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Old 04-30-2009, 11:32 AM   #31
Brittany Warren
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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
Some guys bring their wives flowers "just because." My husband cooks me crab legs. I am not kidding. =D
Your husband sounds like an awesome guy. My husband brings me apples, and dove dark chocolate. I think I'd like crab legs better.

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
Mmm...Chilean sea bass... They actually sell this at the seafood market downtown. Maybe my husband can pick that up when he wants to treat me. 'Cause if he brings me crab legs, I'll feel compelled to check our life insurance payouts, lol!

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
Oh, it totally is, and it totally works! My run times were amazingly faster! It's aggravating a previous injury, my best guess is from a deadlift PR attempt, followed by going heavier than usual on 2 deadlift-containing hero WODs within a week awhile back. Stupid.'ve just convinced me to research it. I'd been toying with the idea, but laziness and fear of the unknown were holding me back. I need SOMETHING to help out my running. I'm kinda broke.
26/F/5'9/167...Post-Baby CrossFit Log
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Old 04-30-2009, 11:33 AM   #32
Kristie Willhoit
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technical difficulties

I can't get my phone to sync with laptop. It's so annoying.

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Old 04-30-2009, 01:08 PM   #33
Kristie Willhoit
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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

I finally had to manually sync all of the items on my phone, which took me awhile...and then I just discovered that even though I got an error message whenever I tried to sync it, it was still downloading all my Word docs (all my logs that I thought were being held hostage). I'm choosing to be amused rather than irritated.

Last edited by Kristie Willhoit; 04-30-2009 at 01:10 PM..
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Old 04-30-2009, 01:36 PM   #34
Kristie Willhoit
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continuing technical difficulties...

....and then discovered that after manually inputting into my laptop Outlook all of the appointments from my PDA, and then allowing the server to "reset" (with the warning that "all changes made since last successful sync would be lost", I finally was able to successfully sync....and ended up with duplicates of everything. Which I now have to manually delete one by one.

I am not amused...

Taking a break from PDA he!! to catch up on my logs...

So expect a bunch of posts coming up!
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Old 04-30-2009, 01:50 PM   #35
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 7 Sunday 04.26.09

I'm feeling pretty crappy after lasts night's vodka dancefest. But not as crappy as I expected to...

2 oz aloe vera juice

"try to get back in the Zone" Paleo snack
1.5 oz 90% lean ground sirloin
125g peaches with cinnamon
1 T almond butter

3 oz 90% lean ground sirloin
Sorbet made with
175g slightly thawed peaches
~1/2 c slightly thawed cherries
~2 T coconut milk
Mmmm...I am SO glad I bought coconut milk. Thanks to Laura Kurth for the suggestion!!

1132 I'm struggling with the "morning after" crappy carbs cravings...lazing on the couch watching TV cause I feel so lousy and every image of carbs has me suffering. Muffins...french the CiCi's pizza commercials! And I hate buffets!

12:53 eating again...I just can't get over this crappy carb craving so I'm just eating more...
3 oz 90% lean ground sirloin
Broccoli soup

Made some mango sorbet... (1 whole mango, 1.5 T coconut milk)...waiting for it to freeze!

212pm mango sorbet still not ready!
Handful of roasted/salted pumpkin seeds

320 pm lazy grazing day...(at least I got off the couch at noon and started doing my taxes...)
2 large celery stalks with almond butter
I miss dried fruit. (I usually put dried raspberries on celery/nut butter)

Now what can I eat?

452 finally got to have that mango sorbet! The hubby and I decided on Chinese take-out for dinner. I chose the seafood special that's served in "white sauce", which I requested on the side. It'll be awhile before dinner and I'm still in that "I just want to eat cause I'm bored" phase... Resist resist resist!!

"seafood delight" chinese take-out - shrimp, scallops, crab, broccoli, onion, water chestnuts, mushrooms, slathered in some kind of gelatinous "white sauce" that i'm certain I shouldn't have had (apparently "sauce on the side was interpreted as "extra sauce on the side).
2 T almond butter

No WODs on Sundays

In bed by 10, woo hoo!
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Old 04-30-2009, 02:02 PM   #36
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 8 Monday 04.27.09

630am 8 oz water
I must be allergic/sensitive to something that was in the Chinese food I ate last night. My sinuses are congested, my throat is sore, my ears are clogged, and my asthma is flared up.

****comment added 04.30.09: This is SO funny because I have since found out that I am allergic to crab and shrimp! I assumed it was the white sauce. Lol! ****

640am Stomach hurts. No meds yet. 2 oz aloe vera juice.

7am New med with 8 oz water. Only have to take 1/day (Supposedly). Woo hoo!

717am 6 oz water

3 links turkey sausage
120g raw spinach, sauteed in olive oil and tossed with
140g Strawberries

735am 6 oz water

934am 6 oz water

937am digestive probs again from meds. The new one was supposed to be better on my stomach. Guess I'll try taking it with food tomorrow.

1133am 8 oz water
I haven't been doing well on my water intake this morning because my schedule has been odd.

