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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 03-19-2006, 07:57 AM   #1
Elliot Royce
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I am very tight around the hip area (partly due to arthritis and partly due to nature/historically poor stretching habits). With burpees, I have trouble getting my hands flat on the floor when going out and even worse trouble getting my pelvis under me when recovering (i.e., getting ready to stand up). Should I just try practicing these every day to get more flexible? Or is there a specific stretch that would help?
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Old 03-19-2006, 09:01 AM   #2
Dan Catlin
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Not sure if this will help you, but my Doc gave me two exercises to offset some arthritis in my low back from a chipped vertebrae. They have helped a great deal with pain and I think added to my flexibility. Having said that, it may not be your low back that is the problem. Tight hams could be the culprit and there are a legion of stretches out there that could help. How is your sit-reach?

Here are my doc's exercises:

* Lie flat on your back with feet flat on the deck and knees bent. Bridge up on to your shoulder blades while keeping feet flat. Hold for a slow four or five count, then return to the floor for a two or three count rest. Do 20 reps.

* Lie flat on your back with legs extended. Curl legs up tightly, knees to chest and use your arms to assist with a stretch. Squeeze if you need to, especially in later reps, again holding for a slow four-count. (This might be tough if your back is very tight.) Return legs to full extension but keep heels 3" off floor. Perform 20 reps. The ab work is pretty minimal, but there is something about the combo of the low back stretch and the ab recovery that seems to help me get a fuller stretch as the set continues.

You can do up to three sets alternating, or my Doc suggested for me to do these twice a day, morning and evening with only one or two sets per time. I just do them when I get up in the morning and again later afternoon or evening. Been a few weeks and I see a major difference in low back pressure/pain. I have pretty good ham flex, though.

Good luck.
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Old 03-19-2006, 09:59 AM   #3
Lincoln Brigham
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I have my older clients do burpees with their hands on a box. The better they get, the lower the box.
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Old 03-19-2006, 01:22 PM   #4
Dan Colson
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I have many of my clients widen their stance on burpees so they can jump in on their heels, a much safer position for the final jump, also with the feet wider they reduce the chance of letting their hips/waist sag during the kick out phase protecting the low back. I even add a step of dropping to the knees for those without proper chest to floor push-ups. There is also nothing wrong with stepping in and out if you have trouble jumping in and out. Following progressions will help you tremendously in the long run. Hope this helps.
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