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Old 03-31-2011, 08:37 AM   #41
Eric Smies
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Re: Anyone doing the striking cert?

After having gone through the Striking Cert with George Ryan I can actually speak from experience. The guy is legit. He's a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He trains SWAT and LAPD in self defense tactics among other things. The reason you don't find a laundry list of his accomplishments and techniques is because he works for the LAPD and they don't really want the criminal element to read up on LAPD tactics. That probably wouldn't be very smart. He also writes a monthly column in Ultimate MMA Magazine called “Street Wise.”
The Striking cert is not meant to replace MMA training or boxing training or martial arts training etc.......It's meant to be incorporated into CrossFit. It's meant to be included in CrossFit WOD's. It takes basic striking concepts from MMA, Boxing and self-protection. It increases core strength and rotational power. The goal was to make these striking concepts measurable and scoreable just as the CrossFit WOD's are. It’s taught from the same perspective as CrossFit. To increase your general physical preparedness and to help prepare you for the unknown and unknowable. Who knows what life will throw at you and to have these skills in your back pocket can only help you in general, not to mention your workouts. We spent a lot of time at the cert working on proper technique when throwing punches, knees, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, open palm striking, focus pads, etc. A lot of time was spent learning how to properly teach these techniques and how to program them into CrossFit WOD’s. We use MMA gloves, obviously, to protect our knuckles but it also keeps our fingers free to do push ups, pull ups, KB swings, or whatever the WOD’s demand. One of the first things George Ryan said as we started the cert was “challenge me……if there’s something I say that you don’t agree with, let me know and we’ll discuss it.” He in no way is saying other techniques are wrong. They are just simply other techniques. Greg Glassman is extremely thorough when doing research on potential CrossFit certifications. That’s why there are only a handful of them currently. To get the stamp of approval from coach Glassman is not an easy thing. George has implemented a way to make striking accessible and fun for CrossFit athletes. If you want to be an MMA fighter, go to an MMA gym. This is CrossFit. I think the striking aspect in CrossFit is going to explode. I’ve implemented it at my box and people love it. They love hitting stuff, getting aggressions out, learning good technique. It’s a full body workout. It’s core to extremity. It’s something new and different to incorporate into the WOD’s.
I came into the cert as a skeptic as well. This was the third Stiking cert ever so I felt I was taking a real chance on something pretty much unproven. In my humble opinion, it was an amazing weekend where I learned a TON and developed all kinds of ideas about programming these striking concepts. My members are all about the Striking class and it’s actually brought in some new members. That right there, for me, is more than worth the price of admission. Just my humble opinion people.
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Victor Cole Andrews
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Re: Anyone doing the striking cert?

If you guys are happening to look for a basic overal MMA class, or instructions, you can probably find an Army or Marine Veteran that has the training. The courses they are taught are pretty down to earth. I utilize the training I receive and incorporate combatives twice a week to train my Colonels Personal Security Detail. Most Veterans who know it will probably teach you for free just so they can have someone to practice with too.
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