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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 09-07-2008, 05:44 PM   #21
Chris Sinagoga
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Re: How hard do you have to work to get Rhabdo?

Originally Posted by Christian Mason View Post
I'd propose GHD situps, and jumping pullups as big risk factors.

I think a lot of people here are focusing on the wrong thing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the rhabo seen in Crossfit is generally due to excessive muscle damage (i.e. grinding out failed reps, negatives, etc.. ) more so than intensity per se.


** Doing "Fight Gone Bad" until you puke - probably lower risk. Impact is spread out over most of the body, and the exercises are fairly low weight. Failure tends to be metabolic rather than muscular. The only thing keeping this from being a REALLY bad one is that the exercises in it doesn't focus on the negatives.

** Doing "Linda" as Rxed, when not strong enough, higher risk: Grinding out endless heavy deadlifts and cleans. Stopping on failure only long enough to do one or two more.

** Doing circuits of GDH situps and back entensions:

Put my GF in the hospital on IV fluids for two days. Four months later her core musculature has STILL not recovered.

interesting you should mention 3 bars of death and fight gone bad. yesterday i did linda almost as rx'd (just my bench wasn't). overall i went up 70 lbs total from last time i did it. it was probably a little too much to go up. i felt really bad through the whole workout. then i find out later that night we had fight gone bad today. waking up this morning i was pretty sore in my lower back but nothing out of the ordinary for day after linda.

anyways, i had to quit halfway through my second round of fight gone bad today. i was so ****ed cuz i was on my pace to beat my pr after the first round. my lower back was completely shot and it felt really tight. i could hardly pick up the bar for sumos! i don't think it was rhabdo but knowing the fact that it commonly involves the lower back got me thinking about it a little. i am feeling a little better now but mu muscles are pretty fatigued too. already posted kinda posted this in another thread but since you mentioned the 2 workouts, i figured i would mention it. just wondering if this is anything i should be worried about and if there are some cool down exercises/stretches i should do.
just some info: i am 18, 170# and i have been doing crossfit for about 3 years now so i am used to high intensity. my best FGB is 408.
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Old 09-17-2008, 06:08 AM   #22
Christian Mason
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Re: How hard do you have to work to get Rhabdo?

Way too many variables to comment on with any certainly here. I haven't seen a rhabo thread from you so I assume that this is not the issue.

You're OK now though?

There are certainly movements in FGB that could cause lower back issues if your form degrades too much (SDHP, rower, wall ball) but I think in a reasonably fit athlete this workout is unlikely to cause rhabo. Mostly because it spreads the impact out across most of the body, and does not focus on negatives (which cause more DOMS and more muscle damage).

The point I was trying to make in this thread is that rhabo isn't caused by intensity per se - it's caused by extensive damage to muscles. The fact that you're working hard anaerobically (feel like you're going to puke, die, etc..) doesn't mean you're at risk for Rhabo, but they're obviously not mutually exculsive either.
Form, function, and curling in the squat rack - (wfs)
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Old 12-24-2008, 12:32 PM   #23
Tom Jones Jr
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Re: How hard do you have to work to get Rhabdo?

Christ, i did walking lunges and dumb-bell swings or time the other day, 3 rounds in all. The whole thing lasted only 2 minutes and 20 seconds odd, but my god it was sore for days, and i have felt shattered ever since. Not rhabdo i know, but those damn walking lunges. I have not been sleeping well at all for the last 5 nights. Taking time off to re-evaluate.
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