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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 08-03-2006, 08:26 AM   #1
Nate Hansen
Member Nate Hansen is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Longmont  CO
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I just started the Zone diet. I am using the CF Journal to base my diet and have ordered "Mastering the Zone" as well. Just wondering why bananas are bad?

I have found that in different diets, people often classify things that are dense as bad because you can't eat as much. For a hard gainer like me... I seek those types of foods. Do bananas fall into this classification or is there something else that makes them bad?

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Old 08-03-2006, 08:53 AM   #2
David Stegman
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Lubbock  TX
Posts: 262
I still eat Bananas...I don't care what anyone says about them. They are a great portable snack food.

You can do a lot worse to curb your sweet tooth urges.

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Old 08-03-2006, 10:20 AM   #3
Jeremy Jones
Affiliate Jeremy Jones is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Concord  Ca
Posts: 1,218
To say that bananas are bad is a bit extreme. Same with carrots (another 'bad' food in the eyes of Dr. Sears).

Certain foods are better than others (nutrient wise). . . but some foods make up for a slight lack of zone perfection in flavor, portability and availability.

I would never consider bananas and carrots 'blacklisted'.

(Message edited by jjones on August 03, 2006)
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:01 AM   #4
Ron Murphy
Departed Ron Murphy is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 103
David and Jeremy are right
All whole, fresh, ripe, fruit and vegetables are very good and healthy, even bananas and papayas and carrots!
Eat your bananas and enjoy them, I consider them a very healthy food and I eat lots of them, Sometimes I will eat a meal of just bananas, when on the go.
Alot of the self proclaimed zone experts will be annoyed at this comment but these same people who knock a banana as a unhealthy, will admit in other posts that they consume lots of unhealthy products. Go to the posts on coffee, alcohol. red bull,'How often do you cheat and what do you cheat on" etc. People love to talk about there addictions and bad habits, some are very proud of it!! Every see people trying to kick alcohol and caffiene, It's stuff.
Make life easy on yourself go paleo. Bananas are okay!
this is said with some humor,
pick your favorite three strongest ,toughest guys on this board with just there bodies, put them on a field with hungry, male, full grown silverback gorrila. give the gorrila a bunch of bananas and see if the guys can get the bananas. My bet is on the gorrila and his version of the paleo diet thats right for him.
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:35 AM   #5
Ron Murphy
Departed Ron Murphy is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 103
more thoghts on bananas
to quote my favotite monkey "life is good if you got a big banana"
I have seen these banana emails before , someone sent me one yesterday.

Bananas Containing three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

Forget the pills -- eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.

High in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and so helps in cases of anemia.

Blood Pressure:
This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it the perfect way to beat blood pressure. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

Brain Power:
200 students at a Twickenham school were helped through their exams this year by eating bananas at breakfast, break, and lunch in a bid to boost their brain power. Research has shown that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert.

High in fiber, including bananas in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives.

One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.

Morning Sickness:
Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito bites:
Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation.

Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system.

Overweight and at work?
Studies at the Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like chocolate and chips. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report concluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady.

The banana is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Temperature control:
Many other cultures see bananas as a "cooling" fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat bananas to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD):
Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood enhancer tryptophan.

Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high-potassium banana snack.

According to research in "The New England Journal of Medicine," eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%!

So, a banana really is a natural remedy for many ills. When you compare it to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. So maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, "A banana a day keeps the doctor away!"
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:45 AM   #6
Frank Menendez
Member Frank Menendez is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Miami  Florida
Posts: 810
Speaking of bananas, try an omelet with fried plantains and cream cheese...OMG. Oops, off topic! LOL
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:47 AM   #7
Yael Grauer
Member Yael Grauer is offline
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Tucson  AZ
Posts: 871
Uh oh, I started the cheat thread and was really hoping people wouldn't hold it against each other later on.

I find that I can sneak in some low-glycemic snacks like apples without balancing with protein, but if I try to eat a banana on its own I get out of the Zone quite quickly. No worries. I just eat them in moderation and balanced with protein--like maybe just half a banana in a smoothie with protein powder once a week or something.
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Old 08-03-2006, 11:50 AM   #8
John Bickel
Member John Bickel is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Eden Prairie  MN
Posts: 48
Bananas have a higher glycemic index than apples due to the glucose in them. That's why it is considered a "bad" carb.

I have bad carbs nearly every day - usually carrots and/or bananas.
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Old 08-03-2006, 12:27 PM   #9
Mike Neill
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Seattle  WA
Posts: 242
As an ex-competitive cyclist, I can testify that bananas are the only fruit most racers can hold down while riding, and they are easy to store in the jersey pocket. The potassium is a sure check against muscle cramps too. I raced before these manufactured power bar-type "foods" came out so perhaps the modern chemical industry has improved on nature.
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Old 08-03-2006, 12:29 PM   #10
David Stegman
Member David Stegman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Lubbock  TX
Posts: 262 too...I have a lot of bad carbs every day in the form of carrots and bananas.

I guess I'm cheating all the time....LOL
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