1135am I'm really annoyed/irritable!! Hmpf. Think I'll work out...

Bergener warm-up WOD 090426
Mid Atlantic Regional Qualifer Final Workout
21-, 15-, and 9-rep rounds of
65# Squat snatch
C2B pullups
My C2B pullups were all below the clavicle, though some just barely. Squat snatches could use some work. I don't believe I got low enough on all of them, I could feel myself leaning forward on my toes because I wasn't activating my shoulders enough/pulling the bar back. All my Oly lifts need some work.

1215 pm 8 oz water

1258pm 8 oz water
4.5 oz pork tenderloin
Aparagus with cracked sea salt, cracked pepper, and balsamic vinegar
Broccoli soup
9 almonds

135pm finished lunch

205pm 6 oz water

220pm Just talked to my doc about my MRI - negative. He says I am free to suck it up and just push through the pain. =D

310pm 6 oz water

415 6 oz water

421pm I'm feeling pretty darn hungry right now...

515pm 6 oz water, too hungry to wait til after work for dinner
10 grape tomatoes
2 oz roast beef
6 cashews

630pm 6 oz water

730pm 6 oz water, hungry!
50 pistachios

1 container deli roast beef (minus 2 oz - probably about 4-5 blocks)
1 large green pepper, diced and sauteed in olive oil
8-oz pkg mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil
1 T Almond butter
1/2 slice Jimmy Dean pork sausage

Decided to forget measuring. If I'm not entering it into sparkpeople I don't need to know how much. Except almond butter. Cause then I'd eat too much of that. "Loose Paleo" says to eat if you're hungry. So no more forcing food down when I'm not hungry. And eat what I want if I am.

I cooked the pork sausage because I am in desperate need of going to the grocery store and it is the only protein that I have in the house!!!

923pm I can't decide if I'm still hungry or if I'm just wanting to eat out of boredom.

947pm Snack
ended up eating another 3.5 slices pork sausage and about 3/4 c strawberries. Maybe the not measuring thing in't such a hot idea after all...I may need that structure.

Goal to be in bed by 10 again...
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Old 04-30-2009, 02:11 PM   #37
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 9 Tuesday 04.28.09

Got to bed at 10 last night, shooting for 9 tonight!

545am 8 oz water

603am stomach upset and I'm pretty sure it's from the sausage I ate last night. But it's all I have for breakfast so I get to have it again...I am SO in need of a trip to the grocery store!

604am ridiculously hungry after all that food last night...

606am 8 oz water

I am not liking what I see in the mirror. I feel like I'm gaining fat, like I've lost all the gains I made when I did the Zone challenge. So in spite of my "I'm not getting on the scale this month at all" rule, I weighed myself (my husband did not hide the scale, it's been sitting in it's usual spot all along).
Weight 141.5 I was down to 138.5 after the Zone Challenge

622am 6 oz water

637am med with 6 oz water
6 oz pork sausage
Sauteed green peppers and mushrooms

658am finished breakfast

805am 6 oz water

910am Intramax with 10 oz water

1005 6 oz water

11am 6 oz water

1130 Reminder to eat by noon. Not hungry, reset for noon...

12pm reminder to eat - shopping for my mom's bday gift, don't have food with me.

1215 6 oz water
Should have eaten again by now. But out without proper food...
15 almonds

1245pm-1pm Finally got to eat
3 oz envelope chunk light tuna
1 cup diced tomatoes
10 spears asparagus
1/2 avocado
The Zoner in me is jonesing for another block of carbs to add to this but I have none.

105 6 oz water

2pm 6 oz water

3pm Intramax with 8 oz water

412pm 6 oz water
Not really time to eat yet but I need a snack to make it through my WOD
1 link turkey sausage
1/2 green apple
2 macadamia nuts

512 6 oz water .
waited too long again to WOD. Freaking hungry and I NEED to go to the grocery store; don't want to go hungry.
1/2 apple
2 T sunflower seeds

536pm I'm hungry, I'm irritable and I'm really annoyed that I didn't get more done today, specifically the WOD. Trying to make the decision - WOD or groceries....Gr. I need protein and veggies! Nutrition wins over working out!

606pm so hungry and irritable. Have to go grocery shopping and it's late.
1.5 oz pork sausage
Chicken dip (1/2):
12.5 oz can chicken
2 T coconut milk
2 T dill
All mashed together with a fork and scooped with
2 large celery stalks
1 large strawberry
Ugh. I was so hungry that I just shoveled all this down in minutes and now I feel sick. Well, at least I won't impulse buy at the grocery store. (hopefully!)

618pm 6 oz water

Finally made it to the grocery store. I spent about $100 & I feel like I only got enough for 4 days, lol.

Throughout food prep for the week, ate:
Pineapple, prob about 1/2 c (I always scrape the rind with my teeth and have a few pieces while slicing it).
Mango, 2 cubes
2 oz deli turkey wrapped around 1/8 slice of avocado

And crawling in bed at 1107... Hungry. Hmpf.

