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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 05-05-2009, 02:39 PM   #11
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: Strength Concerns

Thomas, look through past CFJ issues.
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Brian Solar
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Re: Strength Concerns

Originally Posted by Thomas Baker View Post
Where can I find the info for CFSB/CFFB/ME BlackBox?

I apologize if that's a dumb question.


Following links are W/F safe
CFSB - Crossfit Strength Bias discussion board assuming you are not subscribed to CFJ(you really should).
CFFB - Crossfit Football

Don't know much about MEBB.

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Jared Ashley
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Re: Strength Concerns

Originally Posted by Matthew Gogel View Post
I am 170lbs...I bench about 350 lbs, I can do 6 pull ups with 90lbs of weight added and deadlift around 300 lbs.
There's good advice already on how to maintain your strength... CF strength-bias, crossfit football, and other CF-hybrid programs are appropriate.

I think you will find in the course of your research though that your body is imbalanced strength-wise. Your upper body strength is excellent, but your deadlift (and therefore I assume squat) is very weak in relation. for comparison, I am 135 lbs, can bench 180ish on a good day, can get 5 pullups with 55 lbs of weight added, and can deadlift 315.

CF will put a much higher priority on your lower-body strength that whatever methods you are currently using. I would not be surprised if you tried a program like CFSB and found yourself with similar bench/pullup numbers, but progressed quickly to a 450 - 500 lb deadlift.
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Old 05-06-2009, 05:07 AM   #14
Alex Europa
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Re: Strength Concerns

Originally Posted by Matthew Gogel View Post
I like CrossFit's ability to see that there are many important aspects of fitness...but staying the course in rounding things out will be more difficult if I see my overall performance worsen due to strength loss before I see real improvement in other areas.
I understand this sentiment, but you're missing the point. Your performance WON'T worsen - just your max bench press, which IS NOT the same thing, and in reality, has very little to do with athletic performance. I'll ask you again, what do you really lose (other than a slight decrease in the size of your chesticles) by having your bench 1RM drop to 315? In reality, the second you stop worrying about that one metric, your performance will skyrocket.

You're not alone. Many of us here had our "thing" that we didn't want to diminish when we came to CrossFit, yet we realized that (unless someone is actually competitive in that sport/activity) that "thing" is just but one very small component of fitness. A small hit in ability in that one area (read: moving away from specialization) allows for significant improvement in countless other areas. As an example, I'd be shocked if after 6 months of CrossFit you didn't have a sub-6 minute mile, a 300+ squat, 400+ deadlift, and still maintain a 300+ bench; not to mention a huge improvement in metabolic conditioning, balance, agility, coordination, etc...

Give it a try as is for a month or two, then decide where to go from there. You already have the muscle memory for a 350 bench, so if, after two months, you decide that you really must have it, then it won't take much effort to get it back.

- Alex
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