 60x1 65x1 70x0 (just barely missed) 72.5x0x3

Skill work
BWx14 (9 rep PR) I was aiming for 20 but no lucky! Still happy!

Hanging Leg Raises
BWx10 (9 rep PR) Never been able to do these really before I used to swing uncontrollably!

Kipping pullups Not much of a kip but was practicing with proper depth!
BWx8 (3 rep PR) (Went until I hit my chin on the top of the bar then stopped)

Max Vert
Tried 6-7 times all around 22-24 Inches (5-6 PR depending on what it ends up being)! grin About had to estimate using a box since I didnt have a tape measure but the chalk mark shouldnt get washed so Ill measure monday!

Workout 2!
Went to the park in my area played around for a couple hours. I did pullups and chinups on everything imagineable! grin I love being able to actually do stuff! I climbed swing sets and fire poles with ease! Also found some rings and played around on them for quite awhile! I was quite tired by then and found them extremely hard but still had fun! I wish I had some to use myself. Same as what Indigo said! Hurray for functional training! I wish I would have started crossfit sooner!

2 ring dips (2 rep PR) It took my quite a few tries before I even got one. Much much harder than a stable bar!

Sept 27
Clean and jerks worked up to 90kg narrowly missing 95kg! My foot slipped!
Cleans: worked up to 100kg chickened out on 105 twice!
Weighted Dips! grin
40#x2 50x3 80x1 Very suprised with this I didnt think Id get over 40 or so! But enjoyed it which is good since I need something to work my chest its lagging since I quit benching!
Squats quit after I got to 115kgx3 (My back didnt want to hold up the weight! I really need to get my squats back to where they used to be!)

WOD Death By Pullups

8 Rounds + 4 Not amazing but I gave it my all the last minute I tried so many times! I just couldnt do more

Skill: Skipping
Had a competition with my girlfriend and got smoked both times! smile
Most consecutive single unders: 37, 0
Double Unders in 3 min: 24 (still working on this but very happy with this!)

Sept 28
Work up to 60kgx2 (EASY starting to become very routine! grin) 65kgx1 70x0x2

70kgx5 95x4 120x3 150x1 170x1 185x0x2 (Really disappointed with this my strength has been way up since I started deadlifting again but still cant beat my old PR)
100kgx20 (Then redemption! 5kg PR)

WOD Deadlifts and Pushups
10 x 60kg deadlift
10 x Pushup
R1: 33sec (Fastest set)
R2: 41sec
R3: 1min 3sec
R4: 1min 24sec
R5: 1min 37sec
R6: 1min 28sec
R7: 1min 31sec
R8: 1min 46sec
R9: 1min 26sec
R10: 1min 14sec
Total: 12min 43sec Very pleased with how I did! My endurance and bodyweight movements have gone through the roof! I felt bad after the 5th round but I saw another guy watching me and it gave me like a second wind and I pushed hard! Cant wait til thursday for another wod!
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Oct 1
Shoulder Press (Max)[/b]
45#x5 75x3 95x3 115x1 135x1 150x0x2 (Closer second but no luck! Would have been 5# PR) 90x15 (2 rep PR)

Front Squat (Max to see where Im at my squats have been bad last few months after knee didnt allow me to squat almost at all!)
50kgx5 70x3 90x2 100x1 110x1 (With a 3 second pause in the bottom for a picture which absolutely killed me! ) 120x0x2 (Wouldnt have been a PR but still would have been very happy to get it!)
Going to start Front Squatting twice a week to get my strength back to where it was before! Hopefully it wont take long!

WOD Death by Box Jumps and Pushups

10 Rounds + 11 jumps + 10 Pushups (Just couldnt squeeze it out!) Happy still!

Oct 2
I was Planning to do the WOD from yesterday but it didnt go so well my shoulder started bugging me when I went to do a pullup and my body did not like clean and jerks today!
25kgx5 40x3 45x2 50x2 55x1 60x1 62.5x1 65x1 67.5x0x3
I did awesome up til 67.5! I was dropping like Ive never dropped before! :-) No PRs but still pleased.

Clean and jerk
50kgx3 60x2 70x2 80x1 85x1 90x0x2 (Missed both jerks)
95x1 100x0 (Still did ok since I was worn by now but dissappointing because Ive cleaned 100kgs the last 6 days Ive done cleans so today would have been 7 but I was too tired!)

WOD/Skill work
Tried to warmup up for the Triplet from Friday but shoulder was bothering me so I did some random stuff.
BW x 9 (Just about 10) Knees to elbows (PR by 4 reps)
Skipping for 5 min or so did some Double Under work
50 Pushups - 3min 48sec (1 sec PR) Had a little laugh when I saw it was 1 sec!
Also had a 50 squat for time competition with my girlfriend she got 1min 13sec which was only 4 seconds of my current PR! I was motivated by the competition though and I managed to pull of the win!
50 Squats - 49sec (20sec PR) I was super excited with this! I cant imagine cutting anymore time off though I didnt take any breaks! Time to try 100 reps!

Workout 2
Raked and bagged leaves for 2 hours! Boring but listening to Crossfit Radio made it a lot better!