Commentary on the day:
Today sucked. The End.
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Old 04-30-2009, 02:19 PM   #38
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 10 Wednesday 04.29.09

I have a ridiculous headache today. Probably from lack of sleep. Didn't go to sleep 'til 1130, woken by phone at midnight, woke again at 3, alarm went off at 5, snoozed 2 times. Finally got up at 530, dragging, dragging, dragging.

In the interest of time management and my sanity, I'm once again cutting out the logging of my water intake. It occurs too frequently and I don't have a problem with drinking too little water. So from now on, just food, feelings, and fun (WODs, sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration )!

I am so discouraged by what I see in the mirror and what the scale said, so I'm going back to Zone proportions.

20mg med with 8 oz water
3-block Breakfast
1/2 c pineapple
3 c sliced white mushrooms
2/3 c diced white onions
sauteed in 1 T olive oil
6 egg whites
Cooked in 1/2 T olive oil

709am still having major digestive issues with the new med.

835am My HA is so bad that I'm having to wear sunglasses indoors at work and I'm nauseated.

9am Intramax with 8 oz water

1036am hungry. It's been right at 4 hours since breakfast, so I'd say to make it a "hormonal winner" I should probably just add a little more fat next time, maybe use 2 T oil instead of 1.5.

1-block snack
2 hard-boiled egg whites tossed in dill and
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 cup strawberries

1240pm Hungry? It's kinda like I'm hungry yet alert...My stomach feels kind of growly but not really. I won't have time for lunch until 2.

3-block lunch
Leftover chicken dip (canned chicken, coconut milk, 1T dill)
15 spears steamed aparagus
1.25 c roasted sliced squash with olive oil and basil
1.3 c roasted diced zuchinni with olive oil and Italian seasoning

628pm I am hungry! And it's only been 2.5 hour since eating. I had my doubts about that chicken dip, not sure how much protein it was; probably too much. The question is, do I go ahead and have a one-block snack? Just have some fat? I decided on the former.

1-block snack
1.5 oz deli turkey
1 c diced tomatoes
1/8 avocado

Dinner (not sure about Zone proportions; too late to worry about it tonight)
5.5 oz Orange roughy (dredged in coconut milk and crusted in flax meal. Friggin'. Awesome.) 250g spaghetti squash (tossed in 1 T olive oil, garlic powder, cracked pepper, cracked sea salt, and oregano. Also friggin' awesome.)
150g/1c strawberries

I'm pretty sure the coconut milk/flax meal crust made the orange roughy it weigh more so I overestimated how much I needed intentionally, but I assumed 4.5 oz = 3 blocks.

I am having so much fun trying new stuff. Coconut milk is so versatile (not to mention delicious; I could eat it by the spoonful!) and the flax meal made a great (much better IMO) substitute to bread crumbs!

This weekend I'm making banana flax seed pancakes from the Paleo cookbook.

958pm I'm hungry. What to eat if I'm trying to Paleo Zone?? Hmm...

1032pm 1 T almond butter. Couldn't get to sleep hungry.
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Old 04-30-2009, 02:26 PM   #39
Kristie Willhoit
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catching up to be continued...

More later, work calls....
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Old 04-30-2009, 07:21 PM   #40
Kristie Willhoit
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Day 11 Thursday 04.30.09

I finally got a "full night's sleep" (went to bed at 11, alarm went off at 7, snoozed til 730) and my headache is better, but still noticeable.

I discovered that the all-natural organic liquid awesome multivitamin/multimineral herbal supplement that I take twice a day (Intramax) contains tea. To which I am allergic apparently. Interesting find. No more Intramax.

I also hopped on the scale again this morning. 136.5# Two days ago it was 141.5.

med1 with 8 oz water
6 egg whites, scrambled in
1 T olive oil
3 cups white mushrooms and
? c white onion
Sauteed in 1 T olive oil
1/2 c mango

1040am I don't feel well...sinus crap, a little queasy or am I hungry? The heat while running errands isn't helping.

1250pm I'm irritable. I'm starting to realize it has less to do with what I eat and more to do with constantly being interrupted when I'm trying to work. Constantly.
Hardboiled egg
6 strawberries

3pm Lunch
3-4 oz flax-encrusted/coconut milk-dredged orange roughy (not as awesome reheated in the microwave but still good)
14 spears asparagus
Squash and zucchini
c pineapple

7pm hungry... Dinner won't be for awhile because I have to get home and cook.
1-2 oz flax-encrusted/coconut milk-dredged orange roughy
1/2 large tomato

738pm It just occurred to me that I didn't have any digestive issues today! A little stomach pain but no, ah, urgent trips to the restroom... (I know, )

200g diced tomatoes (0.6 blocks)
4 oz Chicken breast (4 blocks)
175g Spaghetti squash (1 block) with
1 T olive oil (9 blocks)
75g sweet potato (1.5 blocks)
190g blackberries (0.9 blocks)

And I'm predicting I'll be up another hour, so let's go ahead an assume...
1T almond butter
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