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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 04-28-2006, 09:02 AM   #1
Kevin Scott
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Does anyone else have a problem where whenever they work out they start developing injuries in most joints. This probably sounds crazy but everytime i start working out I get injuries in my shoulders, the fronts of my knees, my left ankle, and my lower back. By injuries i mean stiffness and pain when i wake up that doesn't really clear until i've been up a few hours. The pain in my lower back seems to always be their and my shoulders hurt in the rear rotator muscle and sometimes just feel tight and other times give off sharp pain. I don't like to go to the doctor for it because he looks at me crazy when I tell him all my joints hurt. I'm not out of shape. I'm 6' with roughly 10% bodyfat and weigh 200 lbs. I have been doing jiu jitsu for 3 years and before that wrestled for 2 years and before that swam competitively for 10 years. I did have a rotator cuff injury that i had surgically fixed 5 years ago but this pain is different. I can pass all the rotator cuff injury tests and still have good strength. It just very annoying. When I get up after sitting a while I end up limping because my back tightens up and feels like it's pinching and the front of my knees ache right below the knee cap. Anyone have any clue what could cause this. I wasn't sure if mabey it was inflamation problems or if i managed to develop arthritis throughout my body or if I need to change up the exercises i do. I currently do crossfit 3 on 1 off and try and do the workouts as prescribed but have to scale some of them. I also do bjj on tuesday and saterday for 2 hours each of those days. Sometimes on days i'm feeling better i'll do some extra work like calisthenics or mabey some heavy lifting for a 5,3,1 reps scheme. I also should mention my back started after trying a max deadlift of 360. It didn't really hurt after, it just felt tight. A week or two later is when it got bad and I haven't done deadlifts or squats since to try and give it a break. The problem is that was 3 months ago. I went to the doctor for it and he told me it was a pulled muscle but I think it was more of a pinched nerve because it hurt directly in the spine and sometimes it would shoot into my hip. Anyway now that i complained like a baby for a paragraph anyone have any ideas on how to combat this?
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Old 04-28-2006, 12:14 PM   #2
Elliot Royce
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How old are you? Are you stretching and doing active recovery? Is it only when you wake up or later in the day? Have you tried backing off for a couple of weeks to see whether the symptoms persist? Your workout program seems to be pretty intense. If the symptoms don't go away when you are doing light exercise and you're not middle aged, I'd say you should get yourself examined.

I've had a lot of your symptoms but it's caused by "middle aged weekend warrior syndrome" and nothing more sinister (except for the arthritis).

It's pretty rare for someone young to get osteoarthritis but there are inflammatory diseases.
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