Oct 4
Up to 60kg (Felt so bad I had no explosion but still happy to get atleast 60! )

Push Press
45#x5 70x3 95x3 120x3 135x3 150x3 160x1 95x15
Happy to get 160 but dissappointed because Im sure I could have gotten more but I had to use one of the bad bars (Bent and no grip so it kept sliding on my chest)
Front Squat
20kgx5 50x3 65x3 80x3 85x3 90x3 95x3 100x3 50x13
WOD 50 Pullups
Dissappointed because I started out really strong 25-2:40 but then my body just didnt want to do anymore! But these were much deeper than last time so I guess you could consider it a PR in a way! haha
Did some KTE and other stuff like that just playing around.

Oct 5
Power Clean and Jerk (Working on changing my jerk so wasnt able to go real heavy)
25kgx5 50x3 60x2 70x2 77.5x2 82.5x1 87.5x0 90x0x3 (Missed all 4 jerks I just didnt have any power again and technique felt awkward)

CFWU - Got 10 consecutive pullups
70kgx5 90x3 110x3 125x3 140x3 155x3 167.5x1 102.5x22
Extremely happy with the last set! It was brutal but so much fun! Itll be awhile but I cant wait to hit 125kg and 137.5kg for 20 those will be awesome!
WOD CFFB On the minute for 12 min (thought it was 10)
2 Powersnatch (40kg)
4 burpees
Im glad I didnt go heavier on the snatch this took everything I had to finish one round! The most rest I had between rounds was 6seconds or so because my body was so dead from before! So it was pretty much a straight 10 min WOD! Oh well I liked it!

Oct 6
Had a pretty productive day! :-) Nothing crazy but definitely pleased with my wod and my snatch balance!

(sort of Partner wasnt to good at it!)
Snatch Balance
20kgx8 40x2 50x1 55x0 55x1 60x1 65x0x2 65x1 70x1 75x0x3 (Didnt PR (72.5) but very happy with my form)
Clean (was cleaning every snatch after I dropped it heavier than 20 so was already warm)
70kgx2 80x2 87.5x1 92.5x3

WOD Isabel
30 x 25kg Snatch
1min 26sec
Didnt realise how much of a PR this was at the time I finished but this was huge for me! And it felt awesome because I never gave up! I didnt put the bar down once! My goal is to get somewhere between 50sec and 1min 10sec then move up 5kg and repeat over time! Previous best was 30kg in 2:58 or 40kg x 15 in 1:29 so HUGE PR!

Oct 7
Im going to go to a small Strongman competition next weekend for fun so I thought I would do some tire flips and grip work (didnt have time though sadly) so I wasnt completely clueless when I go to flip the tire there! Im very excited about it even though I know Im going to be destroyed the day after! :-)


25kgx5 40x3 50x2 55x2 60x1x3 (Out of about 8 Very easy just always a tad out front!) 62.5x0x5 (Always outfront but easy as well!)

Weighted Dips
BWx5 10#x3 20x3 30x3 40x3 50x3 60x2
Both 10# PRs Felt good Im really enjoying these!


5 x Thick tire flip (We have a thick one and a wide one )
10 x Hand-Release Pushups
4R + 5 + 5
Pleased with how I did but I think I definitely could have gotten more if I pushed harder! Just kinda hard with people driving in and out and having to check the clock to see times!

2 sets of 7 reps to get some quick work in before I had to go! (Thats very good for me!)

Oct 8
Strength wise I didnt do amazing but oh well I had a great WOD so its all good! My gym is closed tomorrow so I had to do push press today instead of tomorrow which sucked since I did weighted dips yesterday!

Push Press

45#x5 75x3 95x3 115x3 135x3 150x2 165x0 Not what I was hoping for but form was good!

Clean and Jerk

50kgx3 60x3 70x2 80x2 85x2 90x0 Missed a few cleans as well sounds funny but I was really mentally exhausted my brain just didnt want to clean and jerk!

WOD Angie
50 Pullups - 8min 42sec (32sec PR)
50 Pushups - 3min 47sec (1sec PR)
50 Situps - 2min 0sec (Not anchored so still pleased since it was nonstop!)
50 Squats - 1min 1sec
Total - 15min 30sec (6min 48sec PR Since 31 Aug 10)
Had fun with this since I was getting really discouraged after the strength work! Felt good to put up a much better time especially with strict pullups! I wish I could kip easier at my gym!

Oct 10
Was supposed to be a 3 day rest weekend since Ive been feeling especially drained and I have 2 competitions coming up in the next 2 weeks! But I had done nothing all day and felt really good so I decided to go to the track get a little workout in! It turned out to have some big PR's! :-) Very happy!

Warmup - little running few pullups pushups etc
400m Run - 1min 16sec :-) (16sec PR) I destroyed this! I might have come out a little too fast but it felt amazing until the last 100m I really slowed down! Other than this and my other 400m, where I set my old PR, at the end of August I havent run at all in the last year atleast since I used to avoid any cardio before crossfit! Really shows how good crossfit is especially when I sometimes only get 3 WODs a week!

