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Old 08-12-2005, 10:14 AM   #1
Eugene R. Allen
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Brian "Black Knight" Anderson was the guy who had a visit from Pukie's evil cousin Rhabdo on his very first workout with me. Took him awhile but he has come back like gangbusters and this past weekend went to Enumclaw, Washington to the Scottish Games or Highland Games or the Men in Skirts Games...whatever they called it. Brian was the smallest guy there (save for some of the children) but managed to pull off 13th place out of 20 competitors. No weight classes, no age groups or other deliniators you just go get it done.

Brian's level of preparation was evident when he went to do the caber toss. He was the very first guy up and when he stepped up to the big ol stick he said, "OK, what do I do?" The caber toss guy asked Brian if he had ever done this before. "Nnnope." Have you ever seen someone throw one before. "Nnnope." Caber toss guy took Brian aside for a moment and gave him the quickie 1-minute flip the big stick over class, clapped him on the shoulder and said, "Good luck lad."

Someone walked the caber upright so that the 16 foot long, 68 pound pole was up against Brian's shoulder. Just as he got started the caber slipped between Brian's interlaced fingers and not knowing the do-over rules and not wanting to drop the big stick Brian choke gripped it and took off for his toss. After some arbitrary number of steps he gave it a mighty heave and almost managed to flip the blasted thing. The next guy up was a human meat market and he walked up to Brian after the throw. "Ye dinna ever toss a caber fore have ye boy." (Not a question). "Was it that obvious?" Brian asked. "Laddie, ye canna be choking the caber that way. You must be powerful strong to almost flip it without a proper hold. C'mere boy, lemme show you how it's dunne." The big man does a brilliant toss and then gives Brian some pointers. Must have been good pointers, Brian managed to pull off 4th place in this event. Did you know that it's not distance but rather how close to 12 o'clock you get?

Brian did the sheaf toss, a shot put type thing, weight for height, a light weight for distance and then a heavy weight for distance, a weighted stick throw and a hammer throw. Brian managed a 4th place in the weighted stick throw and the hammer successfully threw Brian on one of his practice throws.

Brian credits CF for his performance since this was the only training he did for the Games. He was very happy to not come in last and wears his T-shirt with great pride.
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Old 08-12-2005, 08:43 PM   #2
Beth Moscov
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I went and watched these games here in my mountains last year. They are really amazing. Congratulations to your rabdo surviver! Give him a hug for me! he deserves his t-shirt.
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Old 08-19-2005, 08:09 AM   #3
Gary John
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Brian is my kind of guy. Show up and do it. Don't worrying about the little details, like how do I do this? First time I ever threw the hammer (May 7 2005), I was the first thrower in a weight pentathlon. Luckily they have a steel cage. Got a fair throw on my second attempt.

I want to do a Highlands game, myself. Brian has the right attitude, if anybody can do it, so can I.
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