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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 10-11-2004, 01:58 PM   #1
Troy Archie
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1. Is the zone really a must or is it a general guide line and over all good starting point for a beginner? I notice on the main page under nutrition it doesn't talk about the zone but just sets up a percentage to shoot for. I personally have no problem with doing the later and just designing everything to those numbers.

2. Do you need to keep every meal consistantly at a 40/30/30 level or can it just add up to all that at the end of the day?

3. Why 40 carb/30 pro/30 fat? I've always been under the mindset to keep the percentage of protien higher than carbs and that you can eat as much protein as you want.

4. How does protein shakes after a workout and before bed come into effect?

5. The block numbers that are given in the "Meal Plans" Journal, are they set for athletic endeavors or general weight loss?

6. Can the total daily blocks be broken up any way you wish (all even sized meals, different sizes during different parts of the day...)?
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Old 10-11-2004, 02:23 PM   #2
Scott Kustes
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1) Good starting point for a beginner. People respond differently to diets, so you'll tinker with it until you find your optimal macronutrient ratios
2) Supposed to be every meal and snack.
3) I think most of us here (or I could be generalizing based on what I do) consume more protein than carbs. I'm more along the lines of 40P/25C/35F and it works amazingly for me.
4) Got me....I would presume that would be one of your snacks.

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Old 10-11-2004, 02:27 PM   #3
Brian Hand
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Troy, I'll take a stab.

Re. 1: If by "the zone" you mean the 40-30-30 ration, it is a starting point and general guideline.

Re. 2: Good question and I think the answer will depend on the individual. The basic plan is for every meal to roughly follow the 40-30-30 ratio, but some tweaks make a lot of sense; pre/during/post workout, before bed.

Re. 3: "As much as you want" is never a good guideline, because some people will just go way overboard. The 40-30-30 ratio is based on a low daily protein requirement and fairly low activity. The ratio moves more towards 33-33-33 for people with higher protein requirements and activity levels.

4. You could stick to the 40-30-30 ratio, or tweak; see 2 above.

6. You have some flexibility dividing it up, three meals and three snacks or five equal meals seems pretty doable. The intention is to not go too long between meals and no meal too small or too large. The gist is to keep it all on an even keel.
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Old 10-12-2004, 06:55 AM   #4
Ross Hunt
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2. You want all of your meals to be balanced so as to avoid sharp insulin spikes; if you ate all your fat in the morning, all your meat at lunch, and a boatload of sugar right before dinner, you'd be an unhappy camper. That said, I and several others have had substantial success with John Berardi's Massive Eating diet, which has you eating either low-fat protein and low-GI carbs or protein and fat meals during the day and a high-GI carb/protein meal post-workout, with macronutrient ratios at the end of the day approximating Zone guidelines.

3. People who need a lot of cals are supposed to get them in monounsaturated fat. I don't measure my food, but I would guess that I eat more fat than protein and more protein than carbs.

4. I drink a post-workout shake (guess when) post workout, but I keep it small, wait an hour or so, and then eat a Zone meal. This does a pretty good job of facilitating recovery without causing an insulin spike and crash. I eat a real food meal before bed with plenty of fat to slow protein digestion and no high-gi carbs.

6. In the Journal you mentioned, I believe that the diets prescribed for those who need less added fat consist of several meals and several snacks, and that the sizes of both meals and snacks are increased as fat is added, but that there is less difference between the size of meals and snacks as total calorie intake increases.

I hope that all makes sense,

Ross Hunt
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Old 10-12-2004, 11:35 AM   #5
Troy Archie
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Edmonton  Alberta
Posts: 474
Thanks for the feedback guys. So from what I gather most of you are on your own modified version of the zone with just different macronutrient ratios?

What about fruit later on at night, like an apple? I've always been under the impression to stay away from fruits late at night but that could be just bad bodybuilder advise.

I've just put together a meal plan at about 2300 calories per day. I'm thinking about notching up the calories a bit so going along with your advise Ross, I should just add some more monounsaturated fats? My plan is at 40pro/30carb/30fat with each and every meal at those percentages, even my after workout shake. It was a pain in the butt to make every meal to those percentages. I'm not taking in any starches and I am eating about 3 apples per day. I'm assuming that's a little on the extreme side to have every meal at those numbers and that so long as the meals aren't too unbalanced and everything adds up to a balanced percentage at the end of the day, all should be good. Right?
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