Max Pushups in 1 Min - 29 Not sure by how many but definitely a PR I would love to get this to 50+!

50 Situps - 1min 16sec (14sec PR) I knew I had a PR in me after doing Angie the other day so I tried again!

In between exercises I did some KTE and other little things, also tried to do a muscleup on the football uprights but they were to slippery to get a kip going!
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Oct 12
Had some bad things today (legs were dead from the little running I did other day) But endurance and speed were great! :-)

Snatch Balance (cleaned almost every rep after dropping)
20kgx5 40x2 50x1 55x1 60x1 65x1 70x1 75x0x2
Started out bad but sped up and I was killing it later on! Almost had 75 both times first just forward second my wrist collapsed.

Push Press

20kgx5 35x5 42.5x3 52.5x3 60x3 67.5x1
Shoulder isnt feeling 100% so Im gonna take it easier on it next few days got big days next 2 saturdays cant be hurt! :-)
70kgx3 95x3 115x3 135x3 150x3 167.5x0 105x21
Upper back was dead so I couldnt do the heavy weights but light was good for me!

WOD Isabel
25kg snatch x 30
First 15 - 34sec
Last 15 - 38sec
All 20 - 1min 12sec (14sec PR)

Very happy to get this! Up to 30kg next time! This is one of my favourite wods so I want to keep it at an elite time and slowly up weight! Plus its been really good for overall speed!

25kg thruster practice
40kg thruster practice
Day 1 Burpup Challenge - 2
Day 7&8 Burpee Challenge - 13 (did 2 before)

Oct 13
Body has taken a beating last few weeks Im looking forward to taking it easier next week and seeing my strength come back! (Something is always drained different almost everyday!) But Im still super happy with how well my metcon times are doing!

Clean and Jerk

40kgx3 50x3 60x2 70x2 80x1 85x1 90x0x2 Missed the jerks almost had first but just dont have a lot of leg strength/upper body power today! Oh well!

WOD Cindy 20min AMRAP

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

10min - 7R + 5 + 10 + 10 (PR by 7 pushups and 10 squats)
20min - 13R + 5 + 10 (PR by 4R + 3 pushups)

Extremely happy! Got a little burnt after the first 10 min but so happy to beat that PR as well! Also only 2 rounds I think were broken on pullups so that was huge for me!

Oct 14

25x6 40x3 47.5x2 52.5x2 57.5x2 62.5x1
Didnt go extremely heavy but pleased with the 62.5 considering how bad I felt today! I got under it really well and caught it rock bottom so I think once I have a good day PR's are very possible! I cant wait to hit a BW snatch!

Front Squats
20x5 50x5 82.5x3 87.5x3 92.5x3
Had a few sets left to do but my back was kiling me so I decided it was best to stop since Im supposed to take it easy anyway!

WODish Elizabeth (Very scaled as my body didnt want to do anything)
60kg clean
Time - 6min 43sec
I definitely have more to give but after CIndy yesterday I actually had to break dips into sets of 5 so it wasnt going to happen much faster! Ill do this same scaling again soon just to do it justice!

Oct 18
Started out good but then my biceps/forearms started cramping and didnt allow for a whole lot of work to be done!

Burg WU

25kgx8 40kgx3 45x2 50x2 55x2 60x0x2 (Major arm cramp had a hard to catching and holding onto bar)

Weighted Dips

15#x3 30x3 45x3 60x2 (Tie PR) BWx17 (2 rep PR)
Front Squats
20kgx5 50x3 85x3 90x3
Stopped there arms and back giving me trouble! Im thinking Im more beat up from Strongman comp than I thought to begin with!

5 x 205# Snatch Deadlift
(Done a lot more for less reps but this is a 5rep PR since Ive never done it! )
10 x BW Pullup
5 x 205# Snatch Deadlift
1 x BW Pullup
5 x 205# Snatch Deadlift
Time: 2:24sec Arms gave out completely and I couldnt lift myself from the bottom so I just went to deadlifts again!

50 Pushups for Time

Time: 3min 23sec (24sec PR) Bit of redemption here! It always feels good to do so bad then nail something else!

Oct 19
Felt back from the start but pleased with how I did for how I felt!

Clean and Jerk
25kgx5 60x3 70x2 75x1 80x1 85x1 87.5x1 90x0 (missed jerk)

WOD 3 Rounds for reps (My own creation that we will never do again!)
125kg Deadlift x max reps - R1-10 R2-3 R4-4
50kg Push Press x max reps - R1-5 R2-4 R3-4
30sec rest
Max rep Pullup - R1-4 R2-4 R3-4
30sec rest
Was not feeling it on this WOD at all but oh well I still got a pretty big PR with 125kgx10 so that makes up for it a bit!

Oct 20
Had a nice easy workout today! Decided were going to start doing a little skipping before every workout to practice so we dont struggle with anything with double unders anymore!

2min max single unders - 144 PR (68 in a row 21 rep PR)

25kgx5 40kgx2x2 45x2 50x2 55x2

Clean and Jerk
50kgx2x2 60x2 70x2 75x2
Very quick and easy! Looking forward to Oly competition saturday!

