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Old 05-15-2009, 06:09 PM   #71
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 26 Friday 05.15.09

Didn't log today. I feel like crap. Best recall...

Breakfast on the way to work ~725-745am
1/2 red pepper and
8-oz container raw whhite mushrooms, sauteed in
olive oil
6 eggs whites, scrambled in olive oil

Snack ~ 1230pm
1-block meat cookie
~3/4 container grape tomatoes
3 almonds

Lunch ~ 4/430pm
3-4 oz baked chicken
a whole bunch of spaghetti squash tossed in olive oil/cracked black pepper/garlic powder
1/2 cantaloupe
9 almonds

got home about 715 and too tired to cook/think.
1 oz beef jerky
the rest of the dried strawberries I made probably a block
1 oz cashews, which again made my stomach hurt - amount or the fact that I scarfed them down? Or that they were roasted/salted?

Throughout the day I kept snagging pieces of the beef jerky and strawberry chips. Too good. If we're going to sell this stuff out of our box, I'm definitely going to have to vacuum seal it as opposed to store it in ziplocks, and keep them at work and not in my cooler!

And I just had one square of Lindt 85% dark chocolate (1/2 oz). It's not my "cheat night" but who cares.

The general consensus about my hip/hamstring/glute is that nothing I've been doing is helping so there's no reason to continue. So no more massage, no more ultrasound, but continue taking time off from any activity that aggravates it. I have another MRI scheduled tomorrow. Apparently an MRI of the "hip" doesn't get the attachment sites of the hamstring muscles so now I'm getting an MRI of the "pelvis"? Whatever.


My in-laws are visiting right now til celebrate my grandmother-in-law's 80th birthday. Yay, longevity!

MY family is coming for a week in August - but they're staying at a condo on the beach.

It's 8:10pm and I'm going to bed.
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Old 05-15-2009, 08:49 PM   #72
Kristie Willhoit
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Milton  FL
Posts: 296
Day 26 Friday 05.15.09 continued

Been grazing...

Forgot I also had a kiwi earlier with my "dinner"

Since then I also had another "dinner" or snack of:
1 large orange
2-block meat cookie
1 ounce roasted/salted cashews

then more beek jerky...and raw mixed nuts...and strawberries...

and maybe now I actually will get to bed.

My parents-in-law gave me an awesome food scale for my birthday! The Cuisinart WeighMate (WFS). I can't "weight" (he he giggle) to do some more Paleo baking!!
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Old 05-16-2009, 01:04 PM   #73
Kristie Willhoit
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Milton  FL
Posts: 296
Day...27 Saturday 05.15.09 AM/early PM

Finally! I full night's, uninterrupted sleep! Even though I didn't go to bed till 11, my alarm didn't go off til 7. Feel a bit better. It's amazing what a little sleep can do for you...

Excited to use my new food scale!
3 whole eggs (170g), scrambled, nuked in the microwave out of laziness mixed with
1/2 avocado (62g)
117g strawberries
1 whole kiwi

The strawberries weren't sweet enough and I came sooo close to sprinkling raw sugar on them, but instead diced an overripe kiwi and mixed with them.

Now I'm sitting in the waiting room at the imaging office waiting to get my MRI and I'm extremely tempted to drink a cup of their complimentary coffee. With refined white sugar. I just feel so ... ugh. I keep imagining that the caffeine will make me feel better and I can go about my errands without so much dread, but I know it will make my stomach hurt and give me "digestive distress" - saved by being called back! Whew!

Just got done with the MRI. Man, nothing like an hour of lying perfectly still on a rock hard surface with your lumbar curve flattened and no blocking of the knees to make you feel better... I still want coffee and I want to hit a Starbucks. Hmpf. Less than one week; less than one week...

Shopping at the co-op; treated myself to a Cherry Pie Lara Bar. A little too...sweet? Hard to describe. Burned my throat a little, and made my stomach hurt. Off to the Saturday morning Farmer's Market!

11:57am Got there too late, missed most of the vendors, but got some fresh, local bueberries and really inexpensive zuchinni! Of course, I had to sample the goods immediately: 20-25 blueberries

It's hard to be postive when you feel so icky and yucky. Bleeeaaahhhhh.....

