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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Amanda Jane
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Red face Glandular Fever

Hi guys,

I only discovered Crossfit back in November and I had never been so excited to get started on a fitness training program in my life. I started straight away combining the (SCALED) workouts with my rollerderby training and was getting loads of great advice form the folks over on the starting forum too

However - about two weeks into it I became ill with what I thought was a bad flu and have been that way since then! Turns out I have had glandular fever and still have it at the moment - although they said it should be ending its run by now.

Apparently I've made my situation worse by trying to go to the gym and attending some derby practices as I didn't want to lose my spot on the team... but this was not a good idea and they told me that contact sports are a no no because your spleen and liver are swollen and could be damaged if I took a big hit - I was very lucky in that respect - but in my defense I had no idea how ill I was

I was just wondering if anyone here has had this - and how long it took them to get back on track? Although I know I'm still ill - its so depressing not to be doing ANYTHING (cant even do a full push-up at the moment!! Gahhhh!)

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Sara Fleming
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Re: Glandular Fever

Mononucleosis, right?

Had it in college. Take it easy. It took me six months to recover fully. Be very careful with that spleen. If I pushed myself too much, I set myself back. Just eat well, get plenty of rest, and pace yourself. I think if you use common sense, avoid impacts, and actively seek rest and recovery you'll be fine.

Feel better soon.
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Gittit Shwartz
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Re: Glandular Fever

I had it 9 months ago. CrossFit is the worst thing you can do right now.

Here's what I would do if I were you:

First few months - nothing but strength training. I liked to stay in the 1-3 rep range - anything more would exhaust me. No maxing out though and always leave something in the tank. Workouts should be around 30 minutes, 45 max. Get in, squat/deadlift, and get out, twice a week is enough. This is just so you don't completely disintegrate while you recover. Don't expect any strength gains.
If you must, you could do a bit of low intensity cardio (walking), but I found even that drained me badly.
Don't do anything that makes it harder to get out of bed the next day.

When you start feeling like you can handle it, SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY start adding metcons. Start with short ones (under 5 minutes, like tabata one exercise). Don't go all out. Pay attention to how you feel the next day. If you're tanked, you've done too much. If you don't feel like working out, that's probably a good indication that you shouldn't, at this stage.

You just have to accept that the recovery process is going to take 6 months to a year, and don't overdo it so you don't set yourself back. I'm still feeling the tail end of it myself.

Other than that, lots of sun exposure/vitamin D can help.

Be well
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