Oct 23
Went to an Oly Competition yesterday at Crossfit Regina! It was a blast! Tons of really nice people giving tips and encouraging me just like anyone else even though we never met before! They also did the Crossfit Open WOD after which was awesome (First WOD Ive ever done in actual crossfit box)! grin I didnt have much left in the tank by then so I only got 1Round +6+6, my body didnt want to do pullups at all! They made me feel like it was good though anyway, and I had lots of people showing me how to kip and do DU some even mid WOD trying to help me do better! If they werent 4 hours away Id definitely be going there!

Warmed up to 60kg (Felt OK but not great I was a little unsure at this point)
Opened at 62kg - Nailed it and stood up easy!
Second at 65kg - It felt heavy but it went up and I got under it well but it was a little forward and I had to chase it around the platform midsquat!
Third at 68kg (this is what I lifted a couple months ago at a comp weighing 7kg heavier) - Again it was heavy but it was up and I caught it but my right arm wasnt back far enough and it VERY slowly pulled me forward and I lost it!)
Final - 65kg

Clean and Jerk
Warmed up to 85kg (Again it felt alright but I didnt think Id be able to make my opener)
Opened at 88kg - I powercleaned to save some energy then got set and jerked it, it was the best jerk Id had all day I almost lost it at the top since it went so high!
Second at 92kg (If I get this it would beat my previous sinclair from the last comp) - Did a full clean this time but I hadnt done many in warmup so I crunched a little in the bottom and lost some energy there! But I got it up and jerked it, or almost! I had it locked overhead but I hadnt quite got my right arm back enough and I tried to salvage it but ended up losing it after holding it until I in a full lunge and falling over!
Third at 92kg - Clean was great I caught it perfect and stood up easy! Jerk was a different story though, I got it up like last time but it was a fight to keep from losing it I was all over the platform and after a few seconds got the down signal and 3 whites so it was good! grin
Final - 92kg
Total - 157kg at 76.75kg Bodyweight

WOD Crossfit Open
1 Round + 6 cleans + 6 pullups (Benchmark for this one)
Im going to be doing this again before my next competition since I know I can do better! Also had a thin band given to me for about half of my pullups since I had nothing left even with a kip I was dead!
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Oct 25
Got a 4 day weekend so we figured wed get a couple double sessions in to do some WODs Ive been wanting to do! Started out with CFT in morning going back in a bit to do Isabel and Grace!

2min max single unders - 203 (PR by 60!!)
Most consecutive - 108 (PR by 40!!)
Very happy with these! Tips I was given on the weekend really helped once I wasnt exhausted!

Crossfit Total

Squat (Wasnt sure since my knee has bothered me for last few months while squatting but found if I focus on sticking my butt out Im good :-) Finally I get to squat again!)
20kgx5 50kgx5 70x3 90x2 100x1 110x1 120x1 127.5x1 This is ok considering I really havent done much Back squatting in the last 4 months But I was burnt out from weekend anyway so Im sure Ill be back up to my PR soon!)
Shoulder Press (Arms were dead from Oly Comp saturday)
20kgx5 30x3 40x2 47.5x1 52.5x1 57.5x1 (Not even close to a PR but makes it easy to beat next time!)
70kgx5 100x3 120x1 140x1 160x1 (Almost fell over after 160!)
CFT - 345kg (Benchmark and nothing was really very high so Im sure itll be easy to kill this next time! Aiming for 400 next one!)

Workout 2 for the day!
Lots of big PRs very happy with how it went considering the iffy morning!

2min Max Single Unders - 103 (Just wasn't working!)

Snatch - 25kgx3x2

WOD #1 Isabel
30kg Snatch x 30
Time: 1min 17sec (PR by 1min 41sec at this weight) 5sec behind my best at 25kg so VERY pleased with this considering I slowed down a ton and though I was close to 2 min!

Break 5 or so min (My body is getting so much more conditioned I felt good to go after only a few min and it used to wipe me out for the day!)

C+J - 25kgx4 40x3

WOD #2 Grace
40kg C+J x 30
Time: 3min 46sec (PR by 1min 59sec) Big PR but I know I can do better I just need to find my rhythm like I have with Isabel but Ill get there! Funny too because I think I could do 40kg Isabel faster!

Oct 26
Workout #1 for Day
Went pretty good happy with thrusters but didnt do as well on deadlifts even though I had some PR's!

2min Max single Unders - 123
Max Thrusters

20kgx5 40x3 45x1 50x1 55x1 60x1 65x1 70x1 75x0 (30kg PR haha I havent done over 40kg so very pleased! Didnt have even strength to push out 75)


1-10-1-20-1-30 Didnt get reps I planned for I put to much weight on to start with!
130kg - 127.5x10 (2.5kg PR) - 135 - 110x15 (5kg PR) - 140 - 90x16

Workout #2 for Day
Had a good workout really worked me and had some really good PRs as well as benchmarks Im pleased with! All of this skipping is really paying off endurance and skill wise! Also paying out in blisters on my fingers!

