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Old 06-20-2011, 08:44 AM   #31
Stu Christensen
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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

Originally Posted by Hector Santiago View Post
Why not do the bodyweight formula for every event, that will be fair for everyone specially in a competition that you are looking for the fittest all around. There hasn't being yet in games an event that favors little guys, I am sure you can count in both hands events that favors big guys, i see it impossible to win the games chris spealler if there is a pure strength event, and everyone knows that he is super super strong but how can you say you are fitter than a guy that weight 50 pounds less than you and he is keeping up in all the WODs? example will be a workout like Amanda he is snatching his body weight, everyone else is not, muscle ups he is lighter sure but everyone is lifting their body weight too.
Any type of formula gives the 180lber an even bigger advantage than they have now. As stated, the little guys are penalized on heavy wods, and the bigger guys are penalized on the bodyweight stuff. However, we are trying to find the fittest...not the equliazed fittest. Either you can do it or you can't and I believe scaling and averaging and formulas have no place in the elite levels of the sport. No matter the event, it is up to you, your body, your training, your mental toughness, and your nutrition to see where you stand against everyone else out there....and their training and their nutrition and their mental toughness. 3-2-1-go, not 3-2-1-go-equalize.

Remember this is coming from a 5'11" 230lb guy, and I know on the bodyweight stuff I will get killed by smaller guys, and I'm ok with that, but on strength stuff, I'm gonna be up there with the top guys, and I'm ok with that too. It all evens itself out, without the aid of formuals and algorithms that would make Stephen Hawking roll his eyes.
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Old 06-20-2011, 09:08 AM   #32
Struan Potter
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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

What he said. Like I know Speal or Bridges would crush me at metcon stuff, but that would motivate me to get better, so I could hang with them. While the chances are slim, you don't know if you can until you try right?
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Old 06-22-2011, 11:45 AM   #33
Brad Welshans
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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

Originally Posted by Andrew Gray View Post
At first glance I think the OP's system sounds reasonable, but after some more thought I think there are some significant issues with it.

1. Different types of workouts will have drastically different margins of victory making certain styles of workouts way more impact than other. Say something like a 100m sprint was a workout, fastest dude in the universe gets a little under 10 seconds, Some dude sitting on a sofa for the last 5 years gets about 14 seconds, sofa guy still gets a 0.6. Next up is Amanda, top person gets 3:40, another really great athlete gets 8:00, their score is -0.18. That doesn't seem right to me. Certain works are just naturally going to have smaller margins than others and this doesn't take that into account.
I, too, was liking Brendan's proposed system, but Andrew makes a great point. In certain short time domain wods/movements, there would be almost no differentiation among the top athletes (think Fran; there would be a logjam at 2:10 - 2:20). It appears that the competition would be mainly won/lost in the longer chippers

So keep the ranking system, or go back to every second counts. And I also do not care for the cuts fwiw.
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