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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 05-08-2006, 06:39 AM   #1
Neal Winkler
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Location: Shiloh  Il
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For about 5-6 weeks now I have had a problem with hawking loogies all the time. At first, I had to spit it out about a dozen times a day then it subsisded to the point that I only have to spit it out once or maybe twice a day, but it still won't go away.

This entire time have not felt ill, just for some reason I am getting nasal drippage. I have never had allergies in the past, nor have I ever had a problem with hawking loogies.

Could under recovery be the cause? Kinda of like I have been teetering on the edge of getting sick for this entire time?
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Old 05-08-2006, 07:01 AM   #2
Joseph Hart
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Lino Lakes  MN
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They tell me that you can get allergies when you get older. I happen to have fallen into that category. I didn't have them when I was in my teens to early 20s. Then again it helped to be in CA during that time. The smog didn't bother me. This spring has been tearing me up here in MN. Maybe you are just getting old:lol:

I wonder how diet affects (sp?) allergies to pollen and the like.
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Old 05-08-2006, 08:38 AM   #3
Kevin Scott
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That sounds like allergies. This has been a very bad allergy season and you can develop pollen allergies at any time. Try taking an allergy medication and see if that helps.
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Old 05-08-2006, 03:20 PM   #4
Adam Noble
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If it persists go see a doctor. When this happened to me, it turned out I had an incredibly rare cancer in my sinuses. I ignored it for a while because I have always had allergies, but it got to the point where it was ridiculous; and I'm just really lucky I got checked out when I did. I'm not saying this is likely in your case, but a good ent can help with allergies, chronic sinusitis etc. It just feels better not to be overwhelmed by mucus. There is also a sinus rinse sold at drug stores that might help. Its kind of gross and takes some getting used to but I had to do it post surgery, and found that a daily rinse really helped my allergies.
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Old 05-09-2006, 09:37 AM   #5
Garrett Smith
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There are several possibilities to look into before medication, which doesn't address the base cause anyway.

You may have developed a food hypersensitivity. Look into your diet for things that you eat often (everyday?). Try replacing them with alternatives and see how you feel. For example, raspberries stuff me up within 10 minutes of eating them, as does whey protein.

A nasal rinse, as Adam mentioned, could be helpful. You could go the modern route, or you could go the ancient route and use a Neti pot (make sure to put some salt in the water, look around the internet for ratios). That may be just what you need.

Also, the herb stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) has helped many people with seasonal "allergies" or hay fever. It's also got some anti-SHBG properties and is good for prostate health. The freeze-dried version from Eclectic Institute is the best I've found, the freeze-drying preserves certain constituents that normal drying does not.

Hope that helps!
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Old 05-09-2006, 10:29 AM   #6
Joseph Hart
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Lino Lakes  MN
Posts: 282
On the note of nasal rinse. While taking scuba diving lessons...I found that sticking your face in the ocean and getting a snoot full of saltwater worked wonders. Didn't do much for personal apperance. My nose would drain out under my mask all over my face and the reg. Probably not the cleanest way to rinse your nasal passages but I was young and dumb. Good luck. The cancer thing eeked me out.
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Old 05-11-2006, 10:38 PM   #7
Jamila Bey
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Washington  DC
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I am to frugaliaty what Eugene Allen is to equipment.

That said, I've had the worst allergy season EVER this year, and a neti pot did help. But I like mixing a little salt into a .99 sports cap water bottle and doing a nasal rinse with it to be better than the neti because I can use some force behind it.

I've often been too stuffed for the neti and gravity to do the job properly.
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Old 05-12-2006, 03:52 PM   #8
Darrell E. White
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Location: bay village  OH
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My .02: Any dramatic change in your status quo deserves investigation. Something new or dramatically worse than the norm should prompt at least one significant "look see". Some of this canbe done on your own as Garrett suggests. Have you recently ADDED something to your diet? I've progressivesly consumed less and less alcohol over the last 10 years or so. Cheap white wine and non-alcoholic beer (actually kind of an oxymoron, that one!) always slam my sinuses. Do you consume lots of foods that one can develop an allergy to like egg whites? I love egg whites, but Garret has correctly stated in other posts that some people are or become allergic to the protein in egg whites.

Allergies are often a cross that an individual is born with, but allergies can also develp and be magnified with age. I probably was always mildy allergic to chocolate, but it's only been since age 40 that I am totally inable to eat it. In a similar vein, I live in Cleveland where we have an abundance of particulate matter in the air from our heavy industries. I have near constant post-nasal drip here at home which has been increasing with each year. I am symptom free in Utah and on Cape Cod, both of which I visit with some frequency. What's the air like at home?

I walked the walk, having a complete physical some years ago when this stuff made its way into my day-to-day awareness. Look into your diet, check out your environment, and give your family doc a chance to tell you what a healthy specimen you are!

Hope this helps.

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