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Old 12-09-2007, 08:52 AM   #1
Eugene R. Allen
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Your Best Stuff

What do you have that you covet? What products, services, food or whatever you cherish is so dear to you that want the rest of us to know so we can go enjoy it too? No order to your list, no limit to the entries but tell us what you like and why you like it. I'll start:

1. LG Venus phone, Jawbone bluetooth device and Verizon wireless service. Great combination of features and ease of use, wide service area here in the Pacific Northwest and cool buttons on the phone. The Jawbone is comfy and has military noise canceling magic. Cool.

2. Flatiron steaks from Fred Meyer. I marinate these babies and then grill them and they are the best.

3. Traeger BBQ. Best in the world. Runs on pellets like a pellet stove, just a flip of a switch to turn it on, convection heating, perfect grilling every time. Turns the Flatiron steaks into mouthwatering joy.

4. Title Boxing Pro Timer. Set it up any way you want to time Tabata's or any other timing sequence. Counts up or down with repeats, a set rest time, whatever you want.

5. Anything to do with Glenn Pendlay. His products and his attention to his customers is second to none. Great stuff, great guy.

6. Lockjaw collars. BFS has them and I've found them on Ebay as well. They lock down like nobody's business and keep the plates very snug. I like them even better than my Muscle Clamps.
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Old 12-09-2007, 10:37 AM   #2
James Reynolds
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Re: You're Best Stuff

Electronics... for sure my BlackBerry Pearl. It may be a little dated these days, but it is exactly what I want/need in a smart phone. My home page is the CF WOD for PDA ( wfs )

I am an aspiring home chef, not to cook for a living, but for myself and my friends/family. Home-healthy is my goal; make it taste like comfort food, but not be so bad for you is the challenge. Simple things like my 10" Calphalon iron skillet and Anolon knives I can't do without haha

When I drink coffee, I want GOOD coffee. My gf bought me a KitchenAid pro-line coffee mill burr grinder... amazing. No expensive coffee machine though, just a 20.00 bodum French press for amazing results.

RoadRunner - seriously - without it I would have to dive to my office every day. With it, and VPN, I work from my home office.

Fitness wise, I would like to say CrossFit and the CF community. Huge impact on my life. Thank you. I am quite happy with my abmat and other items, but all those things with no plan..... Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to budget working out at my local affiliate ( wfs) instead of a globo gym next year.
Truth comes in the form of a 6 to 9 round burst - Maj Brown 1/75 Ranger Bn
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Old 12-09-2007, 10:42 AM   #3
John Seiler
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Re: You're Best Stuff

I'll leave out the obvious choices of car, Glock, etc. and mention the less frequently seen:

1. De Rigeur dipping belt from IronMind. Super high quality, nicely padded, and thoughtfully designed to avoid any smashing or pinching of the jubblies.

2. Cold Steel Gurhka Light Kukhri. Let's be honest, I have ZERO real need for 12" of high-carbon steel so sharp I can easily take off a limb. (I almost took off my own finger in '00.) Still, there's something truly gratifying about owning such an amazingly capable and visceral instrument. Plus, if I get a last minute call to go to the Amazon, or receive an invatation to a "social gathering" from Bill the Butcher, I'm prepared. Always a comforting thought.

3. Apollo Lights Go-Lite. St. Louis can be pretty dreary in winter, and it's easy for a fella to get SAD. My go-lite really cuts down on those winter blahs.

4. Ecco dress shoes. I currently own the Austin Cap Toe Lace-up and the Monk strap (discontinued.) They are quite simply the most comfortable dress shoe I've ever tried, have ZERO break-in period, and wear like iron. I had a pair of monk straps in my bartending days that lasted three years working five nights a week. (It was ridiculous to me that co-workers would buy cheap $40 shoes that were uncomfortable and wear out every three months.) I refuse to wear any other brand of dress shoe.

5. Luminox 3102 dive watch. It's Swiss made, has tritium insights for low light viewing, and the price is right. It's rugged, dependable, and truly good looking; just like me.

Hey, this fun.
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Old 12-09-2007, 11:40 AM   #4
Randy Tarasevich
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Re: You're Best Stuff

I won't.

1. Glock Model 23 with factory night-sights.

2. Old pictures of family and friends.

3. Great-grandfather's Rosary

Everything else is expendable.
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Old 12-09-2007, 11:52 AM   #5
Chris Drewry
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Re: You're Best Stuff

1. Vibram 5 Fingers

I would be sad if they tore up.
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:03 PM   #6
Randy Tarasevich
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Norwich  CT
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Re: You're Best Stuff

4. I like my Seiko so57 timer. Very easy to use and has some cool features. plus Seiko makes quality product.

5. Koday digital camera. Again, very easy to use.

6. I like my 20 in. homemade plyo box. It's pretty cool.
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:27 PM   #7
Jay Cohen
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Sharpsville  PA
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Re: You're Best Stuff

My rescued Greyhound. His name is Iggie, race name, Cajun Igloo.
I've had dogs my whole life, but looking into those eyes and his constant desire to just be petted, wow, this breed is something else.
Also the fact that if not rescued, they're killed. Day in , Day out. Last I heard, over 10,000 per year put down.
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:38 PM   #8
Susie Rosenberg
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Re: You're Best Stuff

1. Albany Crossfit----what an awesome community. It's a gift just to be part of that special energy.

2. My Specialized Roubaix road bike. I am more than a little bit in love with my bike. It's comfortable, light, fast, reliable. I call her "Roubaix Tuesday."

3. The diamond earrings my husband gave me for our anniversary this past October. The big 0-4. (You can't have those earrings, Eugene! Only a T-shirt when you win the MU contest.)

That's it...I don't have any high-tech goodies or especially neat anythings...

Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.
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Old 12-09-2007, 12:38 PM   #9
Ahmik Jones
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Re: You're Best Stuff

1. My Pendlay Elite: I know that at my skill level I can't really tell the difference between the Pendlay Weightlifting bar and the Elite, but it feels so nice to lift with. I second Eugene's endorsement of anything Pendlay.

2. My Salomon amphibious shoes. They are like wearing sandals without looking like you are wearing sandals.

3. My Blackberry 8700c it does not have a camera, or an MP3 player. It is just a good device for sending and receiving email as well as using the internet. I would not use a camera or MP3 player anyway.

4. Krista's new Canon Digital Rebel XT. Having a Digital SLR is a huge a step up from our prior digital camera, and it still can do everything automatically for photography novices like us.

5. We have a Title Boxing Pro Timer on the way. Hopefully we will like it as much as Eugene.
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Old 12-09-2007, 01:42 PM   #10
Douglas A. Glisson
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Location: Duchess  Alberta
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Re: You're Best Stuff

John, I have a Cold Steel Gurhka Light Kukhri too. I know the comfort it gives. Mine lives in the truck in case of Armegeddon next to my ASP expandable Police Baton.

My Shirtz Custom Cues Pool Cue. Made in Wichita, Kansas where I'm from by the father of the 2004 9 ball open's father. Great cue. I shoot at least 3 days a week so a good cue is a pleasure to use.

My 80 Gig Ipod. Loaded with audiobooks from (WFS) and ppodcast books and blogs from iTunes. This keeps me sane enough at work to be able to leave the Kukhri and the baton IN the truck.

My laptop and internet access. I love to learn about stuff and spend a great deal of time online looking things up. Internet access is not like the cabe modem back in Wichita but it is access.

Sam's Resturant in Brooks, AB. Cambodian/Thai food I eat at least 4 days a week. Outside of my wife or mother in laws cooking it is the only thing worth eating in this place.
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