Max Height Box Jumps I didnt do amazing by any means but Ive always sucked at jumping so I was quite pleased with my jumps and I think I could get more if I didnt chicken out!
24"x3 30x2 31x1 32x1 33x1 34x1 35x1 37.25x1 (All PRs)
Excluding 24, 30 and 37 they were estimations based on the height of the plates I used between those numbers, I measured the other 3!

1000 Single Unders for Time (Long term goal in 10min! But after this I think its doable in a couple months my cardio is good I just need my arms to catch up they kept getting tired)
16min 9sec (Benchmark time but definitely improvement over what I could do before even at the end did the last 100 in 3 sets!!!)
At the 10min mark I was at 600 reps exactly so Im going to aim to beat this in a week or so!

50 Pushups for Time (Started out as max reps in 1min but I did great so kept going!)
1min - 30 (PR by 1)
Total - 2min 59sec (PR by 24sec that I set a week ago! It was also a 24sec PR!)

Oct 27
Todays workout went great! I wasnt actually supposed to go in today but I felt good so I decided Id go and play around with some stuff Ive wanted to do for awhile!

2min Max Single Unders - 219 (16rep PR) Also tied my record of 108 consecutive reps! So close but I got cocky and missed it!
Hang Snatch (Knees)

20kgx4 40x2x2 45x1 50x1 55x1x2 60x1 65x1 70x0 (15kg PR Also havent really done this before but still!) I got a phone call right as I was about to do 70 so I was cold and didnt want to drop under when I got back to it! But Im pretty sure I could do 70 if I was warm!

Handstand Pushups
BWx1 BWx2x2
(I could not believe I actually did 1 let alone 2 sets of 2! :-)) Very Proud of this and cant wait to do more! They were straight forehead to floor as well no pad!

Turkish Getups (1rep = both sides)
Dumbbells - 15#x1 20x1 25x1 30x1 35x1 40x1 45x1
Barbell - 45#x1 55x1 65x1 75x0 (All PRs as last time I tried I couldnt do a 20lb Barbell!) Also just barely missed 75! I got down then as I was standing up I rushed it a little and lost it forward! Ill get it next time!

Had a great day Ive had so many PRs this week its crazy! I cut back on Oly Lifting volume so that may be why! Its working so far!

Oct 28
Programmed my workout badly today! Last minute I decided to do some quick benching since I havent in atleast 4 or 5 months and I want to max next week but I should have thrown it in another day Im getting really beat down I need a day easier on the strength/skill with more metcon/cardio! Or a day off! Also made to big of jumps on bench/OHS since I was rushing to get done!

2min Max Single Unders - 232 (PR by 13) Im getting so much better at these!
One Arm Dumbbell Clean and Press (Both sides is 1) Had a 2inch loadable strongman dumbbell I used! Very hard to hold!
20#x4 40x2 50x2 60x1 70x0 (Got right arm but had trouble with press on left!) All PRs never done it before!

Overhead Squats
20kgx5x2 40x5 50x2 57.5x2 62.5x2 (2.5kg PR over 5kg PR I set yesterday!) 67.5x0 (Wrist started hurting!)

45#x5 135x4 160x3 180x2 200x0 (Upper body is exhausted had nothing left really on this one)

WOD Tahoe Takedown #2 or 3 cant remember (I planned to do this but I was so dead I couldnt even snatch 40kg after round 1! I could get it up but Id collapse after)
7min AMRAP
10 x 40kg OHS
10 x Hand Release Pushup
I got 1 round in about a minute before my body decided it was done doing anything!

1min Max Rep Pullups - 17 (PR as I havent done before! Went 11-3-2-1, 11 is a 1rep PR)

Oct 29
Body was feeling fried on the strength work yesterday so I decided today Id do lots of running and skipping!

2min Max Single Unders - 146 (Started out great but burnt out!)
Max Vertical Jump
(Had running shoes on instead of lifting shoes so wanted to see if it made a difference)
1 - 24" (1" PR) 2 - 25" (2" PR) 3 - 22" Very excited to beat my record by so much! :-) Shoes made a huge difference!

1 Mile Run (Treadmill 1% incline)
First 800m (1/2 Mile) - 4min 12sec (8sec PR)
Last 800m (1/2 Mile) - 3min 59sec (21 sec PR)
Total (1 Mile) - 8min 11sec (PR benchmark time)
Felt good to actually run a mile since I havent ran this far in a very long time! also happy to get the big 800m PR even though I know I can do better its still a PR!

Double-Unders - Not very successful
Chest to Bar Pullups - Got 1 strict! I can do more I just have trouble with the technique I keep coming really really close but I just need to get used to pulling my chest there more!
L-sit - 16sec (PR by 6sec could have got more but I shifted a little and I was in an awkward position so i dropped off!)
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Oct 30
After my iffy showing in the USAW/Crossfit Open WOD last weekend I decided I was going to do it again and do it justice! Strength wasnt there but metcon was! :-)

2min Max Single Unders - 239 (7rep PR)

25kgx4x2 40x3 45x2 50x2 55x1 60x1 62.5x0x0
I was really fast under the bar so that felt good but it was freezing in the gym so that gave me confidence issues so after I missed 62.5 the first time I couldnt concentrate right!

