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Chris Mason
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Re: Deadlift stalled

Originally Posted by Bob Herald View Post
So usually when I do 5x5 for deads it'll go like this

Working sets

A lighter day will be
365 for 5 sets of 5 reps

Or sometimes I pyramid like this


The fact you PR'ed after not pulling for 2 weeks is a great indicator of the overall issue. You are overtrained in my opinion. Your marital arts training is highly physical and physically taxing. You are augmenting it with a relatively high volume of intense work with compound movements. The end result is a lack of progression with your strength training. As you likely cannot reduce your grappling work, I suggest you alter your strength training and reduce volume. So, for example, you might reduce your strength training to a 2 day per week split alternating squatting and pulling week to week. Instead of 5x5, drop to 3 sets of 5. I can almost guarantee you will get stronger.
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Bryan Hood
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Re: Deadlift stalled

Originally Posted by Frank Ngo View Post
You could try Dynamic DL's

Put band over the bar length-wise, center the section touching the ground together, then step on the band. Band should be touching the bar in (2) locations.

Banded DL with 60-75% max, but try to increase velocity of bar. i.e. pull the bar as fast as you can. Recommended 2-3 reps, rest 10-20 secs, repeat. 4-6x.

Idea is to move the bar as fast as possible, you begin to show signs of fatigue after 2-3 lifts.
This^^^^^. Need to work speed under a lightened load with some resistance. That has worked for all our folks. We use the conjugate method for strength. It works.
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