I've been grazing again since I got home from my errands. Made some almond flour and some almond butter, so I had a teaspoonful of almond butter, several pieces of beef jerky, another Cherry Pie Lara Bar, 2 each roasted/salted cashews, brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, more blueberries...

And now I still want to eat more, but...

I think I'm really just craving something salty/crunchy to snack I've been researching dehydrated vegetable recipes. I'm going to make my own friggin' vegetable chips, starting with asparagus and zuchinni. I'm excited. Ideal? No, too much salt. Better than grazing all day on fruit and nuts? Possibly.


I've got the house to myself right now and no obligations. Nap time....
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Old 05-18-2009, 06:45 PM   #74
Kristie Willhoit
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Location: Milton  FL
Posts: 296
The rest of the weekend...

I don't even remember if I actually napped...I think I did. Yes, for hours! And then I went to the grocery store where I spent another $140 on top of the $60 I had already spent at the co-op/farmer's market. Jeez...

I was feeling crappy all weekend. Between the pain in my right leg/hip/back, my left jaw/neck, and feeling achy/icky like I'm getting the flu, I just wanted a mug of hot cocoa, my comforter, my fuzzy slippers, and a fire. But (1) I live in Florida, it's 80 degrees, and we have no fireplace, and (2) my in-laws were visiting.

Saturday night was grilling out steaks with the in-laws for my grandmother-in-law's 80th bday...they had steak, baked potatoes loaded with cheese/sour cream, salads with ranch/blue cheese/italian/vinaigrette; I had steak, spaghetti squash with olive oil/garlic, salad with lime juice/basil.

And I also made a kick-a$$ Paleo Chocolate Orange Cake from Nikki Young's free cookbook (WFS; I'm SO buying her cookbooks, also WFS) that included almond meal, cocoa, orange zest, fresh-squeezed orange juice, eggs, and honey. My grandmother-in-law had mentioned several times that she loves dark chocolate and orange, so I thought it would be a winner. Yay, dessert! I loved it; I think my guests would've like some icing. Next time! I ate 2 pieces.

Sunday was a gluttonous, grazing disaster.

For breakfast I made banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. I ate 3 banana pancakes, about the equivalent of 2 scrambled eggs...and 6 slices of bacon.

Then I went out to lunch with my in-laws, where I managed to get away with not ordering anything, but stole deep-fried "home fries" off of 3 different people's plates, to total probably the equivalent of 20 french fries.

The rest of the day was just downhill from there. I finished off another 6 slices of bacon, almost a full pint of blueberries, some pineapple, about 1/2 of a 2-pound jar of roasted/salted mixed nuts (that I "bought for my husband" - never again). A small salad with 2 hardboiled eggs sliced on it tossed in "dressing" made from mayonnaise mixed with dill and thinned with lemon juice....the rest of the beef jerky....what else...I managed not to be tempted at all by the bag of popcorn my husband cooked...oh yeah, can't forget the last 2 pieces of Chocolate Orange Cake....

In bed by 10, and man did I sleep well!!!
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Old 05-18-2009, 06:52 PM   #75
Kristie Willhoit
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Milton  FL
Posts: 296
DAY 29 Monday 05.18.09

Wasn't really hungry this morning, probably from so much overeating this weekend. I had planned on having leftovers from yesterday's breakfast and eating 3 banana pancakes and probably the equivalent of 4 scrambled eggs, but I just wasn't up to force-feeding myself.

~1 scrambled egg

Yes, it took me a 1/2 hour just to eat a few bites of scrambled eggs.

My digestive system is NOT happy with me. Probably from taking my meds with so little food. That and my new approach to my hamstring/hip/glute/low back/knee problem is to eat advil like M&Ms. Whine whine whine....

Let's see, something positive...I cancelled all my massage/ultrasound/chiropractor appointments since they weren't helping anyway. That's going to save me about 5 hours a week!

Finally a little hungry, so had a little bit more scrambled eggs.

Just finished the rest of the scrambled eggs. Only because they were there. Still not really hungry. Digestive system still in an uproar. :/

1130am it's time for my 2nd dose of meds but I need to take it with food and I'm not hungry.