Clean and Jerk
50kgx3 60x2 70x2 77.5x1 82.5x0 (did a weird push/split jerk by accident!) 82.5x1 87.5x0 (Just no strength in me today so missed jerk!)

Total - 142.5kg (157kg last weekend)

WOD 10min AMRAP (Scaled same as last week)
6 x Squat Clean @ 55kg
12 x BW Pullup
48 x Single Under
Total - 3Rounds exactly (PR but 1R + 6 Pullups + 48 SU) VERY Happy with this! :-) Exactly what I was aiming for and after the last rep of SU I looked at my watch it said 10:00! Cut it close!

Overall Total - 258.5 (Last week I got 211 so 47.5 Point PR) I knew I could do better so I feel good cant wait to do it again and hit 4 or 5 rounds!

Nov 1
Todays workout was ok! Bench was really disappointing but I really havent benched since march so cant expect much!

2min Max Single Unders - 188
Back Squat (Second time back Squatting in atleast 2 months)
45#x5 135x5 155x3 175x3 195x3 215x3 235x3 250x3
Did 280# last week but other than that most weight Ive really done since July! :-) Cant wait to have my strength back I feel really weak in my legs!

Bench (Feels so awkward!)
45x5 135x4 155x3 170x2 185x1 200x0 (Disappointed with this was hoping for min 210)
Ill be doing this again in a few weeks to try to get more! Sucks since Im not that far off 185 with my push press!

WOD Tahoe Takedown #2 (Tried last week but couldnt do it so I redid it)
7min AMRAP
10 x 40kg OHS
10 x Hand-Release Pushup
Total: 3Rounds + 10 OHS + 1 PU

Pleased since I was dead by then and 10 x 40kg is a 1rep PR!

Nov 2
A lot of new things for me today but I enjoyed the workout! Very happy to have sore legs today I really want to hit them hard the next 3.5 weeks before my next oly competition, I can finally squat so I want that strength back!

2min Max Single Unders- 187

20kgx5 50x3 60x2 65x1 70x1 75x1 80x1 85x1 (All PRs atleast if not the 60kg as well) 90x0 (Was really distracted on last rep but was not feeling it anyway!)

3" Deficit Deadlifts
70kgx5 90x3 110x2 120x2 130x2 140x2
(All PRs never done it before and wow was it hard! I left some in the tank for next week as well!)

110kgx11 (Wanted 20 but wasnt feeling it at all so stopped before my form got bad)

WOD Karen
100 x 20kg BB Thruster
Time: 7min 38sec
(Very Pleased with this I was expected 10+)

Nov 3
Had a mostly skilled based session and hit some bog PRs missed some too but overall good workout!

2min Max Single Unders - 183 (I think? )
BTN Jerks

20kgx5 50kgx2 60kgx2 70kgx1 77.5kgx1 82.5kgx1 87.5kgx0 90kgx1 95kgx0 (Didnt drive enough on 87 and 95 I just had 0 commitment but it was high!)

25.5" (0.5" PR
very happy this was a 2" PR from last week!) then a couple more that were lower!

Box Jumps
Started with 30" box for reps worked up to about 36" then missed 38 which would have been a PR! Again no commitment too it even though I know I can do more!

Did a couple handstand Pushups as well as a min or 2 of handstand holds

CTB Pullup
Messed around with it for a bit but still couldnt figure out the form I need to watch some more videos!

BW x 16 (5 Rep PR)
Super happy with this I didnt think Id get so many!

BW x 8 (8 Rep PR)
Again never very happy since Ive never got even 1 before!

Nov 4
Very happy with todays workout I made some huge steps Id say! :-) Things are really starting to pull together and improve a ton!

2min Max Single Unders - 200
Quick Skill Work
Pistols - 10 each leg (10rep PR!
First time Ive been able to do them! Last couple weeks everything has clicked for some reason!)
Dips - 17 Tie PR
Hanging Straight Leg Raises - 20 (9rep PR)

2" Dumbbell Snatches (1rep = both arms)
20lbsx6 30x3 40x2 50x2 60x2 65x2 70x2 (All PRs first time doing it and very please with how these went I had more in me but figured Id save some for next time!)

Front Squats
20kgx5 50x3 60x3 70x2 77.5x2 85x2 90x2 95x2 95x2 100x2 (Nowhere near a PR but still pleased)

WOD Fran (The Pullups are what are hard for me so scaled reps not weight)
95lbs Thruster
Time: 4min 11sec
(HUGE PR! Last time I did this I did 15-12-9 20kg Thruster 15-9-6 Pullups and got 6min 43sec!)
Thrusters were unbroken for this also a big PR for me!

Nov 5
Happy again with todays workout! The WOD was way harder than I expected but we kept a good pace and did good I think! Also love my new warmup going to get a lot more out of it I think!

