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Old 12-10-2005, 03:15 PM   #1
Paul Addison
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So I've been doing crossfit for about 4 months now (10 year lifting and sports history). When I time myself, I get about average compared to all the guys on here. Hell if I'm 3x Kelly Moore's time I am happy! I love it and I know it has helped my climbing and made me have a ton more fun(?) in the weight room.

I am going ice climbing this winter and felt like I needed to do "a little" calf work since I will be on my toes (crampons) for like 10 days this winter.

So Thursday I thought it would be nice to do Tabata Calf Raises. Put 100 pounds on the standing calf raise and did about 6 rounds of about 20-12 reps each. Sure they hurt a lot, but I'm used to that.

Switch to today (good ole' 48 hours after the workout - peak of DOMS). If I sit for any length of time, as I stand up (the gastroc attaches across the knee so it gets stretched), they hurt more than any muscle ever hurt in my past 10 years. I have a degree in Exercise Science and am a CSCS so I know how to decrease DOMS (light cardio, stretching, food/fluids, 100 L-sit pullups) and did that today. It is seriously not funny at all, and I can barely walk. Lovin' it.

So my question is:
Do you feel crossfit works your calves enough?

I get good extension on my lifts, I run hard, and I do the box jumps with aggression. I just really think that with all the squats we do, we are blasting the thigh area, but I feel like the calves are not worked enough. As retarded as it sounds, I think calf raises full ROM would be worth it to add in.

Call me Light-Duty then let me know what you think. Sorry for *****ing, but I seriously can't walk today.


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Old 12-10-2005, 03:42 PM   #2
Sam Trevola
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Old 12-10-2005, 06:05 PM   #3
Graham Hayes
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Ha ha. Do 'Tabata Isolate Anything' and lose ability to use that muscle for a while. Try Tabata wrist curls with a 95lb barbell, but practice writing, eating, using the remote...with your toes first. Then, still with your toes, you can write here about CrossFit not doing enough forearm work.

Just playing, don't take me too seriously. Firstly Tabata and isolation is a recipe for pain...but I don't need to tell you that;) Now personally I dunno if direct calf work is suitable for a GPP program. In sport and life we very rarely move with straight legs and calf flexion, except to reach up high. Mostly our calves are involved in a chain of contractions from the core to toes, which we do lots of already. So I can't see a case for it unless you need super tough calves, then you would tack that on.
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Old 12-10-2005, 06:22 PM   #4
Ian Holmes
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It depends... crossfit never really aims to hit any body part specifically, I think any isolation exercise is going to felt pretty badly if you are used to recruiting multiple muscle groups at once. It is rare that during most activitites you will use your calves exclusivly so we don't train them that way.

Though try doing 3-4 foot box jumps, and jumping squats... I find that they work rather well. Though admitidly I do a lot of free standing calf work as well...
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Old 12-10-2005, 07:24 PM   #5
Matt Gagliardi
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Personally, I'm not sweating the calves, although I can understand your concern with the ice climbing. I think this might swerve a bit into SPP rather than GPP.

Regardless, if you feel you're getting shorted on calves let me make a suggestion. When we're doing a WOD featuring squats...simply include an "air calf raise" at the end of the movement. So, rather than remaining flat-footed at the end, rise all the way onto your toes. That should get you moving in the direction you want. You may also consider doing a set or two of the squats with your toes elevated on a 2x4 in order to increase your ROM a bit in the calf raise.
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Old 12-10-2005, 08:51 PM   #6
Neal Winkler
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Let's not forget about the Olympic lifts.
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Old 12-10-2005, 09:21 PM   #7
Brian Nesmith
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Thanks for asking this Paul. This was a issue for me.

Since I started the program back in April, I've done many WODs that just didn't leave me feeling like everything got the work it needed. The difference being calves. Pullups work my forearms but squats leave me calves alone.

When we do something like Tabata Something Else or Angie or the like I often add a equivalent set of calf raises or punch jumps. Makes a big difference for me. Punch jumps are a traditional gymnastic exercise and fit the Crossfit routines quite well as they're quick and keep your heart rate up.
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Old 12-10-2005, 09:29 PM   #8
Brian Nesmith
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Location: Oakland  CA
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By the way I should have mentioned that I was too scared to ask the same question you just did as I was afraid to be tagged a 'bodybuilder' or the like. I shave my chest for purely medicinal reasons.

Ice climbing is on a par with motocycle racing. A couple sports that flat out terrify me.
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Old 12-10-2005, 11:29 PM   #9
Ryan Abbott
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Check out this post by Steve Maxwell on the Dragondoor forum:
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Old 12-11-2005, 05:36 AM   #10
Alexander Karatis
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No calves work in Crossfit? Are you people insane? :uhoh:

My shins and calves are twice as strong compared to years before where I'd sit under the "point your toes" machine with as much weight as I could.

BTW, I do every workout barefoot which I believe makes quite a difference in the lower leg department. Heavy DLs without shoes...My goodness if that isn't a shins/calves workout.
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