12pm finally had to force myself to eat something so I could take my meds.
1 banana pancake
1-block meat cookie

OMG my digestive system. I know exactly what the problem is. All those friggin' roasted nuts I ate. And all the friggin' fruit. Too much fat + too much fructose. .


lunch was...
3-4 oz grilled chicken and a boatload of spaghetti squash with olive oil/cracked peppe/garlic powder

now snacking on...
1-block meat cookie
1 hardboiled egg
2 banana pancakes

I gotta start eating veggies again.
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Old 05-20-2009, 01:52 PM   #76
Kristie Willhoit
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Milton  FL
Posts: 296
Day 30 Tuesday 05.19.09

Breakfast2 Advil, med, 6 oz water
3 whole eggs, scrambled with
214g white mushrooms (0.54 blocks) and
205g green peppers (0.67 blocks)
in olive oil
79g banana (1.79 blocks)

Ironically, I used a full container of mushrooms, a whole green pepper, and a whole banana with the bruised parts cut off, and only weighed because I'm a dork and I was playing with my new scale. And this meal came out to exactly 3 carb blocks. Lol.

2 Advil, med, 6 oz water
1 hardboiled egg
1-block meat cookie
280g grape tomatoes (full container)
158g blackberries (full container) (0.75 blocks)
18g blueberries (0.25 blocks) added enough blackberries to equal 1 block)
(again, playing with scale)

~?after 4pm sometime...
Dill tuna (5 oz) with a small handful of sliced almonds, stuffed in a
185g cucumber (0.64 blocks)
Quart-sized baggie of dried veggies (squash, zuchinni, asparagus)

I remembered that I got the stuffed cucumber roll idea from Nikki Young's free Paleo breakfast recipe cookbook (WFS). She's got awesome stuff.

Bunch of broccoli, steamed and tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, salt/pepper
~1.5 c canned pumpkin mixed with cinnamon
3-oz packet pink salmon mixed with 1/2 avocado and cracked pepper (yum!)
Too many dried kiwi chips and dried pineapple

Dried kiwi might as well be candy. Good thing it's all gone...though I do have 3 more kiwis...and a dehydrator...

Onset of sinus much for "not having an allergic reaction when I eat salmon..."

Finished the night with a small spoonful of almond butter. In bed at 930 after taking a muscle relaxer because I had a PT at the gym do some work on my hamstring and it's been spasming painfully and sharply all day.

Today is the last day. I know I said that I would go through the week til Friday, but I'm pulling a wishy-washy flip-flop and I'm not. Well, not really. I'm just not going to be posting here anymore. I'm still planning to keep my own food journal on my PDA as I have been, and I'll probably go back to weighing/measuring in Zone proportions because I like it better than "eat if you're hungry" and I seem to need that guideline to not overeat fruits and fats.

I will continue to eat Paleo, with some exceptions. I have noticed now that I eat this way that I can tell immediately when a certain food doesn't agree with me, like when I had the turkey sausage and drank the green tea last week, and having the salmon last night (although I didn't react that way when I had salmon sashimi, wierd. Must be how it's processed). Anyway, I'm adding back oatmeal to breakfast, will see how it affects me, then I'll decide whether to keep it or eliminate it completely. I'll also try quinoa and buckwheat as grain alternatives and I've already stocked my pantry with Paleo items like almond/flax meal, coconut oil, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, etc. I don't intend to add dairy back to my diet, and the rest of the stuff (rice, soy), I'll take on a case-by-case basis, like I'm doing with oats. I'm not in a big rush to go out and indulge in all the items I've eliminated. Except beer. That's first on my list. Having Guiness for my birthday Saturday.

Final note: Over the last 30 days, I haven't worked out for...23 days. I feel fat and weak and lame, but I've somehow managed to maintain 135# and 18% body fat. Ten weeks ago before starting The Zone Challenge, I thought there was NO WAY I could eat Paleo for a whole month, and it was actually easier than eating Zone for a month. I'm glad I did it; it was an awesome learning experience, and I look forward to learning and experimenting with more Paleo recipes!

Thanks for reading and posting and good luck to everyone with their respective challenges and workout goals, etc.....I've done a time management assessment and determined I spend waaaay too much time on the message boards. Like right now I'm at work and should be working! So I'm taking a "leave of absence" from the boards and unsubscribing from all threads to reduce the temptation to "just take a look for a second". Feel free to email me if you want to say hi!
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