2min Max Single Unders - 187
2 rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 5 Deadhang Pullups (Did 3 since I did weighted later), 8 dips (Did 5 since I had Push Press), 5 K2E
Push Press
45#x5 65x3 85x3 100x3 115x3 125x3 135x5 (Tie PR) 145x3 155x1 165x0 (Pretty happy with this 165 would have been a PR but Im just pleased to maintain/gain some strength while getting so much lighter/faster/fitter!)

Weighted Deadhang Pullups (Belt and chain weigh extra 3.5lbs)
Belt and Chainx3 10#x2 20x2 25x2 30x2 35x1 40x0 (Quite happy with these all PRs!)

Partner WOD
100 x Shoulder to Overhead
between the too people with only one person going while the other has bar racked (40kg for me 25kg for my girlfriend)
Reps were split 59/41 me getting 59! Push jerked all of them so pleased with that!
Time: 8min 44sec

800m Run
Goal: >3min 20sec
Time: 3min 19sec
(Yes! 40sec PR!) I wanted to stop after 1min but I kept on and got it! Also timed it perfectly with the treadmill! (Ran at 1% incline)
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Nov 6
Quite pleased with my form today! Snatches were really solid and I was moving really fast! Once my leg strength comes back (Just started squatting again) Im gonna hit some huge PRs for sure!

2min Max single Unders - 112 (Shoulders are dead from yesterday!)
2 Rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 3 pullups, 8 dips, 5 K2E

25kgx8 40x3 45x2 50x2 55x1 60x1 62.5x0 62.5x1 65x0 (Nailed 62.5!) Also 2.5kg up from last week so pleased with that! (Just started maxing both lifts every saturday after the last meet to get a better feel for it!)

Clean and Jerk
50kgx3 60x2 70x2 75x1 80x1 85x1 90x0x2 (Missed Jerk just barely since I caught clean funny then missed clean) 92.5x0 (Clean but no jerk too tired! PR by 0.5kg at this BW) Also 85 is 2.5kg up from last week as well!

WOD: Barbara Lite
Round 1: 3min 22sec

Only did 1 round since I just could not do the squats or situps I was dying after 10 squats so I decided to call it for the day!

Nov 8
Quite pleased with how my workout went today! Some strength is coming back to my legs! And the WOD was a killer!

2min Max Single Unders - 192
2Rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E
Weighted Dips (+3.5lb belt/chain)

10#x5 20x5 30x5 40x5 (All PRs as Ive never done more than 3 reps with weight!) 50x2

Back Squats
20kgx5 60x5 75x5 90x3 97.5x3 105x3 112.5x3 120x3 (PR by 14lbs since I started squatting again!)

WOD: Max Dumbbell Snatch
10min AMRAP
Max reps x 50lb Dumbbell Snatch
Total: 97Reps
This was WAY harder than I expected! It was really fun though at the same time, I was wiped out afterwords!

Nov 9
Enjoyed my workout for today WOD was really fun!

2min Max Single Unders- 132 (Just didnt click today!)
2Rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E

Snatch Balance
20kgx5 40x2 50x0x3 (Havent done for awhile so kept trying to drive up too hard! ) 50x1 55x1x2 60x1 65x1 70x0 (Was 90% stood up and my wrist cracked so I had to let it go!) 72.5x0x2 (Chickened out it was light but I just couldnt commit!)

3" Deficit Deadlifts
72.5kgx5 95x3 115x2 125x2 135x2 145x3 (5kg PR +1 Rep! Felt awesome could have got more but I didnt want to let me form go down the drain so I stopped!)

WOD Death by Box Jumps and Pushups
20" Box Jumps
Hand-Release Pushups
Total: 11 Rounds + 12 Box Jumps + 9 Pushups (Big PR!
I did this awhile ago and got 10 Rounds + 11 + 10 but this was with regular pushups!)

Nov 10
Decided that today I was going to do destroy my body! So I did 3 metcons some strength work and 3 warmups that got took their toll too! :-) Tons of fun though and nice easy rest day tomorrow going swimming!

Session 1
2min Max Single Unders-
2Rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E

Standing DB Press (Weight is per DB)
25#x3 30x3 35x3 40x3 45x3 50x3 55x3 60x2 (All PRs never done 60's before and only did 55x1)

Power Cleans
40kgx5 50x3 60x3 70x3 75x3 80x3 85x3 (5kg All-time PR) 90x1+1 Squat Clean (2kg PR at this BW and was extremely close to getting second but caught it funny and had to drop or else I would have missed it!)

92.5kgx1 (Tie PR at this BW)

Session 2 (1.5 hours later)
2min Max Single Unders-
2Rounds - 10 squats, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E (Legs didnt want to do pistols )

Standing Broad Jump
I did probably 7 or 8 long ones and a bunch of shorter ones to get warmed up! I beat my PR 4 times each by about half an inch! Ending up with my best one being 7feet 10.5inches for a 2inch PR!

WOD #1: Elizabeth (Scaled low since last time it was a disaster when I scaled too high!)
50kg Power Clean
Bar Dips
Time: 3min 21sec (HUGE PR Last time was 6min 48sec scaled too 12-6-3 60kg 16-8-4 Dips)

10min Break

WOD #2: Ladder

30" Box Jumps
Time: 4min 38sec This one was really fun I enjoyed it!

