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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Brian Abram
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Vegetarian trainers / vegetarian performance

I'm a level 1 trainer who's been regularly CFing for two and a half years as a supplement to rock & ice climbing. I run a beginner's On Ramp program at our box that consists of 12 classes. Part of the program is a primer on nutrition. During the nutrition session, I mention Zone and I mention Paleo, but don't really get too in depth or militant or whatever, as I don't wanna push the issue too much on newer folks. I just cover some basic physiology stuff and tell people to start thinking about the makeup of their food more closely and perhaps a bit differently than they have in the past. We have a Paleo-leaning nutritionist who takes them further when they are interested.

Anyway, I am a vegetarian, though I do eat pastured eggs, raw dairy, and take fish oil (no fish meat, though). It's just something I did when I was 14, and now 16 years later is part of who I am. The fish oil thing is the only new food I've eaten since starting CF. I now avoid wheat and soy.

I do not discuss this in the nutrition class, and only do so if someone approaches me with questions involving this specific issue. I do not promote this diet in any way, of course, because it's really hard to pull off. A high protein, lower carb diet with no soy and no meat of any kind is tough. I promote Paleo+raw dairy minus excess nuts to anyone who asks in a normal context.

I'd like some input from any other trainers out there who are vegetarian. Does it ever become an issue? If so, how do you deal with it?

I'm not looking for lectures on my diet. Call my decision informed consent. I've heard it, and your efforts are better spent elsewhere.

At the same time, I'm very interested to hear from some of the higher performing folks out there who are vegetarian. I'm not an elite athlete, I know. But my numbers are decent for someone not interested in competing (climbing is my lifestyle sport). Maybe my stats might possibly be better if I ate meat. But I don't, so it doesn't matter. I'd kinda like to compare myself to others with our "limitations." I don't want to hear from folks telling me how much better they got once they gave up vegetarianism. It doesn't matter in this thread. I'd like info from current veggies. Here's some of my relevant PRs from the past year:

Fran: 3:11 (haven't tried in 6 months; confident that I'll get under 3 next attempt, now that I've learned how to butterfly kip)
Cindy: 26
Mary: 11
Helen: 8:02
Eva: 39:28
Grace: 2:26 (Have only tried once, as the 12th wod in a 12 hour/12 wod challenge)
Angie: 13:54
Nasty Girls: 7:48

500m row: 1:26
1000m row: 3:09
Clean: 270
Deadlift: 480
5k: 22:20
Mile: 5:52
Shoulder Press: 165
Front Squat: 305
Kipping pullups: 52
Power snatch: 180 (I can't do a full snatch to save myself)

Anyway, thanks to any veggies who respond.
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