Session 3 (3 hours later)
2min Max Single Unders-
2Rounds - 10 squats, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E

WOD #3: Tons of Thrusters
For time:
50 x 40kg Thrusters
Time: 6min 46sec
This is ok but definitely easily beat but by this point I was destroyed so I decided to go home and rest! Had fun pushing it today especially since it was a good day and I hit tons of PR's!

Nov 12
Good workout again today split it up into 2 to make it a little easier on the body!

Session 1
5min Skipping/Double Under Practice
2Rounds - 10 Pistols, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 8 Dips, 1 T2B, 4K2E

Turkish Getups (Both sides = 1 rep)

30lb DBx2 35x1 45lb BBx1 50x1 55x1 60x0.5 (Got right but arms gave out on left!)

Front Squats
20kgx5 50x3 60x3 70x3 80x3 87.5x3 95x3 102.5x3 (Really happy with the last set it was really hard but I can tell Ill hit some PRs soon! Cant wait to hit 300lbs)

Session 2
5min Skipping/Double Under Practice
2Rounds - 10 Squats, Samson Stretch, 5 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 1 T2B, 4K2E

Handstand Pushups Practice

Worked on my form and did a total of 13-14 reps with my biggest set being 3Reps (1rep PR)

WOD 1: Death by Clean and Jerk

50kg Clean and jerks
Total: 7Rounds + 7reps (I finished my 8th at 8:01 SO close!)

WOD 2: Bodyweight Intervals
1min Pullups, 1min rest, 1min Hand-Release Pushups, 1min rest, 1min Situps, 1min rest, 1min Squats
Score: 15 - 22 - 40 - 54 = 131
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Lucas King
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Re: Lucas K's Journey to Sectionals and beyond

Nov 13
Felt weak while holding my weights overhead but other than that Im pleased with how the day went my lifts are quite consistent!

5min Skipping/DU Practice
2Rounds - 10 Squats, Samson Stretch, 3 Dead Pullups, 5 Dips, 5 K2E


25kgx5 40x3 45x2 50x2 55x1 60x1 62.5x0 (Got caught on my socks and I got distracted ) 62.5x1 65x0

Clean and Jerk
50kgx3 60x2 70x2 77.5x1 82.5x1 87.5x0x2 (Missed jerks very close on the first) 87.5x1 (It was terrible but happy to get it! Caught clean on my toes and almost didnt throw jerk high enough but it was in the perfect spot!)

Short WOD: 1/4 Cindy

5min AMRAP
5 x Pullups
10 x Pushups
15 x Squats
Total: 4Rounds + 5 Squats + 9 Pushups
I might have been able to get a bit more but I started out really strong!

Nov 15
Had an iffy workout today! Wasnt having a great day so I wasnt really amped up and things just didnt come together really other than squats which Im pleased with considering everything else!

5min Double-Under Practice - This actually went really well I did a ton of DU!
2Rounds 10 squats, Stretch, 5 Pullup, 8 Dip, 5 K2E

Standing Broad Jump and Vert Jump

No PR's today just did jumping for 15-20min got close on both but not quite! (PRs are 7'10" and 24.5")

Back Squats (Did CFT 3 weeks ago and did 127.5kgx1)
20kgx5 50x3 65x3 80x3 90x3 100x3 110x3 117.5x3 125x3
Considering I barely got 120x3 last week I am very happy! I cant wait to get back over 300! Shouldnt be long now! Maybe 3 or 4 weeks!

WOD: #1 from Midwest Sectional
I tried to do it but I am not ready for Big Dawg weight and I couldnt do it! Im going to redo this tomorrow with 25kg instead of 42.5! Should be able to bang it out then Ill redo it in a couple months to see if I can do it heavier!

Nov 16
After my workout yesterday I was really disappointed in what I did so I killed myself today and I'm very happy with how it went! :-)

5min Double-Under Practice - I killed it today I did a ton of them

Warmup WOD - Midwest Sectional WOD #1 (Scaled weight from 95lbs to 45lbs, this was the WOD I was supposed to do yesterday)
For time, with 4 burpees every minute:
20 Thrusters
20 S2O
20 OHS
20 FS
Total Time: 4min 52sec (Total of 20 Burpees) Extremely happy with this I only stopped to breathe few seconds once to wait for the burpees!

High-Hang Power Snatch
(From standing straight up just quick dip and drive)
20kgx4x2 40x3x2 45x3 50x2 52.5x0x3 52.5x1 55x1 (5kg PR for power over best with full squat) 57.5x1 (Full squat on this one 7.5kg PR for squat)

3" Deficit Deadlift
57.5kgx5 90x3 110x3 120x2 130x2 150x2 (5kg PR Misloaded thought it was 140!) 160x1 (15kg PR!)

WOD #2: Deadlift Burpees WOD from 2008 Crossfit Games
5 Rounds for Time:
5 x 125kg Deadlift
10 Burpees
Time: 7min 50sec (Not quite what I wanted but my back was fried so that was a lot harder than normal so Im really pleased with my time)
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